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The name of the street derives from the fact that during the 17th century, it formed the northern boundary of the New Amsterdam settlement. In the 1640s basic picket and plank fences denoted plots and residences in the colony.

Later, on behalf of the West India Company, Peter Stuyvesant, in part using African slaves, led the Dutch in the construction of a stronger stockade. By the time war had developed with the English, a strengthened 12 foot wall of timber and earth was created by 1653 fortified by palisades.

The wall was created, and strengthened over time, as a defense against attack from various Indian tribes, New England colonists, and the British. In 1685 surveyors laid out Wall Street along the lines of the original stockade.

The wall was dismantled by the British in 1699. In the late 18th century, there was a buttonwood tree at the foot of Wall Street under which traders and speculators would gather to trade informally. In 1792, the traders formalized their association with the Buttonwood Agreement.

This was the origin of the New York Stock Exchange. In 1889, the original stock report, Customers' Afternoon Letter, became the The Wall Street Journal, named in reference to the actual street, it is now an influential international daily business newspaper published in New York City.

For many years, it had the widest circulation of any newspaper in the United States, although it is currently second to USA Today. It is owned by Dow Jones & Company.

Also, Free-roaming hogs were famous for rampaging through the valuable grain fields of colonial New York City farmers. The Manhattan Island residents chose to block the troublesome hogs with a long, permanent wall on the northern edge of what is now Lower Manhattan. A street came to border this wall -- named aptly enough, Wall Street.
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How did New York's Wall Street get its name?

The name of the street derives from the fact that during the17th Century, it formed the northern boundary of the New Amsterdamsettlement where the Dutch had constructed a crude wall of timerand earthwork. The wall was meant as a defense against attack fromLenape Indians, New England colonists, and t ( Full Answer )

When was the Wall Street crash?

Answer . If you are referring to the crash that began the Great Depression in the USA, then the answer would be October 24th, Black Thursday, 1929.

How did Wall Street get its name?

by hogs that were getting attacked so they put a wall up to protect the hogs. Wall Street got its name from when in the 1600 a man named Peter Stuyvesant, got together with the colonist of the area and decided to build a more substantial fence or wall for the stockade that was there at the time. Th ( Full Answer )

What was the Wall Street Crash?

Answer . The wall street crash happen when people did't follow there gut feeling. Everyone knew that something was wrong, just like what is happening today . People owe to much money and what happen in 1929 is going to happen in 2007. By october 24, 2007 we will repeating history. Its time to ge ( Full Answer )

What is London's equivalent of Wall Street?

Well I'd say Canary wharf as it is Londons main financial district.. More Information . Sometimes confusing to people from other countries, there is a tiny area within London called "The City of London." When speaking of it as a financial centre it is usually just called "The City." It is also som ( Full Answer )

In 1882 what was the Wall Street Deadline?

This was referenced in Jack Finney's book, "Time and Again." A man was turned away at the "deadline" as not being worthy of continuing on.

What caused the Wall Street Crash?

This is a simple question which cannot be answered in a few lines. Volumes have been produced to try to answer this question. Several factors lead to stock market crashes. Usually there is a speculative bubble, where the price of stocks exceeds their real value greatly. In such times, an irratio ( Full Answer )

Wall street crash of 1929?

The Wall Street Crash Was the miss use of the stock market that's caused the world to suffer as the worlds biggest finacal country crumbled.

What were the consequences of the wall street crash?

The Wall Street Crash crashed in October 1929, the world's economy plunged into the Great Depression, and the causes of the Depression were: Ø Too many goods were being produced, but less people to buy them Ø Farmers produced to many goods, so prices went steadily lower of the goods Ø Th ( Full Answer )

Facts about the wall street crash?

1) 12 million people out of work 2) 12,000 people being made unemployed every day 3) 20,000 companies had gone bankrupt 4) 1616 banks had gone bankrupt 5) 1 farmer in 20 evicted 6) 23,000 people committed suicide in one year - the highest ever

When was The Wall Street Journal founded?

The Wall Street Journal was founded on July 8th, 1889 by Edward Jones, Charles Bergstresser, and Charles Dow. It current is estimated to have a circulation of about 2.2 million copies and is primarily focused on economic and business news.

How did the Wall Street crash happen?

The Wall street Crash of 1929 occured because at that time, people were making money through shares and stocks. On October 24, 1929, stockholders started selling their stocks. Otherstockholders started to freak out and hastily put their stocks up for sale too. Well because there were lots of stock ( Full Answer )

What is the reason for the name Wall Street?

Hogs would roam freely, eating what they could find- acorns from the ground or roots, which they dug from the ground with their snouts. On Manhattan Island, New York, the hogs rampaged through grain fields until farmers were forced to build a wall to keep them out. The street running along this wall ( Full Answer )

What and where is wall street?

Wall Street is a huge business center in down town New York. Wall Street isn't actually one street but it is made up of multiple blocks. The large companies like Goldman Sachs and many law firms are located on "Wall Street". The Dutch from New Netherlands originally named Wall Street "de Waal Str ( Full Answer )

Is Wall Street an actual street?

Yes, Wall Street runs northwest from South Street to Broadway on the southeast tip of Manhattan Island, New York City, New York.

How big is Wall Street?

Wall Street is located in the Financial District of Manhattan Island. Manhattan Island is 12.5 miles long, by 2 miles wide, and the Financial District is located at its east end. Wall Street is .45 miles long, running southeast to northwest. Wall Street's boundaries are FDR Drive at its south end, a ( Full Answer )

What is Wall Street and what do they do?

wall street= big bank they worship money (litterally) and they do whatever they want to go get it too they caused millions of people homeless and millions jobless lots of suicides too and thats why the anonymous group of computer hackers started the Ocuppy Wall Street movement to end this evil. fun ( Full Answer )

What is Wall Street all about?

