Where did chocolate covered bacon originate from?

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Marini's Candy Shop in Santa Cruz California claims to be the creator (though there is debate between some other shops)
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Where did the name of the game 'Steal the Bacon' originate?

Answer . Throughout History many cause have been effected towards the Bacon Rebellion. In 1676, the Bacon Rebellion took place over the European's desire of cheap land stolen from the Native Americans. This correlates directly with the game Steal the Bacon as the bacon is represented as the land ( Full Answer )

What are chocolate covered feet?

Chocolate Covered Feet . Chocolate covered feet are extremely large and fat and make no sense to the human eye or other eye. To determine whether a foot is chocolate covered, ask it this simple question: "fujbfsubncdjvbvsdjbhsuighbdeghgei dfbayfbruiguibghjusycbgsyueb yubfweygweo8dbgdehyvgfyugbu ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression saved our bacon?

In the pre-18th century, bacon (smoked pork sides, backs, or bellies) was a very important food item as it did not require much care in order to keep fresh and provided important nourishment to all ages. Due to its importance, in any event of catastrophe, pillage, or flight, the bacon was "saved" at ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of German Chocolate?

German Chocolate was first made in Afghanistan. That is its origin. They are so incredibly poor in that part of the world that they consume their own excrement. The brown colour of the "food" is why it was given the nickname "chocolate." Do not be fooled! There is there is no real chocolate there. ( Full Answer )

Where did Chocolate Mousse originate?

Chocolate Mousse was one of the original flavors of Mousse, which originated in France. The actual creator of Mousse and where he or she was at the time of creation is unconfirmed.

Do chocolate-covered raisins have iron?

I was just eating some, the ingredients say Raisins, Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Cocoa butter, Cocoa Mass, Lactose, Glazing Agents, Emulsifier, Vegetable oil and flavoring

What is the word origin of chocolate?

The Nahuatl language of Mexico is the source of the word "chocolate." Specifically, the original Nahuatl word is " xocol ātl ." Its original meaning is "bitter water." The word became one of worldwide recognition with the interactions between the ancient Aztec Empire and explorers and settl ( Full Answer )

What are chocolate covered strawberries?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Chocolate covered strawberries are a delicious treat that combine two simple ingredients into one amazing dessert. Some say this chocolate-covered fruity bliss originated in Italy, while other argue Paris or even America...One thing is for sure, no matter where this ( Full Answer )

Where did chocolate dipped fruit originate?

it seems as though chocolate dipped fruit may have originated in south america, as that is where the cocoa bean originated. When chocolate started appearing, it was a rather bitter concoction, so it would make sense to dip some sweet fruit into bitter chocolate for a fantastic treat .. for the ric ( Full Answer )

How do you make chocolate covered strawberries?

First if you haven't washed the strawberries you can if you want to. Then take a bowl and put a handful of any kind of chocolate chips you like in the bowl. One handful makes 4-5 berries. Then microwave the chocolate until its smooth. Dip the berries in and cover all of the sides. Put them on a pl ( Full Answer )

Where did German chocolate cake originate?

Information taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_chocolate_cake . . This cake is actually not a traditional German dessert. The original recipe was sent by a homemaker in Dallas in 1957 to a newspaper in Texas. It used Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate, which was created in 1852 by an En ( Full Answer )

Are chocolate covered raisins unhealthy?

they can be, its all about moderation. make sure you only eat these types of food in moderation as the chcolate contains lots of fat and sugar which is bad in high amounts. if i was you try having a handful a day of these as a treat and nothing else, if you are watching your weight make sure that yo ( Full Answer )

Where did bacon and egg pie originate from?

It came from a Victorian English recipe, where ham , egg and cheese are baked in a pie ------------------------------------------------------ Wow, it is most decidedly French in origin. Quiche Lorraine, from the Lorraine region of France, is an egg filling in a pie crust, with sauteed onions, cris ( Full Answer )

Where do chocolate truffles originate from?

The original Chocolate truffle was invented in 1895, in France, by M. Dufour. Today, Chocolate Truffles are made around the world from the highest quality chocolate available. There are three primary types of Chocolate Truffles: American, Swiss and European. Differences in type are due to ingredient ( Full Answer )

What is the Origin of chocolate?

The origins of chocolate, which is derived fromthe Theobroma cacao tree, stretch back at least 4000years.The plant is believed to have originated in the Amazon orOrinoco basins in South America and was regarded by the Aztecs asbeing of divine origin ('Theobroma' means 'food of thegods')..

Freezing chocolate covered bananas?

This fruit can be frozen. It is a good cold healthy snack right out of the freezer in the summertime. It is better than ice cream.

