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Louis Sullivan died in the Warner Hotel, 3301 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, on Aril 14, 1924. See: Louis Sullivan: Prophet of Modern Architecture by Hugh Morrison.

See also: Jazz Age Chicago: Hotel Index at: chicago.urban.history

I would like to add, that I presume the Warner Hotel no longer exists, but I think it is interesting to note that this hotel was located across Cottage Grove Avenue from where the Civil War Confederate prisoner of war Camp Douglas once stood.

Also, several of the infamous Chicago Black Sox stayed at the Warner Hotel, and it is where on September 29, 1919 they negotiated a payment of $80,000 from gamblers to lose the 1919 World Series with the Cincinnati Reds.

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Q: Where did architect Louis Sullivan die?
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What was Louis Sullivan occupation?

He was an architect.

Which architect designed the first sky scraper?

Louis Henry Sullivan was the architect.

Who is the architect who built an early skyscraper in st louis?

Louis sullivan

What did Louis Sullivan develop?

Louis Sullivan is a well-known architect. He is credited for developing the modern skyscraper. Many call Louis Sullivan the father of modernism.

Who is the architect who fired Frank Lloyd Wright?

Louis Sullivan

The famous quote from early modern architect Louis Sullivan form (ever) follows function applies to Romanesque art?

Louis Henry Sullivan, an American architect, is credited with the quote. He credited an ancient Roman architect.

When did American modernism start?

The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism. The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism.

Which architect said form ever follows function?

Louis Sullivan

Who was Louis Henri Sullivan?

The "father of modernism", Louis Sullivan was the architect of the very first skyscaper, the Wainwright Building, at 10 storeys tall.

Who was the American architect called the father of modernism?

Louis Sullivan (1856 - 1924)

What architect designed the ten-story Wainwright Building?

Louis Sullivan

How did Louis Sullivan maintain his influence after his popularity waned as an architect?

writing and lecturing

Louis Sullivan studied under which famous architect?

William Le Baron Jenney

Who was the architect of the first skyscraper?

Louis Henry Sullivan was the architect of the 10-story Wainwright Building, the first skyscraper. It was built in 1891.

Who is the father of Modernism?

Louis Henry Sullivan is known as the father of Modernism. He was an architect and is famous for designing skyscrapers.

What did Louis Sullivan's designs emphasize?

Louis Sullivan was a well-known architect in the early 1900s. His buildings were designed with the building's function in mind, emphasizing their inward purpose in their outward design.

Which architect wrote the essay The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered?

Louis Henri Sullivan wrote The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered. He was an American architect, and has been called the "father of skyscrapers" and "father of modernism

When was Louis Sullivan born?

Louis Sullivan was born on September 3, 1856.

When and where did baseball player Sleeper Sullivan die?

Sleeper Sullivan died October 13, 1909, in St. Louis, MO, USA.

Chicago-based architect whose high-rise innovation allowed more people to crowd into limited urban space?

Louis Sullivan

Who was the architect who tried to make buildings blend in with the landscape?

There are many answers to this question but I'd guess you're looking for Louis Sullivan or Frank Lloyd Wright

When and where did baseball player Fleury Sullivan die?

Fleury Sullivan died February 8, 1897, in East St. Louis, IL, USA.

When was Louis Wade Sullivan born?

Louis Wade Sullivan was born on 1933-11-03.

What American architect held that the function of a building should determine its form?

Louis Sullivan was the first American architect to declare that "form should follow function". Frank Lloyd Wright, who was one of his followers, also designed buildings following that principle.

How was Louis B Sullivan famous?

an American achitect. father of moderism He is known for being the first man to build a "skyscraper" at 10 stories tall. Studied under Mr.Jenney, a famous architect.