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Where did WW2 take place?

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WW2 mostly took place in Germany, Russia, France, Belgium, Poland, and Japan, although there were others these were the main ones. Daniel Gaudet

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What years did WW2 take place?


Has the Olympics ever not taken place?

Yes, during WW2 they did not take place.

Did Hitler mind World War 2?

No, he wanted WW2 to take place and he was responsible for it taking place.

Where did the battle of Quaker hill take place?

in japan ww2 on quaker hill

Where did desert war take place?

The 'desert war' of WW2 took place over Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Where did the battle of Iwo Jima take place?

On the island of Iwo Jima in the Pacific..........................WW2

What the effect propaganda have wor wor II?

What did not take place after WW1 that led to WW2

When did the kokoda war take place?

Australians fighting in the New Guinea campaigns during WW2.

How would the past of changed if Pearl Harbor did not take place in history?

The US might not have entered into WW2.

Where did the pacific war take place?

The Pacific Theater of Operations in WW2. All of the Pacific & Indian Oceans.

Did any gas attacks take place in Britain in World War II?

No no gas was used in WW2

When did the World War 2 take place and what day?

WW2 started on Friday 1st September 1939.

What time period does Someone named Eva take place in?

Someone Named Eva took place between 1942 and 1945 during WW2.

Did the cold war take place before World War 1?

No it happened way after WW1. It even came after WW2.

Did Hitler have anything to do with world war 2?

Yes, Hitler had everything to do with WW2 as he was responsible for WW2 taking place.

The Battle of Midway took place in what war?


Were and what time did the Battle of Midway take place?

it took place in ww2 at Midway Atoll/ Midway Island in June 4-7, 1942. it was fought for because it was very valuable to the U.S and Japan

Tell you about Adolf Hitler?

So he started WW2. Take on from there if you learn about WW2 you'll find out lots about him.

What did the children take with them in World War 2?

what did the children take with them in WW2

Was Hitler part of world was 2?

Yes, Hitler played a main role in WW2 and was actually responsible for WW2 starting in the first place.

What wars took place in Alaska?

The Aleutian Island campaign of WW2.

Was the Olympics taking place during World War 1?

no but it was in ww2

What do the movies 'Shindler's List' and 'The Pianist' have in common?

They both take place during WW2 and depict the persecution of the Jews and the concentration camps.

Where did 75 percent of new home construction take place during the 1950s?

Many soldiers were returning from ww2 and they needed homes.

What city did Germany take over in ww2 but then was surrounded?