Where did christianitys sacred writings come from?

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The Church Fathers.
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What is sacred writing?

Sacred writings is referring to the Holy scripture. We have these sacred writings tody in the King James bible. In the King James bible we have the inspired, infallible, inerrent word of God to the English speaking people, in order for other nations to have a perfect bible today they must be taugh ( Full Answer )

Why is land of Israel sacred to Christians?

Jesus was born in Nazareth and lived his entire life in the land of Israel. The Israellites also believe that God promised the land to them, since they are his "chosen people".

What are the sacred practices of Christianity?

Christianity has no sacred practice! You must first be saved. All a good walk as a Christian requires is a steady walk with God through prayer, Bible devotions and fellowship with Christ. To receive encouragement and to meet with other christians the bible says to have fellowship with other believer ( Full Answer )

What are the sacred rituals of Christians?

The two rituals that nearly all Christians practice are 1) Baptism 2) Communion. The Catholic and Orthodox churches recognize seven, and other sects have other rituals.

Does Christianity have scripture or a sacred book?

Yes - the Holy Bible. This is split into two sections - the Old Testament (old promise of God/Old Covenant or agreement) which is the story of God's revelation since the earliest times. This is still the Bible that the Jewish religion uses today, and would have been the Bible known to Jesus. The se ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the sacred text of Christianity?

The Christian Bible was written over many centuries, by a varietyof people. The Old Testament was written by Jewish scholars overthe centuries. The New Testament was an attempt to write down theoral traditions of the early Christian church, several generationsafter the events described in it. Severa ( Full Answer )

Sacred places for christians?

In Christianity, most of its sacred places pertain to Jesus ofNazareth, who is the Savior or Messiah to Christians. Some of itsholy places are Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

What is the sacred building of Christianity called?

There is no set sacred building of Christianity. Most people wouldanswer this question with the answer "the Church". But the churchis simply a building that the people gather at for worship. I wouldsay a more correct answer would be the human that has Christ Jesusliving in their heart, that is the t ( Full Answer )

What teachings from Christianity sacred writings cause people to behave?

The Holy Bible, II Timothy 3:16-17, "All Scripture is given byinspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man ofGod may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." The teachings which causepeople to behav ( Full Answer )

What do sacred writings teach a Christian?

If by "sacred writings" you mean the Bible then, The Bible teaches: the non Christian how to put his relationship right with God andthe Christian how to walk in fellowship with God.

Is Christianity a sacred text?

No. Christianity is a religion. The religion does have a sacredtext called the Bible. To read more about the Christian religion'sholy book, please see the Related Links below.

The sacred text of Christianity?

The sacred text of Christianity is the Holy Bible. Christians believe that God told the men who put the Bible down on paper just exactly what to write, even the very words so that by studying the manuscripts today (In Greek and Hebrew) we can be assured of just what God wants us to know. The Bible t ( Full Answer )

What parts of the world are sacred to christianity?

Christianity doesn't really have sacred places. The concept of a sacred place is foreign to Christianity. However, Christianity does have places that are held in special regard but only because of the events that happened there in the past, not because of anything unique about that place. These plac ( Full Answer )

What are some sacred stories of Christianity?

The Holy Bible has many sacred stories which depends upon the individual to list. The Gospel stories of Christ's sayings and doings, the Creation account, Noah, Abraham and the Patriarchs to mention a few.

How was the sacred text of Christianity created?

Apart from the Old Testament, the sacred texts of Christianity are traditionally the gospels, epistles, Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Revelation , that together form the New Testament. The Gospels were written in Greek by anonymous authors, but were later attributed by second-century Churc ( Full Answer )

What are the two sacred holidays in Christianity?

The two sacred holidays in Christianity are Easter and Christmas day. Easter celebrates the raising of Jesus Christ from the dead and Christmas day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ

Sacred to Christians and Jews?

God's Holy Scriptures . God's place of worship . The human being is sacred to God and to us, therefore we do not kill (unless in war or self defense - even that is questionable by many believers and Jews) . The earth is God's creation and it is sacred. . God himself. Roman Catholic Answer ( Full Answer )

What are Christian beliefs and sacred texts?

