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His first major championship was The Masters, in 1997.

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How old was Tiger Woods when he won his first major?

In 1997, at the age of 21, Tiger won his first major championship, The Masters.

Did padraig harrington ever win a major with Tiger Woods in the field?

Tiger finished tied for 12th in the 2007 Open Championship. This was Padraig's first major championship win.

How many majors have Tiger Woods won in 09?

Tiger Woods didn't win a major championship in 2009.

When did Tiger Woods win his last major?

Tiger Woods won his last Major Championship at the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines

When did Tiger Woods win his F IRST golfing major tournament?

He won the 1997 Masters, this was his first major championship.

When was the last major that Tiger Woods won?

As of 22nd August 2009, the last major championship Tiger Woods won was the 2008 US Open.

What age was Tiger Woods when he won his first major 1997?

Tiger Woods was 21 when he won his first major (The Masters) in 1997.

How many major tour Tiger Woods currently holds?

As of 1st August 2009 Tiger Woods has 14 major championship titles. But he is not the current holder of any title.

How many major wins does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger Woods has 14 major championship wins, he is currently 4 behind all time leader Jack Nicklaus who won 18.

What four MAJOR golf tournaments did Tiger Woods win?

Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship

What major did Tiger Woods get?

Tiger has won The Masters four times, The Open Championship three times, The US Open three times, and The PGA Championship four times

Who holds the most PGA major championship titles?

Jack Nicklaus with 18. Then Tiger Woods with 14.

Who is Tiger Woods' hero?

When Tiger Woods was a child, he mapped out, on his wall the achievements of Jack Nicklaus and at what age he accomplished them. Tiger tried to better Jack in every way, and is still tracking that 19th Major Championship.

Was Tiger Woods the first black to play golf?

He was no the first, but the first to win a major tournament.

When did Tiger Woods win his first major Championchip?

Tiger Woods won the 1997 Masters, this was his first major. He finished on 18 under par, 12 shots ahead of second place Tom Kite.

How old was Tiger Woods when won first major?

Tiger Woods won the 1997 Masters at 21 years old, he remains the younger ever player to win The Masters.

Why did Tiger Woods want to win the Masters Tournament?

Tiger Woods probably wanted to win the Masters because it is a major championship. Also because of all the great champions that have got to wear the green jacket. He currently has 4 Masters championships.

How many majors has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles in the world of golf

How many major golf titles has woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles.

Who is the only golfer to win 3 of the 4 major tournaments in the same year?

Tiger Woods, he won The US Open, The Open and PGA Championship in 2000. He followed these with the 2001 Masters, the only player to hold all four major championship titles at the same time, this became known as the Tiger Slam.

What major tournaments did Tiger Woods win?

1997, 2001, 2002, 2005 Masters. 2000, 2002, 2008 US Open 2000, 2005, 2006 Open Championship 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007 PGA Championship

How many times has Tiger Woods not won after leading the thrid round?

To be precise, before the 2009 PGA Championship, Tiger Woods had never lost a major when leading after 54 holes (or the Third Round). However, of the last 50 PGA events, he had lost 3 times when leading after 54 holes.

How many major titles did Tiger Woods win after his father passed away in 2006?

2006 Open, 2006 and 2007 PGA Championship and 2008 US Open. So 4.

Is Tiger Woods smart?

Yes quite smart, he has a major in economics.

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