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He was expelled from two high schools and went to New York to study art.

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Expelled from one high school in 1928, he enrolled at Los Angeles' Manual Arts High School, from which he was also expelled.

That depends, if he was into art!

Jackson Pollock went by Jack the Dripper (due to his "drip" painting style).

Marlon Jackson finished high school and pursued a career in buisness

He Attended McAdory High School

he went to sterling high school.

Hughes High School in Cincinnati

Parkside High School, Jackson, Michigan

Sterling High School Newnan Georgia

Andrew Jackson High School in Queens, New York

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Robert E. Lee High School in Baton Rouge, Lousiana

West Bloomfield High School. Which is in West Bloomfield, MI

Michael Jackson when to Shortridge middle school. He went to Garner Elementary also.

Yes, i do think that Janet Jackson went to school . What i really want to know is where did she go to school. I want to know the elementary, Middle, high school she went to thank you for the concern.

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He didnt go to collage, he was too buisy

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Montclair College Prep in Van Nuys California

He attended Gardner Elementary School and Montclair Prep high school.

As a matter of fact, He graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School, WV in 1972.

He went to Montclair College Prep in Van Nuys, California. He did't go to college

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