Where did Tim Tebow go to high school?

He played for Nease High in Gainesville, Florida, though he was homeschooled with his two brothers. He went to Trinity Christian Academy and then transferred to Nease so he could play quarterback.

Well, you're partly right, and partly wrong. Tebow has four brothers and sisters, (not two) all of whom were home schooled, and Nease High school is in Ponte Vedra Beach FL, not Gainesville FL.

Tebow was home schooled throughout high school, so he never actually attended class at any high school.

However, in 9th grade he played football for private Trinity Christian High School, while being home schooled. Prior to his sophomore year, after being told by his TC coach that he wouldn't be playing quarterback, Tebow transferred to public Nease High School, located in Ponte Vedra Beach FL, and continued to be home schooled, while playing football for Nease. (does that mean that he 'cut and run', when he didn't get his way?)

This caused controversy, as Nease High School is approximately 50 miles from the Tebow family home, and is located in a different County, as well as a different school district. However, to appease the critics, Tebow's mother rented a small apartment located within the Nease school district, (because, that's what Jesus would have done) where it was used for snake worship, speaking in tongues, voodoo, and human sacrifice, throughout Tim's high school career.

After graduating with a home school degree in primitive sky wizard worship, and scoring a sterling 890 on his SAT's, Tebow choose to attend college at nearby University of Florida.

During his Freshman year in 2006, Florida would go on to win the National Championship, as Tim looked on from the bench, while serving as Chris Leak's backup.

Tim would win the Heisman Trophy during his sophomore year, while being surrounded by more NFL talent on the Gator team, then any other QB in college.

During Tim's Junior year, Florida, lead by Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes, would again win the National Championship.

As a senior, Tim struck a blow for all metrosexuals, as he sobbed like a girl, during Alabama's defeat of Florida, in the SEC Championship game.

After a brief unsuccessful career in the NFL, filled with controversy and overthrown wide open receivers, Tim is currently working as a mohel, in the Philippines.

He continues to be a shining role model for rednecks, religious fanatics, and brainwashed lemmings, throughout the South.

He has yet to come out of the closet.