The Wall Street is home to several major US Stock Exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYMEX etc. Many financial giants also have their head offices in Wall Street. The Wall Street is in lower Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. It rin lower Manhattan, New York City, New York, Uni ( Full Answer )

How did wall street got its name?

Free-roaming hogs were famous for rampaging through the valuable grain fields of colonial New York City farmers. The Manhattan Island residents chose to block the troublesome hogs with a long, permanent wall on the northern edge of what is now Lower Manhattan. A street came to border this wall -- na ( Full Answer )

In which USA city is Wall Street?

There are a lot of cities that have Wall Street as a street name,but the one with the famous financial district is in New York.

What are the prices of Wall Street stocks?

Prices are detemined by the overall value of the company, the number of shares, and the demand by investors. They can be a few cents per share or up to several thousand dollars per share. (Most common stocks never go past a few hundred dollars, as most would be "split" down to a lower range when th ( Full Answer )

What happens in Wall Street?

Wall Street is a physical place, which used to be where the NYSEwas located. Wall Street is just a metaphor for financial markets. Hope that helps!

Is Wall Street open on Easter?

No. Easter OS always on a Sunday and Wall Street brokers are not open on Sunday. The Street itself is available for use.

What is Wall Street and main street?

In today's highly charged political world: Wall Street -- Ultra Rich Corporates (primarily Bank execs) who perhaps constitute a major portion of the "1% elite" Main Street -- Main stream people like the Average Joe and Jane who earn modestly and lead a modest life.

Where is the bull statue on Wall Street?

Nearest building: 8 Broadway, New York, NY At north of Bowling Green Park in Manhattan. Lower Broadway in Bowling Green Park, a block northeast of Battery Park, where State St. splits off of Broadway.

What does the bull represent in wall street?

bull is symbol of stubborness,welth,energy...... and the bull at wall street is an aggressive and charging bull...which indicates quick,stabilizing prosperity...... simply it is the indication of good wealth.....

How can you buy shares on Wall Street?

You buy them through either a broker or a broker-dealer. A stock dealer is like a dealer in any other product: it maintains an inventory of the product and sells it to customers. A stockbroker arranges transactions between people who have stock they would like to sell, and people who wish to buy ( Full Answer )

Who owns Wall Street?

Wall Street is "owned" by the City of New York, borough ofManhattan, ultimately the people of NYC and the state of NY.

What do Wall Street protesters want?

It's mainly about what they term corporate greed, and more jobs. But, it is a fact if one asks 20 people, you will get 20 different answers. Many believe that far left organizations are spurring the unrest, and financing it, like billionaire George Soros, who has made it very plain he wants to see o ( Full Answer )

Why are people protesting Wall Street?

The wall street moguls have been bleeding the economy dry for over25 years and no one has tried to control them. Less that 1% of thepopulation controls 99% of the money. Wall Street caused the greatrecession of 2008, were bailed out by Bush and company and used thebailout money to give themselves en ( Full Answer )

What is the Occupy Wall Street protest about?

Essentially, it is a protest against the lack of corporate responsibility and burden of corporate power in the United States. The protesters do not approve of the ways modern, large corporations act and affect society. They packaged complex securities with subprime mortgages and backed them up wi ( Full Answer )

What is occupy wall street all about?

Its about going against the capitalist system and saying its not fair that major coorperations are doing fine but the normal people are still suffering from the recession. So please tell me what is fair? Which political system is better? Have you ever heard of a poor man working for a poor man? Are ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Wall Street by subway?

It depends on where you're coming from. Several subway lines stop at or near Wall Street: . the J-Z (the brown line) to Broad Street (at Wall Street) . the 2 or 3 (of the 1-2-3 , the red line) to Wall Street (at William Street) . the 4 or 5 (of the 4-5-6 , the dark green line) ( Full Answer )

What is the Occupy in Wall Street about?

It's a protest movement that is a backlash against the already-richpeople (the 1%) being the only ones that influence government,business, and society. Many people feel as though they don't have asay in their own lives because people who can sponsor canidates arethe ones making calls, and in many ca ( Full Answer )

What caused wall street?

People were shelling their stocks which meant there company was getting more money as some people needed money to pay back loans that they had borrowed but other stock holders started to panic and quickly put there stocks up for sale but people could afford it so they had to lower the prices. Banks ( Full Answer )

What is the address of Wall Street NY?

Wall Street is a street, not a building, business or residence. It has no address. Rather, the buildings, businesses and residences that are located on Wall Street have addresses (121 Wall Street, 59 Wall Street, etc.).

Why did people occupy Wall Street?

The movement to protest financial and social inequality worldwide was dubbed "Occupy Wall Street (OWS)". The movement began on September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park, in New York City's Wall Street financial district. People protested social and economic inequality, greed, corruption, as well as undue ( Full Answer )

What are stocks as in Wall Street and economics?

Stocks in Wall Street and economics refer to the owning of a share of a corporation. Stocks are a means of investing in someone or some company that one deems worthy.

What can you find in the Wall Street Journal?

One can find numerous things in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). For example, one can find business updates and other news along with current financial information.

What did wall street represent?

Wall Street is the street where financial services and institutionsare located. It is called Wall Street because a Wall was builtearly in NY history to hold back the river and provide land.