Where did Columbus find a shorter sea route to?

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Where can you find information about 18th century sea routes and sailing times?

OK, be prepared to do alot of research. 1. check the newspapers of the time they will have info about what ships are leaving and comming in and most importantly WHERE they have come from.ie; " Today the Vanilla arrived from England by way of America, south America." as you can see these are short. o ( Full Answer )

Who searched for but failed to find a westward sea route to China before Columbus?

Prince Henry & Those Who Did Sail West . \nWell, without doing any further research, I can offer that most of the European exploration before 1492 that had the specific intent of discovering new routes to Asia were carried out by Portugal. Most noteable of these exploits were those sponsored by ( Full Answer )

Who was the first to find a sea route to Asia?

Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese explorer. In 1497, he sailed around theCape of Good Hope into the Indian Ocean. He reached Calicit &Goa in India. Goa was a Portuguese colony for many centuries.

Columbus was looking for a shorter passage to the?

He was looking for a shorter (or at least easier) way to get to China, without having to cross all Asia by land to get there. He had no idea that there was a whole continent in the way (America).

What coast did the fifteenth century Europeans use to find a new sea route to Asia?

They wanted to have a more efficient trade route to the region so that they could get more spices and silks, which were valuable and sought after commodities in Europe. The control of the land routes by various factions increased costs and also the likelihood of theft. A sea route to the East would ( Full Answer )

What route christopher Columbus traveled?

He went around Africa and was going to go around the world but didnt know that he was going to run into the Americas! He thought he was just going to Asia to trade! But nope!

Why did Europeans want to find quicker sea routes?

because they use to import spices from ASIA..... and quicker trips earn them lots of bucks... and as it is known that spices in those days was costlier than some of the precious metals.....

How much shorter is the great circle route then the straight route?

The great circle route is the shortest route. It is just that if you plot a great circle path on a flat map (unless it is the equator or a line of longitude) it will look bent - this is an artifact of map projection. The actual difference in route lengths depends on the routes you are comparing. ( Full Answer )

Why did the people in Europe try to find a sea route to i India?

India dominated the world GDP for 1500 years form 1 BCE to 1500 AD. The GDP of India was ~ 30% during this time. The U.S. was non-existent at 0.1% and the whole of Europe was around 5-10%. So hundreds of sailors attempted to find the sea route to India but only Vasco-de-Gama succeeded and Christophe ( Full Answer )

What was the significance of finding a sea route to Asia?

Prior to colonial exploration many believed that the world wasflat. By discovering a sea route to Asia, colonial powers opened upmore trade routes. They also determined that the world was not flatat all.

What were Christopher columbus' sea routes?

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How did christopher Columbus find a new route to Asia?

As a matter of fact, he didn't. Other explorers that came later finally found the way West to Asia, but no Northwest passage was discovered. Whomever found the western passage first (I forgot who; sorry) had to go past the tip of South America. As a side note: contrary to popular belief, everybody i ( Full Answer )

Who was the first european explorer to find a sea route around africa to india?

Vasco Da Gama was the first explorer to make a complete journey to India. He was Portugese and left in 1497 with three ships under his command. He sailed on the water for eleven months( versus three months for Columbus) when he finally made it to the Indian city of Calicut( not to be confused with C ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbus search for a sea route to the Indies?

He thought that a sea route to the Indies would open up a significant new trade relationship between Europe and that part of the world, because a sea route could very well be faster and safer than the overland routes then used.

Why were fifteenth century Europeans so eager to find a sea route to East Asia?

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What made columbus find a different route to the indies?

Because it was a must if the Europeans wanted to keep trading with the East (mostly spice markets) since the Turkish had occupied all the land routes to the East. The caravans were nor safe any more (and they had not been safe before either), so some adventurous sailors decided to find new routes , ( Full Answer )

Why did Europeans want to find a sea route to travel to Asia?

because it was dangerous to travel by land They wanted to find a sea route because traveling by land was dangerous- they could be easily robbed. To get goods is the reason they traveled. Because they wanted spices, gold, jade, silk, china plates, gunpowder, and different perfumes. to find ways to ge ( Full Answer )

What was columbus route and results?

On the morning of Oct. 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus steppedashore on an island, called the new world. He was seeking a westernsea route from Europe to Asia.

Did Columbus ever find a route to the east?

No, he thought he had but his calculations for the circumference ofthe earth were off by almost exactly the width of the pacificocean. Amerigo Vespucci eventually proved that the new lands could not bepart of Asia, by showing that the continent of South Americaextends much further south than the sou ( Full Answer )