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Islam began in what is now Saudi Arabia.

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All from Asia. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism came from the middle east and Buddhism came from Nepal.

Of the five religions that are considered major in the world today (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism), all of them originated in Asia.

Islam originates from Saudi Arabia

MOHAMMAD BIN OASIM brought Islam in central ASIA

"Turkish speaking Muslims from Central Asia" or, as the original answer states: "Muslim merchants how did Asia get Islam"

Lilacs originate from southeastern Europe and eastern Asia.

Islam did not originate in India. Christianity did not. Judaism did not. Baha'i did not. Zoroastrianism did not.

There are actually three branches of Islam that are dominant in at least one country in Southwest Asia. In order of popularity: Sunni Islam, Shiite Islam, Ibadi Islam.

Europe, North Africa and western and central Asia.

definitely in south Asia not sure where exactly in south Asia

Yes, the Muslims are living in many countries of Asia.

They originate from Eurasia. (eastern europe/ western asia)

Europe, Africa and Asia.

Asia, specifically India.

Antartica, but also from Asia

your bum correction: Asia

Islam started in Arabia, which is part of Asia. It did not have to spread anywhere to get to Asia. shia: prophet Mohammad wrote several letters to the kings of that time and invited them to Islam. adding to the greatness of the massage of Islam that is like a light in the darkness. the merchants had role in this regard too.

Islamis the largest religion in southwest Asia :)

Islam originated in present day Saudi Arabia...the main city was Mecca.

Mesopotamia, Anatolia ( Europe and Asia)

It originated independently in Africa and Asia.

The Domestic horse originated in Asia

Asia. The word comes from Malay.

It is believed they came from northern Asia.

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