Is chocolate coverd bacon good?

yes it is very delicous and it tastes better with brown sauce and chicken if you add coco beans the flavour is amazing i would know this because my friend is a chef called monica for information on getting a recipe for bacon covered in chocolate call this number 013820556695 or vist MonicaGellar.com ( Full Answer )

Where was chocolate covered strawberries invented?

I'm not sure but where ever it was invented should be a national landmark!!!!!!!!!!!! They were invented in a small custom chocolate shop located in Bothel, WA in the late 1960's by the owner Merry Madden. She had been experimenting with various types of chocolate covered fruit and strawberries q ( Full Answer )

How do you make chocolate covered pretzels?

When making chocolate covered pretzels all you need is melted chocolate and a bag of pretzels. Melt the Chocolate in a double Boiler(if you do not have a double boiler put one pan on top of another and fill the bottom one with water) bring the water to a boil to melt the chocolate. Dip the pretzels ( Full Answer )

Where does white chocolate originate from?

White chocolate is actually not technically "chocolate", as it contains no cocoa powder. Instead, white chocolate is a conbination of cocoa oil, milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and milk solids / milk fats.

Where do chocolate covered ants come from?

Chocolate covered ants are severed in locations throughout theworld. The ants are not harmful ones and are covered in a varietyof chocolates.

How do you harden chocolate covered pretzels?

Left to dry, the chocolate will naturally set up. To speed this along, you can put them in the refrigerator. Do NOT put them in the freezer, as this will cause the chocolate to solidify too quickly and it can fall off of the pretzels.

Why do people like chocolate covered bacon?

Two of the most beloved food items are bacon and chocolate put them together, and BOOM! Bacon and chocolate covered heaven. But, this may not be the most accurate, because I have never eaten choc-bac.

Are chocolate covered raisins bad for you?

No they are not. Raisins are just dried up grapes with are healthy for you. Chocolate isn't unhealthy its used to cure many things such as high blood pressure and it lowers cholesterol. Its also a brain stimulant.

Where does Canadian bacon originate from?

Pigs. Canadian bacon is from the centre-cut of a boneless pork loin. A bit of trivia for you, you won't find anything called Canadian Bacon in Canada. It's called Peameal Bacon here. No one can say for sure where the name originated. Best guess is sometime in the 19th century when England imported ( Full Answer )

How do you make chocolate covered raisins?

very simple just take how many ever raisins you want then get some melted chocolate(TIP:milk chocolate tastes best).Next pour the milk chocolate over the raisins then freeze them.Finally take them out of the freezer leave it to room temperature then enjoy your chocolate raisins. HOPE THIS HELPS! I ( Full Answer )

Where does hot chocolate originate from?

I am not completely sure but I think it originates from a Country which is either, Spain, Europe; Poland; Warsaw. When I was back in Europe i was drinking hot chocolate and I was going behind the doors, and seeing them make the hot chocolate. 1st They would melt this chocolate, and put it into a ble ( Full Answer )

Who made chocolate covered bacon?

jacob: lol your class mates love it and the person who made this question is in winters high school go figure it out.

Where did the chocolate no-bake cookie originate?

I'm not exactly sure but a really good way to find out is to search," Rose Levy Beranbaum- Questions and Answers". That has a lot of good answers for these type of questions.

Where did chocolate ice cubs originate from?

Chocolate Ice Cubes originated from the country of Germany in the early 1900s. They were invented in order to cool children down after a hot day and to provide them with a cool treat.

How are chocolate covered pretzels made?

Chocolate covered pretzels are made in a pretty easy way. One the pretzel is formed and cooled down it is then dipped into melted chocolate. The pretzel is then allowed to cool until the chocolate hardens.

Do they make chocolate bacon?

Yes, it is available to buy from some candy shops, but it is easyto make yourself. While I myself have not tried making chocolate bacon but it isrelatively simple. . Fry strips of bacon as you normally would. . Remove the surface grease from the bacon with paper towels (ifnot done the chocolate ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the word bacon?

The word derives from Old High German 'bacho' meaning buttock. Bythe 14th Century it found its way into Old French as 'bacun'meaning back meat. By the 16th Century in Middle English the wordbecame 'bacoun' which referred to all cured pork

What is the origin of the word chocolate?

Chocolate (The item and material) Chocolate originated in SouthAmerica, where it was made from Cocoa beans (native to the Cacaotree). Chocolate (The word) In 1604, the Nahuatl word "xococ" cameinto place -- it meant "bitter" and "water." Soon after came theNahuatl word "xocolatl," with a similar mea ( Full Answer )