Where did Columbus established a colony?

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he didn't "establish" any colonies
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Who established the Massachusetts colony?

The puritans from England on the Mayflower. Known as the Pilgrim fathers the first leaders were William Bradford, William Brewster, John Carver and Edward Winslow.

Why were the New England colonies established?

possibly for religious freedom ANSWER: Many of the people coming to New England were looking forward to religious freedom. Beginning in the reign of King Henry VIII, England was submerged in state controlled religion. His duaghter Mary wanted to revert to the old religion after his death. She did n ( Full Answer )

Why was colonial South Carolina established?

king Charles two issued a royal charter to 8 nobles to settle the area south of Virginia. they created Carolina and included the previous settlement. however because of internal problems the crown took over the colony and formed north and South Carolina out of it in 1729

Why was the Maryland colony established?

Lord Baltimore was motivated both by the desire for profit and the desire to create a refuge for Roman Catholics who were still being persecuted in Protestant England.

How are colonies established?

In 1584 and 1585 Ralegh and his investors sponsored and organized reconaissance trips to Roanoke Island in what is now North Carolina. In 1587 a third voyage was organized, consisting of some 120 men, women and boys. By this time Ralegh had no direct connection or investment in the voyage and merely ( Full Answer )

Who established the New York colony?

James, the Duke of York received control of New Netherlands in 1664 from the Dutch and renamed the colony New York. New York City was originally named New Amsterdam while it was controlled by the Dutch.

When was the colony of Queensland established?

The colony of the Moreton Bay District was founded in 1824 when explorer John Oxley arrived at Redcliffe with a crew and 29 convicts. The settlement was established at Humpybong, but abandoned less than a year later when the main settlement was moved 30km away, to the Brisbane River. Another convict ( Full Answer )

Why were British colonies were established?

Britain like many colonial powers set up colonies to profit through trade of exotic materials e.g: spice and silks. Also Britain needed raw materials to fuel its growing industry.

Which colonies had established churches?

Nine out of the 13 colonies had an established church. Theseinclude New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island,Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,and Georgia.

Did Italy establish colonies in Americas?

No. At the time when america was colonized parts of italy were ruled by other countries or city states, and they didn't had colonies in america.But there were explorers from Italy that were working for other states, for example Columbus.

Why was Plymouth colony established?

Plymouth Colony was established so that the Separatists couldpractice their religion in an English speaking area. They had beenliving in the Netherlands.

Why was the Massachusetts colony established?

The Massachusetts Bay colony, founded in 1628 in the area ofpresent-day Boston, was established officially to open a tradecenter in the New World that could reward investors with the profitof having direct access to New World goods brought to Englishmarkets. Below the surface, however, the colony se ( Full Answer )

Why did Spain establish these colonies?

You may wish to specify which colonies you are referring to. In general, though, Spain founded colonies in order to extract resources from the ground (especially gold), convert the populations to Christianity, and achieve renown through the act of conquest.

Where did Christopher Columbus establish trading post?

Christopher Columbus established a post called "La Navidad" on the island they named La Española, which today is known as Hispaniola. La Navidad was built from wood and supplies salvaged from Christopher Columbus' ship La Santa Maria, which ran into a reef, and could not be repaired. The remains ( Full Answer )

What colony did La Salle establish?

La Salle established a French settlement in the state of Texas. Thecolony was Fort St. Louis and it was established in 1685.

When was the first colony established in America?

The first PERMANENT colony was Jamestown, in what is now Virginia. Roanoke, also known as the Lost Colony, was really the first English settlement, but, as we all know, they vanished. The FIRST PERMANENT colony was NOT English; it was SPANISH. The first permanent American colony was St. Augustine ( Full Answer )

Where did the British establishe colonies at?

All over the world. The UK had colonies in North America, SouthAmerica, Central America, Europe, Asia, China, India, Africa,Australia, and many islands in all the oceans were BritishColonies.

Why did the Greeks decide to establish colonies?

They had limited farmland, and with a burgeoning population whicheven endless internal wars could not control, they sent theirsurplus people by ship to sieze new land and establish their owncity-states, resulting in over 2,000 Greek cities around theMediterranean and Black Seas.

Who established the colony of Virginia?

The London Company sent 104 men to Virginia to establish a colony. Within six months over half were dead. Many people think that John Smith was in this group, but he didn't show until the second ship arrived and his stay was rather short since someone tried to murder him by sprinkling gun power on h ( Full Answer )

How do you establish a colony?

