Where did Colonel John By live as an adult?

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In History
He retired at the age of 55 in February 1836 at his house in Frant, close to Tunbridge Wells
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How many adults live in the US?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau best estimates, the resident population of the United States, as of September 7, 2012, is approximately 314,325,838 The US department of the census maintains a website with current estimates to US and world population, and other key statistics at census dot gov ( Full Answer )

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The shortest living adult is He Ping Ping, from China. He is 20 years old. He stands just 73 cms (29 inches) tall, or should that be short. He suffers from the bone disease Osteogenesis imperfecta.

Where did Audrey hepburn live as an adult?

Well She Had A House Near Burgenstock, Switzerland Called Villa Bethania, And She Had Other Various Houses Including One In Beverly Hills, She Preferred Rural Areas Instead Of Urban And/Or Suburban Areas.

What does a colonel do?

A Colonel is a mid-senior commisioned officer's rank. What they do depends upon what their job is. For instance, a Colonel in the Finance branch will manage money and military pay as would his civilian counterpart. Generally they are staff officers who do planning or manage stuff. They also can comm ( Full Answer )

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There are about 300 thousand adults that live in Canada. Thisnumber fluctuates based on the number of people who move in and outof the country.

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Where did Ronald Reagan live as an adult?

After college, he lived in Des Moines, Iowa, then moved to Hollywood. As governor of California, he lived in Sacramento, and, of course, as President he lived in Washington.

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Yes, most adult hamsters can live together, but syrian (common) hamsters need to be kept alone as they fight for terriotary.

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He lived at the Jackson's Encino compound until he purchased Neverland, after he left NL he lived in Bahrain for a while, as well as Ireland and Vegas and finally in the Holmby Hills.

Where does The adult parasite live?

If the parasite you are thinking about is a tape worm, then this lives in the host animal's intestinal tract.

Where do adult frogs live?

They live "on land" although frogs still live in water, they just are not reliant on it for oxygen.

What city was Sacagawea living in as an adult?

Sacagawea and her French Canadian husband Toussaint Charbonneauwere living in the settlement of Salmon, Idaho. After the Lewis andClark expedition, they lived with their children in St. Louis,Missouri for about 3 years, and it was there that she may have diedin 1812.

Where did he live when he was adult?

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Who is colonel john mosby?

John Singleton Mosby was the leader of an irregular guerrilla force which came to be known as Mosby's Rangers in Northern Virginia as an adjunct to Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry.

Where did Charles Darwin live as an adult?

That's not easy to answer. He moved around England a lot. His parents and siblings lived in Shrewsbury, so that was sort of "home base", but he spent time in Cambridge and hither and yon visiting relatives. After marrying, he and Emma lived in London, but then moved out to the countryside. If you ne ( Full Answer )

Can adult gerbils live with their babies?

They certainly can! The young pups will form a group with the parents and in most cases will even teach the younger siblings, or later pups, good manners. Just watch out! Males will breed at about 6 weeks and can get rowdy around newborns. The older female pups will sometimes help Mom take care o ( Full Answer )

What US army colonel captured John Brown?

Colonel Robert E. Lee commanded the Federal forces that ended theJohn Brown slave rebellion attempt. Brown was captured andeventually executed for treason.

How did the adults Iroquois live?

well there was also clan mothers, and many more. in iroquois society many people had different roles and one of them were called the 5 nations which were the onondaga,cayuga,seneca,mohawk,oneida. but he clan mothers would live in a long house as long as there husbands

What was John Adams adult life like?

John Adams adult life was not very great.... He had to get plastic butt surgery because he got drunk and jumped off a cliff.

Can an autistic adult live by themselves?

Yes - autistic people can do anything that neurotypical people cando. I'm autistic and have lived on my own for 7 years, I also movedaway from home long before my neurotypical friends, and I'm evenimmigrating. We tend to prefer living alone.

Where did jfk live as a adult?

He lived in several places. Was born in Boston, but lived in England, was in the Pacific in Ww2, Washington DC, and Hyannisport.

Will johns disease affect adult stock?

Johne's disease (paratuberculosis) in cattle most often in the 2-6 year old range. It also affects other ruminant animals and occasionally horses, humans, rabbits etc. It is listed as contagious.

Where did Louis Armstrong live when he was an adult?

After he moved from New Orleans, he lived in Chicago with his wife Lil Armstrong. The he moved to New York City where he lived with a number of mistresses. After he divorced Lil and married Lucille, he bought a house in Queens where he lived up to his death.

Where did Moses live as an adult?

1) As a very young child, Moses was nursed and educated in the homeof his parents (see Exodus ch.2). 2) Until he was a young adult, Moses lived in Pharaoh's palaceunder the adoption of Pharaoh's daughter (ibid). 3) Later, Moses lived in Midian in the household of Jethro (ibid). 4) At the age of 80, ( Full Answer )

Can autistic adults live on their own?

Yes, autistic adults can live on their own. Most autistic people do live on their own or with partners andfamily, although some autistic people may always need support oftenautistic adults live just the same as neurotypical adults. Althoughautistic adults may be more likely to face problems likeune ( Full Answer )

Why do some adults live with their parents?

Some adults live with their parents because the parents are elderlyand need care. Some adults live with their parents because they arenot able to financially provide for themselves. It may also bebecause living with their parents enables the adult to save moneyfor a down payment on their own house.