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Who invnentd the slinky?

Richard James invented the slinky

What did Richard James invented?

Richard James is known for inventing the slinky toy. The slinky was invented by Richard James in the 1940'sin Philadelphia.

What date was the slinky invented?

Richard James and Betty James invented the slinky in 1945.

Who invented to slinky?

Richard James

What year did Richard James invent the slinky toy?

She invented the slinky in 1943

How was the slinky invented?

The slinky was invented by mistake. Richard James dropped a spring on the floor and it began to move by itself. Thus the slinky was born!

Who invented the slinky toy?

Philadelphian Richard James invented the slinky. Use the link below for more information.

Who invented the first toy?

Richard T. James he invented the slinky

What year was slinky invented?

It was invented by Richard James, in year 1943

What year did James Richard invented the slinky?

go wickipida it

How did they invent the slinky?

Richard James and Betty James invented the slinky in 1945.

When did Richard James make the slinky?

Richard James created the slinky in 1943.

Why did Richard James invent the slinky?

He invented the slinky because he accidentally knocked over a spring and saw what happened and it happened in the lab with his partner Betty.

When did Richard James invent the slinky?

1943 was when Richard James came up with the idea for the toy called Slinky.

Who invinted the slinky?

Richard James. He invented it by a total accident and came to be known as one of Americas greatest toys!! (:

What did Richard James invent and when?

Richard T. James is credited with invented the popular children's toy, the slinky. He invented it with his wife sometime in the early to mid 1940's, but the exact year is not known.

How does Richard James invented the slinky?

It would appear that someone with all the grammatical prowess of a Nigerian scammer wrote these questions.

What did Richard James invent?

the slinky

When was the slinky invented?


Where was the slinky invented?


When did the Richard James invent the slinky?

Richard James did invent the in 1945.

What year was the slinky invented?


When was slinky invented?

1945 doodoo

Where was slinky invented?

in the backseat of my car.

Toys invented in Pennsylvania?

Bingo and the Slinky.