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Gutenberg was of German nationality, born in the town of Mainz in Hessen, Germany, between 1394 and 1404 the exact date is not known.

In 1411 he moved to Eltville am Rhein which is 17 miles from Mainz the same state. The next that is known is from a letter written by him in 1434 indicating that he was living in Strasbourg. It is assumed have moved back to Mainz in January 1465,

Gutenberg died on February 3, 1468 and was buried in the Franciscan church in his town of birth.

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What country was Johannes Gutenburg?

Johannes Gutenberg was from Germany.

What country was Johann Gutenberg from?

Mainz, Germany

What country was Johann Gutenberg born in?


Where did Johann Gutenberg live?

Schlimmer Germany

What country made the printing press?

It was invented in Germany by Johannes Gutenberg.

Why was Gutenberg interested in the English language?

B,c he was in da country Gutenberg was German. There is no evidence that he had any interest in English. [This first answer should be excised.]

Who discovered Gutenberg Discontinuity?

Beno Gutenberg discovered the Gutenberg Discontinuity.

Where did Johannes Gutenberg Live?

Johannes Gutenburg lived in the German City-State of Mainz.

Who printed the Gutenberg Bible?

Johannes Gutenberg

Who formulated the Gutenberg discontinuity?

Beno Gutenberg

How thick is the gutenberg discontinuity?

The Gutenberg discontinuity was discovered by a German geophysicist named Beno Gutenberg in 1913.Gutenberg find out that it is the boundary that seperates the two layers.The gutenberg layer is 1500 km thick.

What where Johannes Gutenberg beliefs?

Johannes Gutenberg was a Catholic.

What did prince gutenberg invent?

O.o only Gutenberg I have heard of was johann Gutenberg and he created the printing press in the 1450s

When was Johann Gutenberg born?

Johann Gutenberg was born in 1398.

Language spoken by Gutenberg?

the people of Gutenberg spoke English

When was Johannes Gutenberg born?

Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1398.

Who was Gutenberg and what was his acccomplishments?

Gutenberg was a good man to the state of his company

What is johann Gutenberg?

Johann Gutenberg was the man who invented printing.

What is the ISBN of The Gutenberg Galaxy?

The ISBN of The Gutenberg Galaxy is 9780802060419.

When was Gutenberg College created?

Gutenberg College was created in 1994.

What is the name of the first bible printed using movable type?

The Gutenberg Bible, printed in Germany in 1455 by Johannes Gutenberg.Gutenberg

How many pages are there in the Gutenberg Bible?

there are 973 pages in the Gutenberg bible

What does Gutenberg mean?

It's a name. Gutenberg invented the printing press.

What did Johannes Gutenberg like to do?

Gutenberg liked to write most of all.

When did Gutenberg print the Bible?

The first Gutenberg Bible was printed in 1456.