Where did all heavy elements of the universe come from?

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Mostly heavy elements are created inside stars and then spread when they go supernova and recondense into new stars and planets.
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How are heavy elements formed?

Nucleosynthesis is the name given for the manufacture of newelements from existing ones, providing there is sufficient energyavailable and for sufficient time. These conditions usually requirea supernova, where conditions exist to make elements heavier thaniron. Our Sun with its fusion process can ( Full Answer )

Where did the Universe come from?

It came from an explosion, commonly known as the Big Bang, although it probably made more of a hissing sound. Something exploded and now there is the universe. No-one is quite sure what happened before this. It does not go back that far. . God created it in six days- having a rest on the seventh. ( Full Answer )

How heavy is the universe?

the answer is: unknown Scientists estimate that the universe is about 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 tonnes, or about 1.0×10^49 and growing.

What are the elements in the universe?

Dark Energy as Aether There has been a lot of discussion about dark energy and dark matter as concepts to explain certain anomalies in physics such as between mass and gravity. Some scientists are starting to see dark energy as a new reference to the concept of the aether. One such article was pu ( Full Answer )

Where did all the earths elements come from?

Everything on and within the Earth, including the molecules that make up you, me, and everyone we have ever heard about and that will ever be, came from the heart of ancient stars, which more than 5 billion years ago exploded in interstellar space. That matter eventually coalesced into our Solar Sys ( Full Answer )

Which elements are in heavy water?

Heavy water is also known as deuterium oxide. It is a form of waterthat contains a larger than normal amount of the hydrogen isotopedeuterium. Heavy water contains elements such as hydrogen, oxygen,as well as uranium.

Where in the universe are heavy elements made?

Light elements are made in light weight stars via stellar nucleosynthesis. Elements as heavy as iron form in the cores of massive stars. Anything heavier than iron requires a supernova--the collapse and explosion of a super massive star.

Why is all your cakes is too heavy?

Depends on what you mean by this. Cakes are heavy because they're supposed to be big.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. When making a cake it is important to follow the recipe EXACTLY - make sure that the recipe you are using is OK by f ( Full Answer )

Where did all the elements come from?

Hydrogen, some helium and less lithium are the result of the big bang. All the other elements are made inside the cores of stars, except for elements heavier than iron. All elements heavier than iron are created during supernova explosions.

Where did heavy metal come from?

black sabbath Advenged Sevenfold lead guitarist and Barack Obama It definitely started in the United Kingdom, with bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath

How are heavy elements made?

Stellar nucleosynthesis. Elements up to iron are made in the cores of very massive stars; elements heavier than iron are produced in supernova explosions.

How are heavy elements formed in stars?

It is stellar nucleosynthesis that forms elements inside stars. Most stars are giant nuclear fusion machines. They make heavy elements by fusing ligher elements together. This creates all elements up through iron.. Elements heavier than iron cannot form in stellar nucleosynthesis. That's because ( Full Answer )

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it all happened in 1968 in Birmingham, England, when a guy called tony iommi got the ends of his fingers on his right hand chopped off my a metal-bending-chopping machine in a factory. this accident happened on the day he was going to leave the factory and begin a career with a band called earth. si ( Full Answer )

How many elements in 'heavy' water?

Formula of heavy water is D 2 O.. O is oxygen, D is deuterium - a hydrogen isotope having 1 proton and 1 neutron.

Where did all of the elements come from?

Hydrogen, a little helium and less lithium were created in the big bang. The universe is about 95% hydrogen. Clouds of hydrogen gas and dust are compressed by gravity into stars, which, by the process of nuclear fusion, change a one-proton hydrogen nucleus into a two-proton helium nucleus. When the ( Full Answer )

What is heavy element fusions?

At later stages in the life of a star, when it has exhausted its hydrogen fuel, it may fuse other nuclear fuels. This only possible in large massive stars. The ignition of these fuels requires very high temperatures. Helium fusion occurs at temperatures above 100,000,000 Kelvin, and carbon fusion do ( Full Answer )

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It all comes from hardcore. Punk split off into a few different genres after its inception in the mid-late 70s. One of these was hardcore, seen as being more pure and loyal to the core aesthetics of the movement - hence the name hardcore. Over the years, metal bands from many different metal subgenr ( Full Answer )

What is the source of all elements in the universe that are more massive than iron?

