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Where did Hernando Cortez live?

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Disney, Legoland, Universal Studios, or Seaworld

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What sea did Hernando cortez travel?

Hernando Cortez traveled on the Carribean Sea

What group did Hernando Cortez conquer?

Hernando Cortez defeated the Aztecs of Mexico.

Where was Hernando Cortez from and what was he known for?

Hernando Cortez attacked the Aztec Indians in Mexico

When did Hernando Cortez live and go on his explorations?

February 18, 1519

Where did Hernando cortez explore?

Hernando cortez mostley explored over Mexico and Spain.

When did Hernando Cortez invent chocolate?

Hernando Cortez invented chocolate in the 1519's

Did Hernando cortez go to school?

wheredidhegotoschool?Hernando Cortez went to school for 17 years.

How many years did Hernando cortez explore?

Hernando cortez expored for 1000 years in poopnugget world

When did Hernando Cortez explore Mexico?

Hernando Cortez first explored Mexico in 1519, conquering the Aztec civilization in 1521.

How did Hernando cortez travel?

Cortez traveled with 500 men aboard

Who helped Hernan Cortez?

Diego velaquez help Hernando cortez

What was Hernando cortez's country he explored for?

Hernando cortez worked for Spain.

Is Hernando cortez Hernando de soto?

No, they are completely different explorers!

How did Hernando cotes die?

Hernando Cortez died because of pleurisy.

Who captured Montezuma?

Hernando cortez

Who sponsored Hernando cortez?

SPAIN did it !

Why was Mexico conquered?

Hernando cortez

Who conquerd Mexico?

Hernando Cortez

Who defaeted the Aztecs?

Hernando cortez

Who created cibola?

Hernando Cortez

What year did Hernando cortez invade the Aztecs?

Cortez invaded the Aztecs in 1519.

Was Hernando cortez like lizy?

no he was not like lizy, because cortez was a explorer.

Did hernan cortes have a fake foot?

It is not known if Hernando Cortez had a fake foot or not. Hernando Cortez is most known for being a Spanish explorer.

What did Hernando Cortes find on his exploration?

Hernando Cortez found gold and silver.

What hardships did Hernando Cortes faced on his journey to Mexico?

hernando cortez hdfgvhyfv

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