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Where did Rosalind Franklin do her work?

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Rosalind Franklin did most of her work in England. More specifically, she did it in London at King's College London.

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Who did Rosalind Franklin work for?

She work with a man called quanetta at the college

Was rosalind Franklin married?

No. Rosalind Franklin was not married and had no kids.

What work did Rosalind Franklin do to investigate the structure of DNA?

rosalind frankin is a pioneer she invented d.n.a e.t.c

Why is Rosalind Franklin important?

Rosalind Franklin was important because of her work on DNA and how she was determined to live her dream to become a scientist even though she was a woman

How did Rosalind Franklin evidence affect the work of Watson and Crick?

Rosalind Franklin drew a picture of a DNA molecule and it does not like similar to Watson and Crick's DNA diagram. Rosalind Franklin was smarter than them. It was used to determine the physical structure of DNA.

When was Rosalind Franklin born?

Rosalind Franklin was born on July 25, 1920.

Famous quote from Rosalind Franklin?

what is a famous quote that rosalind Franklin said

Who did Rosalind Franklin Marry?

Rosalind Franklin did not marry anyone or had any children.

Did Rosalind Franklin have any hobbies?

Rosalind Franklin mountain climbs on her vacations

What sports did Rosalind Franklin play?

Rosalind Franklin played in Blackburn or Maddox

What was Rosalind Franklin scared of?

nothing but other people taking her work

Did Rosalind Franklin have any brothers or sisters?

Rosalind Franklin had 4 brothers and no sisters

Why is rosalind Franklin famous?

Rosalind Franklin was famous for the understanding of deoxyribonucleic acid DNA

Where did Rosalind Franklin die?

Rosalind Franklin died at Chelsea, London, United Kingdom.

How did the work of Rosalind Franklin affect the work of Watson and Crick?

Rosalind Franklin used x-ray crystalography to receive pictures of the DNA Crick and Watson then used the photo to determine that that the structure of DNA was a double helix

When did Rosalind Franklin die?

Rosalind Franklin died on April 16, 1958 at the age of 37.

What was Rosalind Franklin field of expertise?

Rosalind Franklin was an expert in X-Ray Crystallography and biophysics.

Was rosalind franklin a student at kings college?

Rosalind Franklin was as a student at Randall Institute at King's.

Are there any places named after rosalind Franklin?

Yes there is a place named after Rosalind Franklin. It is the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, located in North Chicago, IL 60064.

Which university recently changed it's name in honor of Rosalind Franklin?

The King's College London recently changed it's name to Rosalind Franklin University in honor of her[Rosalind Franklin].

How old was Rosalind Franklin at death?

Rosalind Franklin died on April 16, 1958 at the age of 37.

Who influenced Francis Cricks work?

Mostly Rosalind Franklin and a bit of Linus Paulings

What did Rosalind Franklin do in her childhood?

She went to school and did work around her house and helped her mother.

What college did rosalind Franklin attend?

Rosalind Franklin attended the University of Cambridge. Franklin was a British biophysicist. She is known for her contributions to the study of DNA.

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