Where did Colmbus leave to go to north America?

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He left Spain to find a water route to India, which he never found.He didn't find North America either. He only found the island Hispaniola and a few natives. He never knew that North America existed or was near. Until the day he died he thought he had landed in India.
Umm...Hispaniola & the few natives are apart of North America Idiots!!
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What was going on in north America during world war 2?

Answer . \nDuring WWII, Americans were trying to do whatever they could to help out the army. Women took the jobs that men left behind when they went off to Europe to fight. Women helped greatly in the production of suppplies for the war. Children even helped by holding scrap metal drives in ord ( Full Answer )

What is North America?

It is a continent located in both the northern and western hemispheres. North America is the third largest continent. It contains the countries, islands and territories of: . Anguilla . Antigua and Barbuda . Aruba . Bahamas . Barbados . Belize . Bermuda . British Virgin Islands . Canad ( Full Answer )

Who was the first person to go to North America?

"Chris columbus" never even knew about North America, or so says research done during America's Bicentennial. Letters from Columbus' land were studied, and it was determined that he was probably named 'Cristobal Colon' or Cristofero Columbo' (the Columbo name was well-known and wealthy and he might ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbus go to north America?

The legendary explorer Christopher Columbus went to North Americaas part of his attempt to discover a westward passage to the FarEast. Setting sail on behalf of Spain, which had set its sights onfinding a quicker, less expensive trade-route to the rich marketsof the East, Columbus did not in fact su ( Full Answer )

Why did leif ericson go to North America?

From the Sagas we can reasonably conclude that Leif was trying to confirm the voyage of Bjarni Herjulfsson. Bjarni was from Iceland, sailing to Greenland (Leif was from Greenland) in 986AD when he was blown off course pass Greenland. . Bjarni had excellent navigation skills and once the skies clear ( Full Answer )

Why did the Puritans go to North America?

One of the reason the Puritans went to North America was because they did not agree with the church of England and they were not allowed to practice their own religion.

What did Christopher Colmbus did?

He Supposedly founded North America and he had three ships. The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria

In which direction would you travel to go from North America to Europe?

The quickest route between Europe and North America, geographically speaking, would be to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The distance between the westernmost European city (Sintra, Portugal) and the easternmost American city (Lubec, Maine) is 2971 miles or 4781 km. In contrast, if you crossed Eurasia and ( Full Answer )

Is California going to fall off North America?

it is very possible that it may nobody knows when many fortune talers say it wont be in this century but dont get your hopes up and it would take a big earthquake to do that and not all of california would go

Will America go to war with North Korea?

Only if we have to.... north korea continues to make threats to the united states but they haven't done anything. We would also go to war with them if they went to war with south korea

Is naruto Shippuden going to be in north America or not?

its not in English but i love thes websites where i watch them here they are: www.naruto.com animefreak.tv hope it helps and if it doesn't sorry! ;) p.s. i think like the first 4 are in English but i don't know where you find them ;)

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When did the british go to colonize in America and when did they leave?

Devonshire cousins, Sir Richard Greynvile and Sir Walter Ralegh received Letters of Patent from Queen Elizabeth I, to Colonize the New World. In 1585, Greynvile, took seven ships loaded with colonists and provisions to establish a colony on Roanoke Island. Although the settlement survived, poor rela ( Full Answer )

Why was North America named North America?

It was named America first, then Brazil and the places to the south were founded. They were then called North America and South America, for one is North and one is South.

Why airlines go north when traveling from North America to Europe?

It is because it is shorter. On a map it does not seem to make sense, but maps are flat while the Earth is round. If you look at a globe, you will see that it is shorter to fly north and then come down the east coast of Canada and on towards the USA.

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Why is north America bound by treaty to help south Korea if they go to war?

The United States felt that it was in their best interest to preserve South Korea as an independent nation, and entered in a treaty where the US agreed that it would aid and support South Korea. This was also an action endorsed by the United Nations- during the Korean War, several nations besides th ( Full Answer )

Why did humans go to North America?

Because there was free land there and humans will spread like any other creature where it can find a place to fit in.

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Well, you can find it in most restarounts. Haha, just kidding. Idk. ------------------------------ Go to any major grocery store chain. Ask the manager at that desk/counter they have. Most grocery chains will get any product you want, even strange ethnic things. Try the jalapeno kind, it is gre ( Full Answer )

When do monarchs go back to north America?

Monarchies are dead in this world. As long as things like democracy and communism remain, we won't be having alternative forms of government as you suggest.

Why did Pilgrims leave England and sail to north America?

Life in the New World was extremely difficult, because there were no roads, houses, government or farms. Those who tried to settle in America knew that they were risking their lives.They wanted to have free religions and beliefs, but the king wanted everything to be the same.

Why did the mennonites leave Germany and go to north America?

During the 1600s and 1700s, wars ravaged Germany. Marching armies trampled down fields of grain, stole cattle, and burned down farmsteads. In their wake, famines spread over the land. Taxes, levied to pay for the war, added to the people's plight. Religious disputes also drove people to leave their ( Full Answer )