The Christian sacred text is the Bible (the Old Testament JewishTorah and the New Testament, documenting the life and teaching ofChrist). Christian belief is summarised by the "Nicene Creed". I will make alink to this for you.

Is there a sacred word or saying for christianity?

No, there is no sacred word or saying for Christianity. Some denominations have chosen sacred words or sayings but those belong only to those denominations and do not transcend to the rest of Christianity. The closest Christianity has to having a sacred word is a sacred respect for the names of God ( Full Answer )

Does Christianity have a sacred text?

Yes. The Bible is the sacred text for Christianity. For moreinformation on the Christian, please read the Related Link below.

What are some sacred objects of Christianity?

While some Christian denominations use relics as objects of veneration; other denominations consider this to be idolatry, and do not venerate holy relics. The authenticity of some of these is widely questioned. Some of the Christian Holy Relics include: The True Cross: These are pieces of wood bel ( Full Answer )

What are the key writings of Christianity and where did they come from?

The key writings of Christianity are the books found in the Bible.The Bible is divided into two main sections - the Old Testament andthe New Testament. The Old Tetsament deals with the history of theworld, specificly the history of the Jewish nation. The newtestament records the life of Jesus Christ ( Full Answer )

What are sacred objects for christians?

Jesus explained God's view of the matter when he said: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through me." John 14:6 Romans 1:25 even those who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the One w ( Full Answer )

What are some of the sacred texts of Christianity?

Most Protestant Christians accept only one sacred text, the Bible,which is made up of two parts: the Old Testament, which includeshistorical books (that start with creation and describe up to theBabylonian captivity), poetry, wise proverbs, and prophecy, amongother things; and the New Testament, whi ( Full Answer )

Why cross is sacred for Christians?

The Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross that looked like a lower case t apparently. There is probably a lot more to this.

What sacred books does Christianity have?

Of course the Bible, but the Catholic had to interpret it in their Catechism. The catholic believe that Bible is not enough for salvation. Their lies a tradition called the Apostolic tradition. The church magisterium is the teaching of the church. . \n

Why is the Christian family sacred?

Because they have been born of God and thus are a new type of Creature (that is if they are genuine) But beware there are three types....genuine believers, unbelievers, and make believers

What is the sacred writing of the Mormon cult?

Whether or not Mormonism is a cult is a matter of opinion, but the books considered sacred, the Word of God, and scripture are: The King James Bible (for English speaking members, or comperable translations for other languages) The Book of Mormon (believed to be a translation of some ancient pl ( Full Answer )

What sacred writings are in the bible?

The modern Bible is a collection of writings by ancient prophetsand other spiritually gifted writers. The writings have severaldistinct purposes. One is to remind the faithful that God is andhas been ever present in the history of mankind, and provides ahistory of the faith (and even foibles) of His ( Full Answer )

What symbols do Christians hold sacred?

Crucifixion cross; cross as X; V; nail; coin; pomegranate; fish andfishes; amphora; Trinity hand signs; zig-zag; dove; bread; rockaltar - found or depicted with artifacts, artworks and archaeologyof Christian significance.

What are the sacred books and symbols of Christianity?

The Holy Bible is the set of sacred books. The symbols are thecross, the fish, and the dove. The reason for the cross symbol isthat Jesus was crucified and ran through with a spear on a crossand died. He ressurrected back to life. The reason for the dovesymbol is that some people use it as a symbol ( Full Answer )

How do you treat Christianity Sacred texts?

Sacred texts of any religion should be treated with respect. If thequestion refers to "treatment" as to mean the validity of suchtexts, the reader will probably know that most of these texts aretranslations and the primary sources before translation can bethousands of years old. In the case of the C ( Full Answer )

Why is Christianity sacred?

Whether something is 'sacred' or not, has largely to do with whether you recognize someone or something as an authority for determining something as 'sacred'. From a Bible's standpoint, many things are 'sacred' because Jehovah God has determined them as 'sacred'. For example: a) Life is sacred ( Full Answer )