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Leonardo da vinci lived in Florence, Italy and created much of his work there.

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When was Leonardo da Vinci Art School created?

Leonardo da Vinci Art School was created in 1923.

What inspired Leonardo da vinci to do art?

Leonardo da Vinci was inspired by birds and water

What form of art did Leonardo da Vinci create?

Italian High Renaissance paintings.

When did Leonardo da Vinci created the machine gun?

Leonardo Da Vinci didn't create the machine gun.

What has Leonardo da Vinci been remembered for?

Leonardo da Vinci will be remembered for his art, maths, and science inventions he intended to invent.

What art movement was Leonardo da vinci famous for?

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most famous painters of the Renaissance period.

Who did Leonardo da Vinci hate?

Leonardo da Vinci hated fellow artist Michelangelo in both the art and social world, Michelangelo also hated da Vinci.

Who invented the push bikes?

Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

What are influences of Leonardo da Vinci in art?

Leonardo Da Vinci's influence was religion and his mentor Verrocchio.

What did leonardo da vinci contribute to art?

Leonardo da Vinci is one artist who is known for his immense contribution to art. He is the artist who drew the last supper and the Mona Lisa.

What did Leonardo da Vinci do for art?

He did people and different things.

What tools did Leonardo da Vinci use?

Leonardo da Vinci used many tools to create his works of art. Some are oil paint, brushes, wood panels, sketchbooks, ink, quills, poplar wood and marble.

How did Leonardo da Vinci make the world a better place?

Leonardo da Vinci bring peace to the world with his inventions and his art. If you want to know more about Leonardo da Vinci, go to yahoo answers, there, you can find anything you can imagine.;)

Where did Leonardo Da Vinci invent his paintings?

You do not invent paintings, you create! However, as in all art, it begins first in the mind.

What type of art is Leonardo da Vinci well known for?

Leonardo da Vinci is known for Ink drawings, oil paintings, charcoal and pencil drawings.his type of art is oil paintings!!!

For whom or why did Leonardo da Vinci create the masterpiece?

Leonardo da Vinci created masterpieces to express his observations in nature and to express the beauty of something he saw.

What are some factes about Leonardo da vinci?

Leonardo DA Vince loves art and making stuff. his passions are art, writing, science and mathematician.

Is it Leonardo da vinci or Leonardo di vinci?

Da. Da means 'of' in italian. He was born in Vinci.

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