Where did Paul travel?

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Paul was known to travel far and wide during his lifetime. He was actually born of an affluent family and traveled as a young man to learn under the tutelage of one Gamaliel on the Sanhedran. For this answer I will assume the question asks of the missionary trips Paul had undertaken during his 3 travels as mentioned in the New Testament.

Paul actually began his journey at Antioch. It was here he was thought to have studied and prepared with Barnabus (41 - 44 A.D.). It was even here that the first believers were called Christians (or "those of Christ").

The first journey began with a sailing to Selucia and Cyprus (meeting Bar-Jesus). Next they travelled to Perga, Pamphylia (Mark returns to Jerusalem). Next was Antioch, Psidia (The first Gentile outreach). Iconium (where they lived for a few years), Lystra (where Paul was stoned), and Derbe (where they won many disciples) followed. From there Paul actually turns around and revisits followers in Lystra, Iconium, and Psidia. Pamphylia, Attalia, and Perga were also visited before Paul and Barnabus returned to Antioch, Syria.

The second journey began with Paul and Silus going throughout Syria and Cilicia. They revisit the churches in Lystra and Derbe, find Timothy and head out again. Together they go to Phyrgia and Galatia. They detoured to Macedonia then on to Philippi. From Philippi they passed through Appolonia to Thessolonici. They also served in Berea, Achaia, and Athens. Paul actually settles down in Corinth for a year and a half. From Corinth he sailed to Ephesus. Paul finally sails to Ceasarea and returns home to Antioch.

The third journey begins in Galatia then to Phyrgia. He moved back to Ephesus where he stayed three years. After this he went to Macedonia via Troas. From Macedonia Paul visits Corinth. After Corinth Paul returns to Macedonia at Philippi. Paul continues to sail around until the end of his third journey where he travels to Jerusalem and is brought before the Sanhedrin. There he was sentenced to imprisonment. He is shipped to Rome, being a Roman citizen, and remains in house arrest for 2 years. After this he had been said to travel more until his death at exocution many years later.

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Q: Where did Paul travel?
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