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Where did Penn State play it's first football game?

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On 11-12-1881, Penn State beat Bucknell 9-0 in Lewisburg, PA.

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Who did Penn State play in its first collegiate football game?


What team did Penn State play in its first collegiate football game against?


What was Penn State's Highest Scoring Football Game?

The highest scoring football game for Penn State was their 56 to 3 win against Minnesota in 1994. Penn State is currently 2-0.

Who won in the penn state vs Michigan football game in 1992?

Penn State and Michigan did not play in 1992. Their first ever meeting was in 1993 and Michigan won, 21-13, in State College.

When was the last time Penn State opened its season away?

The 2013 football season will be the next time the Penn State Lions with open the season with an away game. Penn State will battle Syracuse, in the opening game.

What bowl did Penn state go to in 06?

The 2006 football season saw Penn State versus Tennessee in the Outback Bowl. Penn State won the game 20-10.

Score of first game between Michigan penn state?

The first football game the two schools played was won by Michigan, 21-13, on October 16, 1993.

Has Boise State ever face Penn State in a college football game?

Not through the 2010 season.

What team did Penn state play in the 1982 National football game?

University of Georgia

Where can you find information on Penn State Bowl Game?

There is no such thing as "Penn State Bowl Game", thus one cannot find information on "Penn State Bowl Game" anywhere. However, there is something know as "Penn State Bowl Record" and "Penn State Nittany Lions bowl game".

Who won the football game pitt vs penn state in 2000?

Pitt by the score of 12-0 ... the game was played in Pittsburgh.

Who did Penn State's football team play against for their first game in 2001?

Miami, Florida

What was the first Big Ten team Penn State played in a bowl game?

Ohio State

When Did Daryl Clark Start at Penn State?

If you mean when did he enroll it was the year 2003. If you mean when did he see his first playing action in a game that counted that was in 2005 and if you mean when did he first start a football game last year in 2007.

What bowl game did Penn state football go to in the 1996 season?

Penn State went to the Fiesta Bowl that season and defeated the University of Texas, 38-15, to end up at 11-2.

When was the last time penn state football was ranked number one?

Penn State was last ranked in football during the 2011 football season. During Week 14, the last poll prior to the bowl season and the following "Final" polls, Penn State was ranked in both the AP (No. 24) and Coaches' (No. 23) polls. After losing their bowl game, the Nittany Lions were unranked in both final polls.

Highest tv ratings for college football game?

1987 Fiesta Bowl, Penn State vs Miami, 24.9 Nielsen

What is the most points scored in a Penn State vs Alabama football game?

63 in 1982 ... a 42-21 Alabama win.

Who did Penn State play in 1967 bowl game?

Penn State played Florida State in the 1967 Gator Bowl. The game ended in a 17-17 tie.

Did Alabama football ever win at a big ten school in football?

No. Since 1920, Alabama has only played 1 game at a Big 10 school, losing to Wisconsin in 1928. Alabama has won three games in State College against Penn State (1981, 1987, 1989) but all came before Penn State began playing football in the Big 10 in 1993.

Who won the first acc championship football game?

Florida State Seminoles

Did Penn State ever tie Alabama in Football?

No.Through November, 2009 Penn State and Alabama have met 13 times with Alabama leading the series 8-5. The closest score to a tie was the game played in 1989 that was won by Alabama, 17-16.

What was the last year Penn State played LSU?

They played last December in the holiday bowl. Penn State won in a great game:)

When was the first Georgia bulldogs versus Florida state seminoles football game first played in jacksonville Florida?

The first and only Florida State-Georgia football game played in Jacksonville was October 11, 1958. Georgia won 28-13.

Who won the first overtime game in college football?

Overtime was introduced to college football in the 1996 season. The first college football game to end based on the new overtime rules was a contest between Missouri State(then SW Missouri State) and Oklahoma State in Stillwell, OK on August 31, 1996