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Where did Emperor Franz Josef I return from as stated in Johann Strauss' Kaiser Franz Josef I Rettungs-Jubel-Marsch?



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This march was composed to celebrate Franz Josef's ascending the throne in 1848. During the 1848 Revolution the Austrian royal family went to Innsbruck in the Tirol. Another, even better known march by Johann Strauss, Senior is the "Radetzkty-Marsch" (1848) which celebrates Radetzky's suppression of the 1848 revolution in Lombardy and Northern Italy. Radetzsky returned to Vienna from Milan.

The historical-political information is correct but does not relate to the Rettungs-Jubel-Marsch itself which Johann Strauss the younger wrote in 1853 to celebrate the official recovery of the young Emperor Franz Joseph from an assassination attempt on 18 February 1853 when he was stabbed in the neck by a Hungarian conspirator Johann Libény.