Try building your first colony/colonists as soon as possible. btw whoever wrote this is dumb

Why were colonies established in the new world?

Colonies were established as religious refuges for people being persecuted in Europe such as the Puritans and Quakers, as economic ventures for numerous charter companies, places to send convicts, and as a way to spread God's word which was mostly by the Spanish.

Why was the Roanoke colony established?

It was established because the Americans needed to go there before the Europeans and British came to take over their other lands. So it was another island to stay on if all was lost but it was later abandoned by Sir Walter Raleigh and his men.

Why did the Greeks establish colonies?

The Greeks were so fertile (no TV etc) that they produced morechildren than their poor land could support, even after thekillings of their endless wars with each other. As the family landplots were too small to divide up amongst several surviving sons,they loaded the surplus males on ships and sent ( Full Answer )

Why did European Colonies establish colonies?

Economic Growth . Resources . Competition . Overpopulation All these are tru but in detail: Spain wanted gold, converts for Chritianity, land and power. Later developed sugar plantations on a large scale. English wanted a place where dissidents and later many others could immigrate to (overpop ( Full Answer )

Why did the Phoenicians establish colonies?

Overseas colonies were established by the Phoenicians in order to expand their basic economic specialty, which was gaining wealth and power by trading with other nations. One of its colonies became a world power in the name of Carthage.

What was the name of the colony established by the Mormons?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(commonly called the "Mormon" church) established hundreds ofcities across the Midwest and western United States. These citiesinclude Nauvoo, Illinois; Salt Lake City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada;Cardston, Alberta; Colonia Juarez, Mexico; Mesa, A ( Full Answer )

What were the colonies established by France and Africa?

Here's a list of French Possessions in Africa, as well as the dates they were officially taken over by France: . French Morocco (1912) . French Algeria (1830) . Egypt (1798) . French Tunisia (1881) . Fezzan-Ghadames (1943) . Ivory Coast (1843) . French Dahomey (1883) . French Sudan (1883) ( Full Answer )

Why europeans established colonies in Africa?

There were many reasons: . Extensive lands that could be used for farming and settlement . Large amounts of raw materials (metals, gems, ivory, etc) . Help spread Christianity/modern European ways of life . Competition with other Colonial Empires

Why was colony Pennsylvania established?

for people who did not believe in cultures people from England believed in so those people came to the new world to start there beliefs

What country established a colony in Florida?

Spain, in 1500s. St. Augustine was the first permanent European settlement in North America. Spain lost the colony to Britain in 1763 but regained it after the American Revolution.

Why were the colonies established in the first place?

They were established because many of the people who came over were refugees and facing religious prosecution in Europe so they decided to live on the unknown northern part of the Americas. The first colonies in North America were along the eastern coast. Settlers from Spain, France, Sweden, Ho ( Full Answer )

What type of colony was established in Australia?

Australia, or New South Wales, was established as a penal colony.The first settlers in Australia were convicts from England,supervised by British officers and marines.

Did Columbus establish a colony?

Of course! He discovered the American continent, and then he cleared all the Native Americans to one spot, and established a colony in any piece of land he wanted.

When did the Greeks establish colonies and where were the colonies located?

The began exporting surplus populations from about 900 CE onwards.Eventually there were about 2000 cities established around theMediterrana and Black Seas, from today's Spain in the west to AsiaMinor in the east. For example Naples (in Greek nea polis = New City) inItaly was a Greek city, as was ( Full Answer )

How did establishing colonies help the Phoenicians?

The 'colonies' they established were in fact trading stations.This allowed them to trade extensively in local produce andcross-trade between areas as well as just in their own produce oftimber, food and dyes. . The exception was their colony Carthage, which grew in strengthto establish its own trad ( Full Answer )

Who established the Plymouth colony in 1620?

The Pilgrims, aka Pilgrim Fathers, landed at Plymouth Rock(Massachusetts) in 1620. They were mostly Brownist English Dissenters, who (while generallyCalvinist in their beliefs) wanted to be separate from the Churchof England.

Why Was it necessary for Greece to establish colonies?

In a pre-television age, the Greeks filled in their evenings bybreeding prolifically. As each Greek city-state had very limitedland, and each family had just enough for subsistence, it was notpossible to split it up amongst several sons. So the surpluspopulation was periodically shipped off around t ( Full Answer )