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in princeton in america


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Albert Einstein had many friends throughout his life. He spent most of his time working on his experiments, but he did have some friends.

Probably. Most people paint something in there life but Albert Einstein is not a painter so his artwork probably never got famous.

Albert Einstein is most well-known for his work in theoretical physics

Albert Einstein wasn't very logical in daily life. His wife had to dress him, wake him up... Nonetheless he is one of the most famous scientists in our history books.

The most known Einstein is Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is more famous that Darth Vader. Einstein is the most famous person ever.

Einstein was not an inventor, and did not invent anything.

me! albert einstein! >:D

Im fairly certain it was German. Einstein was German.

Yes, Albert Einstein did have a nickname. Most people called him Big Al Jones, though it has never been said why.

Steven Hawkings or Albert Einstein.

albert einstein is the smartest scientist

Albert Einstein fame is very high, much more than you can think, because most people can't understand his work.

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist from Germany. He is well known for the world's most famous equation of the mass-energy equivalence formula.

Albert Einstein was a well respected and well known in history, the most intelligent physicist known to mankind. Many places even odd such as the crater of the moon is named after Albert Einstein. It can be argued it is out of respect for this amazingly intelligent and talented man.

In his life, Albert Einstein said a lot of things. For example, he was opposed to Quantum Mechanics, and was very vocal about it. Probably his most famous quote is "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

One of the most major influences of Albert Einstein was the fact that he made us enlightened about the theory of relativity. He also discovered the theory of light.

Albert Einstein is most famous for his famous equations on the conservation of matter and energy and his theory of relativity. He is also famous for the nitrogen bomb.

Albert Einstein worked in Physics which was his most interesting subject known to him he worked on the theory of relevant and answered e=mc2.

Dr. Sigmond Frued albert Einstein

Pythagoras Albert Einstein Euclid

The name of the most famous scientist is Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was a well known scientist. He had many theories of relativity which made him the most famous. Go to to find more information.

Albert Einstein impacted the world several ways but the most direct was his realization that E=MC2 This led to the development of the atomic bomb.

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