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At Punta Catoche, Cortes came across Aguilar, a man who had survived a shipwreck and spent nine years as a slave to a warlord. Cortes enlisted the man; his knowledge of Maya would be invaluable to the explorer.

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Q: Where did Cortez find a Spanish sailor who spoke the Mayan language?
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Who helped cortez in the conquering of the Aztecs?

A Mayan woman helped Cortez. she told him that the people were against Montezuma and the the people wanted to be allies.she could speak their language so she was a translator.

What is the percentage of people who speak Spanish in Mexico?

92.7% speak Spanish and 5.7% speak Spanish AND some indigenous language (such as Nahuatl or Mayan

Are Mayan languages related to Spanish?

No, Mayan languages and Spanish have nothing in common. Although American Spanish does have some loan words from Mayan and vice versa.

What is the main language spoken in Merida Mexico?

Spanish, with many people also speaking Mayan.

What type of Spanish is spoken in Guatemala?

Spanish is the official language, there are over twenty-one Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala. These languages are part of the Mesoamerican linguistic group and are spoken by the Mayans of Guatemala. Many of the Mayan people do not speak Spanish at all

What percentage of Mexico speaks spanish?

92.7% speak Spanish and 5.7% speak Spanish AND some indigenous language (such as Nahuatl or Mayan). The rest speaks indigenous languages only, or another, unspecified language (such as Chinese or Korean).

What do Mexicans speak?

The predominant language of Mexico is Spanish, but there are many people there that can also speak English and American Indian languages, like the Mayan language.

Who was malinche?

Malinche was a translator between Hernando Cortez and the Aztecs. Born to a well ranked family, she was eventually sold into the slave market. While in or near Tenochtitlan, she was given as a gift to the spaniard army. She knew multiple Mayan languages along with her native tounge, Nahuatl. With the help of a Spanish priest who had learned Mayan as a prisoner, she learned Spanish as well. However, her relationship with Cortez was not only political. She became his love and mistress and bore his first son, Don Martin Cortez. She was considered a great help to the spanish but to some of her people, she was a traitor. She was born in approxamately 1496 and died approxamately 1529.

What were the Mayan codices destroyed by?

The Mayan codices were destroyed by the Spanish.

What are the easons for the collapse of the Mayan civilization?

There was basically only one reason: the invasion by Cortez' Spanish conquistadores who - better-armed and much more bloody-minded than any Mayan warrior - overran the Mayan Empire and killed the Emperor and his top officials with the help of auxiliary troops from tribes that had been subject to the Mayans.

What languages were spoken in Uxmal Mexico?

Uxmal is an ancient Mayan city in Yukatán, the language spoken there was the Mayan language.

How did malince know spanish she is a mayan girl?

Malince knew Spanish by practicing speaking it although she is a Mayan girl.

What are the names of the modern Mayan languages?

the name of modern Mayan language is called mayascrit. it is Mayan for "writing"

Was the ancient Mayan language any different from modern day Mayan?

IT IS VERY SIMPLE WHAT WE use now is a normal language the mayans today use spanish /espanol but, the languge they used back then is somthing like gyberish as we no it so there is no difference exept for how it sounds like

What is the difference between English language and Mayan language?

A better question might be: "What is similar between the English language and Mayan language?", because there are far more differences than similarities.

How do you say okay in guatemalan?

Guatemalan is not a language. they speak spanish or Mayan languages among the indigenous people. so im gonna say OK since that's how they say it in spanish

Who were the oringinal natives of Mexico before cortez arrived?

The Aztec and Mayan civilizations were living in Mexico at the time.

What language is the word pi from?

its Mayan

Who colonised the Mayan region?

The Spanish.

What was Mexico's original language and where did it come from Ex Spain?

Before the Spanish arrived, Aztec, Mayan, and other native languages were widely spoken in Mexico.

What was the attitude of the Spanish toward Mayan writing?

The Spanish thought that the writings of the Mayans were dangerous. They burned almost all of the books that contained Mayan writings.

What is the culture like in Guatemala?

Guatemala contains a mixture of different cultures, Maya Indian, Spanish, and lately a number of Ex-Patriate Americans and Europeans. Some of the Mayan Indians live the way their ancestors lived during the days of the Mayan empires. The people live in villages. The men weave cloth. The women decorate it. Some people farm and some people make utensils. Then there are the Spanish. They mainly live in the cities. They keep the old Spanish culture alive. There is also a mixture of the two cultures, part Mayan and part Spanish. You can go to a church and the people will worship in one language and then the Mayans will go out and have a religious ceremony in their language. In some villages, if you want to talk to the people, you will need to get a translator who can translate from Spanish to Mayan. Not all Mayan Indians speak the same language but an attempt is being made to standardize the language. Then there are the foreigners or Gringoes. There are a number of colonies of Gringoes living at various places in Guatemala, but mostly in the cool, high, mountains. These are people who do not work. Guatemala is the most Indian country in Latin America.

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