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Islam was first revealed and developed in Makkah.

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How did Islam civilization first develop?

This first began in the city of Makkah. There was a prophet named muhammad and he developed the Islam civilization.

Islam first developed on the Italian peninsula?

Islam did not in fact first develop on the Italian peninsula. It first arose in its distinctive form in the 7th century CE (or, AD) within the Arabian Peninsula in what is now known as Saudi Arabia.

What was the first name of Islam?

If there is a first name for Christianity or first name for Judaism then you can find a first name for Islam. There is no first name for Islam...it's "Islam". Islam is God, the Creator, religion as Christianity and Judaism.

Who was the first Mu'adhin in Islam?

The first Mu'adhin in Islam was Bilal ibn Ribah, and he was the first African convert to Islam.

What is the oldest name of Islam?

from first islam was the name of islam.

Who was the first preacher of Islam?

A:The prophet Muhammad was the first to preach Islam.

What is the date when Muslims originated?

Islam did not emerge out of nowhere in one night. rather the process was gradual. Prophet Muhammad received his first rervelation in 622 A.D. After that year, Islam took about four deaceds to fully develop.

Why did Islam develop in the world?

the 11 sep. event made a high attention to Islam and people of world started researching and studying about Islam and found it useful and used it.

What is the first queen in Islam?

There are no royalties in Islam.

Where in the Caribbean did Islam first started?

Islam first started in the deserts of Arabia.

What time did Islam develop?

Islam was developed by God; the Creator; be start of universe creation and even before. refer to question below.

What was the first monotheistic religion of Southwest Asia?

Judaism was the first of the Abrahamic religions to develop and was the first major monotheistic religion in the world. Christianity came around 33AD and Islam came some 600 years after Christianity.

What is the first bone to develop?

The clavicle is the first bone to develop

Who was Islam first leader?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the first Islam leader.

Who was the first man Martyr in Islam?

Hazrat Haris (R.A) was the first martyr of Islam.

Who was the first person to believe in islam?

Of course prophet Muhammad is the first person who believed in Islam per Quran revelation to him by God.After the prophet;The first man believed in Islam is AbouBakrThe first boy believed in Islam is Aly Ibn Abou TalebThe first woman believed in Islam is Khadija (the first prophet wife)wife

Who were the first people to develop calendar?

mayans develop the first calander

What was the name first battle of Islam?

battle of Badar is the first battle that took place in islam

Which pray was The first pray of Islam and who performed it?

which pray was the first pray in Islam and who performed it and where.

Why is shahada the first prayer of Islam?

Shahada is not a prayer. It is the first pillar of Islam. It is the declaration of faith.

Why was khadija important to Islam?

she was the first woman to accept islam.

Which came first christianaity or Islam?

Islam came first as it started from the very first human being and Prophet who was Adam

Who first joined worship in islam?

If you mean Islam in its universal sense, then Adam is the first Muslim. Refer to question below.If you mean Islam religion per God Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then: First woman to join Islam is Khadija, prophet Muhammad wife.First man to join Islam is Abou BakrFirst boy to join Islam is Aly Ibn Abou Taleb

Who is the first child accepted in Islam?

Ali ibn Abi Talib was first child who accepted the islam. He was Prophet Muhammad's first cousin and one of the early people who believed in Islam.

That person who accept the first Islam?

Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first person to accept Islam

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