The only thing that can fuse lighter elements into something heavier than iron is the explosion of a super-nova star. The problem is something called the "packing fraction". If you fuse light elements like hydrogen into heavier elements like helium, it generates energy; this is how a star works. ( Full Answer )

Where did the heavy elements in planetary objects originate?

The heaviest elements come mainly from supernovae. Iron is the heaviest element that can be produced by fusion. Heavier elements are produced by neutron capture. An individual free-floating neutron collides with a nucleus and merges with it. That doesn't produce a higher element on the periodic tabl ( Full Answer )

How heavy is Eric note hes the universe?

The universe is not only infinite but also constantly expanding. If Eric is the universe, he is so large that neither mankind nor alienkind can possibly measure his weight. However, he can be classified according to the following weight scale, known as "The Five Levels of Fat": big, healthy, husky, ( Full Answer )

Where did all the matter of the universe come from before the big bang?

An excellent question, but I'm not sure that it makes any sense. In a very real sense, there was no "before" before the big bang, no space, no matter, no energy, no "place", and no time. And if that is true, there could be no "big bang". This leaves only intelligent design, which would beg a similar ( Full Answer )

Where did all matter and energy in the universe first come from?

We do not know. It is hypothesized that there could be a cyclic Big Bang system - one in which a universe expands, halts, contracts to a black hole density, and then goes through a Big Bang expansion again. It is also suggested that the physics conditions, and perhaps even the maths, are so dif ( Full Answer )

What are other heavy element that is not on the periodic table?

U235 is the last entry on the Periodic Table, of atoms that are ~stable. There are many elements more massive than this, but they are all radioactively unstable. Some consider there may be "an island of Stability" further up the atomic number chart, but we don't know yet. As to a specific heavier ( Full Answer )

What do supernovae have to do with heavy elements?

Stars are giant nuclear fusion reactors; with their intense heat and pressure from their immense gravity, they smash hydrogen atoms into helium -- this is called fusion. Helium atoms fuse together to become heavier elements; this is how all of the elements past hydrogen and helium were created (hydr ( Full Answer )

Does the sun and planets contain heavy elements?

Of course. They had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere was probably the supernova that gave our molecular cloud that "little" nudge, that was required for the Solar System to start forming.

Where do the elements of the universe come from?

The Big Bang created over 99.9% of the atoms in the current universe, but these are limited to Hydrogen and a little bit of Helium . . Stellar fusion created most of the Helium and the elements from Lithium through Nickel and Iron . . Supernova explosions created all the rest of the elem ( Full Answer )

How heavy is all the gold in the world?

There's really no way of knowing, because we don't know exactly how much gold that is still underneath the ground (or exactly where it is, or we'd go get it)!

Why do heavy elements form in a Supernova?

This is related to the huge temperatures achieved in a supernova explosion. This makes it possible to create heavy elements, which requires a lot of energy.

Why do only massive stars enrich the universe with heavy elements?

It takes lots energy and I guess normal nova does not produce toomuch. Other sources such as collision don't contributesignificantly. Massive stars (at least 8 times the mass of the Sun) shouldeventually explode as supernovas. In this process heavy elementsare created and scattered through space. B ( Full Answer )

What does heavy water come from?

Water is H 2 O; two hydrogen atoms plus one oxygen atom. Normal hydrogen has one proton, one electron, and NO neutrons. "Heavy water" is water with one hydrogen atom, one deuterium atom, and one oxygen atom. Deuterium is heavy hydrogen, with one proton, one electron and one neutron, so "heavy wat ( Full Answer )

Why are the more massive stars the only important contributors in enriching the universe with heavy elements?

To "enrich the Universe", the heavy elements would need to get back out of the star - and into outer space, where it can eventually become part of new star systems. This "getting out" happens mainly in supernova explosions - i.e., in the case of very massive stars. Also, stars with very low mass ma ( Full Answer )