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College at Syracuse and NFL with the Indianapolis Colts.

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Where did Marvin Harrison play college football?

Marvin Harrison played his college ball at Syracuse University.

What team does Marvin Harrison play for?

Marvin Harrison used to play for the Indianapolis Colts but is currently retired.

Who does Marvin Harrison play for?

Marvin Harrison is no longer playing in the NFL. He was a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts from 1996-2008.

Does Marvin Harrison have a son?

Marvin harrisons son was at my football field today, as was marvin. His kid plays pee wee football 55 lb. league and he had 4 tds!!!!!

What N.F.L teams did Marvin harrison play for?


Did Marvin Harrison wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts retire?

No. Marvin Harrison is currently a free agent and did not officially retire. He did not play in 2009.

What is Marvin Harrison known for?

Marvin Harrison was an American football wide receiver that played for the Indianapolis Colts. He is known for being one of the greatest and most productive wide receivers in the NFL.

What is the birth name of Marvin Harrison?

Marvin Harrison's birth name is Marvin Daniel Harrison.

When was Marvin Harrison born?

Marvin Harrison was born on August 25, 1972.

Did Marvin Harrison leave the colts?

Yes, Marvin Harrison did leave the colts.

What position Marvin Humes play in football?


Where does Marvin Harrison live?

who does Marvin live with

Where did James Harrison play college football?

James Harrison played college football at Kent State University.

Where was Marvin Harrison born?

Marvin Harrison was born August 25, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Did McNabb and Harrison play at Syracuse together?

Yes, for one season. In 1995, Marvin Harrison was a senior and Donovan McNabb was a freshman.

How old is Marvin Harrison?

Marvin Harrison is 39 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1972).

Did Benjamin Harrison play a sport?

soccer and football

What number was Marvin Harrison in college?

Marvin Harrison wore #8 during his playing days for the Syracuse Orange.

What happened to Marvin Harrison?

After the Indianapolis Colts released Harrison after the 2008 season, the onetime prolific wide receiver was never signed by another National Football League team.

How many years did Marvin harrison play in the nfl?

13 (1996-2008), all with the Indianapolis Colts.

What city is Marvin Harrison from?


Did Marvin Harrison retire?


Is Marvin Harrison in jail?


What Football players went pro after high school?

Marvin Harrison- Pittsburgh Steelers and Chad Pennignton- Ny Jets both played highschool football and college football, before entering the professionals.

What is Marvin Harrison's birthday?

Marvin Harrison was born on August 25, 1972.

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