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Shaun White attended Carlsbad High School, in Carlsbad, California, and Torrey Pines High School.

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Where did Shaun White attend high school?

Carlsbad High School and Torrey Pines High School.

Did shaun white attend college?


Were Tony Hawk and Shaun White neighbors?

i dont think so, but they bothe did attend carlsbad high school

What elementary school did Shaun White attend?

He went to Carmel Del Mar in Carmel Valley which is in San Diego!!!

Where did shaun white go to school?

Shaun White attended Torrey Pines High school in San Diego.

Did Shaun White graduate high school?


How old was Shaun White when he started school?


What school did Shaun White go to?

Carmel Valley Middle School and Torrey Pines High School

Where did Ellen white go to school?

where did Ellen g white attend school ?

Does shaun white have a girlfriend?

does shaun white have a girlfriend?

What religion is shaun white?

Shaun White is Jewish.

What is Shaun White birthname?

Shaun Roger White

What collage did shaun white go to?

Shaun white did not attend collage, but instead he chose to pay more time and attention to snowboarding and skateboarding, and judging from all that gold, I'd say it was a pretty wise decision

Can you be white and go to the Tdsb Afrocentric School?

yes you can attend the school if you're white.

Does shaun white surf?

Yes Shaun White does surf.

Who is better Terje Hakonsen or Shaun White?

shaun white

How tall is Shaun White?

Shaun White is 5' 8"

What country is Shaun White from?

Shaun White was born in the US.

Is Shaun White in the Olympics?

Yes, Shaun White is in the Olympics.

Does Shaun white have a sister?

Shaun White does have a sister, her name is Kari White.

How did ruby get to attend a white school?

Ruby got to attend a white school because she took a test in kindergarten to see how good she was and how smart she was.She was offered to attend there because of her smartness they saw.

Who is more famous Tony Hawk or Shaun White?

shaun white

How did shaun white start snowboarding?

Shaun White is not the inventor of snowboarding.

What sports does Shaun White compete in?

Shaun White competes in Snowboarding

Where is Shaun White from?

Shaun White was born in San Diego, California.

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