Where did chris rock get his education?

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corleone jr high he got an okay education but he kinda had a little role going on faling school with his raciest against blacks threatens to make repeat the nith grade
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How tall is Chris Rock?

Chris Rock is about 5'6". I work with the guy (Everybody Hates Chris). . Answer . 5 ft. 11 in.

What is chris rocks net worth?

According to Forbes Magazine, Chris Rock is 2nd on the list of Top Grossing Comedians in the U.S. next to Jerry Seinfeld. Last year, he grossed $42 million alone.

What was Chris Rocks First movie?

Beverly hills cop two. The first movie he was in was "I'm gonna git you sucka." then he did "Beverly hills cop two" after Eddie Murphy saw his act at a comedy club!

How much money does Chris Rock make?

Chris Rock's annual salary varies greatly depending on what he'sworking on, however his net worth is estimated to be $70 million.He earned $2,000,000 for appearing in the film Lethal Weapon 4.

Is chris rock gay?

Yes, he just doesn't publicize it. He did get married but he came out and wanted divorce as a result.

Did chris rock go to college?

No, he did not.. He didn't even finish high school. He dropped out when he was 17 to work in East Coast comedy clubs.

Is Chris Rock and Mario related?

No, but that would be really cool. Successful comedian and music artist in the same family; that's a lot of talent. I believe someone should get a paternity test done though.

Did Chris Rock attend college?

No. According to his HBO special Kill the Messenger, he dropped out of school in the 10th grade.

Is Eddie Murphy funnier then chris rock?

Eddie Murphy is da funniest man alive katt willams ain't better will smith ain't better martin Lawrence ain't never been better wat makes people think chris rock is better lol

Is chris rock racist?

Yes and no because as well as making fun of white people he makes fun of black people to.

What films has chris rock been in?

Chris Brown Has In "Christmas In Washington", "The O.C", "The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody", "Stomp the Yard", "This Christmas", "Takers", "Phenom".

Is Chris Rock a comedian or a singer?

Chris Rock is a comedian. He began his career as a stand upcomedian. He appeared on Saturday Night Live and has starred orco-starred in multiple movies.

How many brothers and sisters does Chris Rock have?

Different Sources say different things, as follows: 1.) Sources that say he has SIX siblings ... Chris Rock is the oldest of seven children, and one of these children is his brother named Tony Rock. [4] He has six younger siblings, including: Andre, Tony Rock, Brian (a minister), Kenny Roc ( Full Answer )

Where did Chris Rock grow up?

Chris Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina but shortly after his birth, his parents moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Then relocated in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Known as and called by him "Bed-Stuy." -- I WAS HERE =]

What is chris Rock siblings names?

He has 6 brothers and one sister. Drew, Larry,Tanya, Tony,and some other ones i dont know No. Drew and Tayna were just his siblings on everybody hates chris.

Why is Chris Rock famous?

Chris Rock is funny because he talks about the struggle in life with being a black man in America. although he uses the word N igger loosely he is still hilarious. He made a living out of making people laugh

Who is Chris Rock brother?

his brothers name is drew rock as a kid nad now cute had it all while his older brother chris had nothing chris has it all now

Is Mario Chris rocks son?

Honestly, we dont know for sure... many people claim that Mario is Chris Rock's son.... but Chris Rock responses with the answer no...... Mario has no idea of this situation... but you never know!

Does Chris Rock still do Everybody Hates Chris?

No, there will be no more new episodes. Everybody Hates Chris has been cancelled; "Everybody Hates G.E.D." was the final episode, which originally aired 5/8/09.

Who was the kid who was picking on chris rock?

joey caruso when chris rock was 13 he went to school outside his neighborhood he had his little brother tonys shoes on chris rock had five siblings joey caruso hit his binder down and said nice shoes bojangles chris rock got smart and said bojangles that's not what your mother called me when i was t ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Rock in Rush Hour?

NO! NO! NO! Chris TUCKER is in the Rush Hour movies with JackieChan not Chris Rock. Chris Rock is an entirely different person toChris Tucker.

What did chris rock get on his GED?

he got 735 cause on the show everybody hates chris when juiles was parking his car you could see his scores but he didnt pass cause the full score is 800

What was kid rocks education?

education rocks lyrics what we learn and what we know will make us what we become. there's nothing good to gain in life by acting like were dumb. we have our minds, we have the right to know. we talk the talks we walk the walks we know education rocks. we talk the talks we know education rocks and ( Full Answer )

What was Chris Jericho's education?

He wanted to enter The Hart Dungeon right after high school, but he was too young so he went to college and after that in the age of 19 he entered The Hart Dungeon. So he has gone to college and his only profession in his life has been an entertainer.

How does Rock Music affect Education?

it inspires you . some songs have good lyrics which helps you in writing . it can also distract you . it can brainwash you to sneak out at night for a concert

Did Chris Rock do drugs?

Doesn't everybody do drugs at least once? To consider him immune to the calling of drug abuse is unlikely. I'm positive at some point Chris Rock has done drugs, but today what are drugs? Is marijuana a drug? he has made references to marijuana in one of his acts. Is alcohol a drug? he has made refer ( Full Answer )

What made chris rock get a GED?

he droped out of high school at 10th grade and then chris rock principle said he needed to repeat the 10th grade because he was always late for class so the principle said that he needed to repeat the 10th grade but chris rock did not want to repeat the 10th grade so chris rock decided to droped out ( Full Answer )

What is the email of chris rock?

No celebrity would provide an email on the internet, since anybody can send an email with ease; all the message would clog his inbox. If you'd really like to contact him, here is his information for direct mail: . Primary Address: Chris Rock P.O. Box 57593 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA.

What is the most popular Chris Rock movie?

The most popular and recent movie Chris Rock has made an appearance in is the animated film, Madagascar, where Chris Rock plays the voice of a zebra named Marty. Other popular movies include; "The Only Thing White Is The House" and "Down to Earth."

What movies has Chris Rock appeared in?

Chris Rock has appeared in tens of American movies. He is known for being a comedian, thus he mostly acts in comedy films, such as Grown Ups one and two, Lethal Weapon 4 and Madagascar. He has also stared in some biographies and documentaries as himself.

How did Chris Rock start his career?

Chris Rock started his career by doing stand up comedy in 1984. Doing this allowed him to get discovered and do stand up comedy on a bigger stage and becoming an actor.

Does Chris Rock have a video out?

Chris Rock has a whole YouTube channel filled of different kinds of videos of all types of humor. Jimmy Kimmel Live has tons of Chris Rock videos available on their YouTube channel as well.

List of chris rock movies?

Chris Rock has appeared in many movies since starting his career.Some of his movies are Death at a Funeral, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2,and You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

Where did chris mentillo receive his formal education?

Chris Mentillo received most of his formal education in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He attended several schools. Here is a partial list: 1. Bradford College, Haverhill, Massachusetts. (creative arts & sociology). 2. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. (M.C.J.T.C) Foxboro - Boston ( Full Answer )