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In his garden at Giverny.

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What inspired Claude Monet to paint water lilies?

I am sure the water lilies inspired him.

What did artist Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet is famous for his water lilies paintings.

What french artist loved to paint water lilies?

Claude Monet, of course, loved to paint water lilies (les nympheas).

Why did Monet paint the water-lilies?

Is it not obvious? He had this big pond made and saw to it that the water-lilies grew there in abundance just so he could paint this, his favorite subject.

Which artist paint Water Lilies?

oscar-claude monet painted water lillies

Where did Claude Monet paint water lilies?

In the garden of his home in Giverny, where the water lily pond is. .

How many water lilies did Claude Monet paint?

approximately 250 oil paintings

When did Monet paint water lilies?

Again and again during the last 30 years of his life.

When did Monet paint waterlilies?

He made hundreds of water lilies paintings between the 1890s and 1926.

When did he paint 'Water Lilies Evening Effect'?

In 1897, if you mean Claude Monet. "When did HE paint ...? is an impossible question. How can I know who you mean????

Why did Claude Monet paint water lilies 1907?

Because they were his favorite subject between the 1890s and 1926.

How many water lilies did Monet paint?

Can't find an exact figure. Anyway more than 60.

Why did Claude Monet always paint water lilies?

Because he loved his water lily pond, which always looked different from the day before.

When was water lilies painted?

Water Lilies was painted by Claude Monet in 1916.Answer 2:The above is of course correct. However Monet painted a great number of water lilies paintings from the 1890s until his death in 1926.

Did Claude Monet paint or draw the White Water Lilies?

He was an impressionist so it is very likely that he painted using the plenair technique.

What shade did Claude Monet use in Water Lilies?

He made hundreds of water lilies paintings, in all colors and shades.

Was the painting water lilies by Monet painted with oil paints?

Yes yes all his water lilies paintings were oil paintings.

How long did it take Claude Monet to paint the 'Water Lilies'?

He painted dozens of water lily painting during his last 30 years. Are you asking about a particular one of these?

What year was the painting 'Water Lilies' by Claude Monet painted?

No answer possible. During the last 30 years of his life Claude Monet painted a few hundred paintings of water lilies.

When did Claude Monet paint Water Lilies?

He started using this subject in the 1890's and made very many paintings of it up till his death in 1926.

Monet like to paint water why?

Monet liked to paint landscapes, and water played a HUGE role in them. Also, Monet bought a house near a swampy pond.

What are the dimensions of Water Lilies Pond painted by Claude Monet?

The following is about the one in the Metropolitan Museum. Monet painted at least 40 oter 'Water Lilies'. Water Lilies Oil on canvas Dimensions 51 1/4 x 79 in. (130.2 x 200.7 cm)

What are some of the works produced by Monet?

Some works of art by Monet are: Water Lilies Haystack Monet's Bridge Deathbed

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