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Where did all of the weapons come from in World War I?

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The industrial capacity of both sides was enormous.

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In world war 2 what countries did not use weapons?

All countries fighting in World War 2 used weapons.

What weapons did Italy use in world war 2?

They had their weapon from world war I because they had send all their new weapons to the Spanish for their civil war

How many weapons were used in World War 2?

In world war two over 200 weapons were used because of all the people in that war.

What weapons in world war 1 did the Americans use?

All of them

What year was the bloodiest of world war 1?

all the following weapons used in world war 1 had not been used in war before except

What will be the outcome of a World War 3?

All we can say is "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

How can you compare World War 2 with total war?

WWII used all available weapons, i.e. nukes.

What weapons were not used in World War 2?

Poison gas was not used in Europe but it was used by the Japanese. All weapons were used in the war, silencers, poison bullets, Napalm, flamethrowers

What invention were in World War I?

The tank all sorts of new guns, weapons, trench morters

Is there a way to get all weapons on Call of Duty World at War?

Yea, Play Legit (H)

Why was the death toll for World War I so high?

The death toll was so high in World War 1 because of all the new weapons that they have developed

What did a munition do in World War 2?

Munitions included ammunition, clothing weapons and all things needed for a war to run smoothly.

What were the weapons used in the cold war?

The Cold War was NOT a war. No weapons were used. No cities were destroyed. No ships were sunk. No armies fought. No one died. The Cold War was a military "stand-off" in which the communist world and the free world each "threatened" each other with nuclear weapons, if one or the other made the wrong move. It all ended in 1990. The end of the cold war.

How did the nuclear weapons prolong World War 1?

Not at all. Nuclear weapons weren't invented until the end of WW2, some 25+ years later.

How did Canada help Britain in World War 2?

By sending much needed Troops, supplies, weapons & equipment to all Fronts of the war.

How were airplanes used as weapons in World War 2?

so that we could attack at all angles and bomb them by air

How can I unlock all the weapons in online mode of Call of Duty World at War?

you rank up to level 65

Chemical weapons should be used in war?

i think using chemical weapons in war is not the best idea in the world but if that is all we have to use then i guess we will use it. but i also think that creating a way to kill our enemies without our weapons hurting our soldiers sould be made.

Where did all those tanks come from in world war 2?

They built them

Did drummer boys of the civil war carry weapons?

No, drummer boys of the civil war did not carry weapons. All they did is drum.

List of Korean War guns?

With the exception of the jet aircraft, the airplanes, warships, tanks, infantry weapons, wheeled vehicles, radios, artillery, etc. were ALL World War II weapons and equipment. Including many of the men fighting the war; many of them were veterans of WW2. For a list of those weapons see websites concerning WW2 weapons.

What weapons were used by soldiers in World War 1?

Tank, airplane, machine gun, flame thrower, poison gas, submarine were all new weapons in WW 1

Is war won by the best weapons?

War is won buy not only weapons, there were all good weapons in war. But you win in war by being good in it.If you are playing a game with war in it, then you have to be good at that game. You have to be good at whatever your doing to win at it.

Why was Liverpool targeted and bomed during World War 2?

because it had steal factories that maid all the weapons and tanks

Is total war and complete battlefield the same?

Total war is all out war; including the use of atomic weapons. The Korean War and the Vietnam War were LIMITED WARs, "No Atomic Weapons."