Where did christians from Aksum settled in at?

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In Ethiopia
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Why are you Christians?

Person A says:. I'm a Christian because I was lovingly pursued by God through His Holy Spirit who spoke to my heart/spirit. I realized I was a sinner and needed a Saviour. I believed what the Bible said, that Jesus Christ was the Saviour I needed, who had paid the penalty for my sin by dying on the ( Full Answer )

Why are you a Christian?

I was convinced at an early age that the man Jesus Christ is theSon of God. In my studies and teachings as an adult the evidenceavailable today clearly supports this truth. I chose to followJesus Christ's teachings and try to follow his way of life which isoutlined in the Bible. Though I may fail at ( Full Answer )

Why are you not a Christian?

Opinion I have learned over time that the church does not follow the bibleI was taught, the one where people are instructed to love theirneighbors before themselves. Everyone may have their own opinionsbut mine are that if there is a god (which I do not think ispossible), then as long as I am a good ( Full Answer )

Who is a Christian?

A person who: . believes in the divinity of Christ . believes Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins . believes that Jesus is God's Son . reads the Bible . has a relationship with Jesus Christ

What is Christianity about?

My point of view in a short statement : It's about living in peace , loving our Father with our heart soul and mind and praising Jesus for giving us victory over flesh and the the principalities of darkness. Excepting eternal life in peace with Our (Abba) Father and Jesus sitting at His right side a ( Full Answer )

How did aksum become a wealthy kingdom?

Trade routes, axum was the center of ancient trade. Until Islams rose to power in the seventh century. The Islams changed the trade routes.

Who are Christians?

Christians were first called Christ followers in the New Testament; thus, if we follow the Bible, Christians are followers of Christ.. Christians are the one who believes in Jesus Christ as our Savior. We follow Him as He leads us to victory.

Who were the Christians?

'were' isn't really the right word. They are still around today, and there are loads of them. They are people who believe in God, go to Chruch, and read the Bible. They believe Jesus is the Son of God, and that he will rise again one day to forgive the sinners and reward the good people. Anyone can ( Full Answer )

What factor lead to the fall of aksum?

there are a lot of reasons one is that the Sassian Persians took over the ports of Red Sea so the Aksum people lost connections to there trades and therefore losing wealth and another reason is that the Persians started taking over more places of trades to the Aksum's and sooner or later after a few ( Full Answer )

What is a Christian?

ANSWER: A Christian is a follower of Christ. In the original, theword Christian was coming from Christ and even in English bears aresemblance. The word not only meant that, but it meant also :being like Christ. The Bible teaches that if you want a life withGod, free from sin and have eternal life yo ( Full Answer )

Where is Christianity from?

Christianity originated in the Middle-East as a sect of Judaism. However, it quickly became a separate religion with separate teachings and spread itself throughout the world. Yet even today, there are quite a bit of similarities between Judaism and Christianity, owing to Christianity's roots.

Why is there Christianity?

Opinion Christianity exists because there are many people who attest to andhave experienced the truth of Christ and his message, whether it bethe intellectual, historical, archaeological, or scientific truthpresented in the Bible. They find no need to suspend rationalthinking or intelligence in orde ( Full Answer )

What was the religion of Aksum?

at first they followed this polytheistic religion, I'm not sure what it's called, but then at around 325 A.D., they followed Christianity

Why did Aksum become a center of trade?

IT was good for trade because it was in a location wich gave Aksum acess to the Red sea,the Med. sea,indian ocean,and the Nile so it was good for trade because you can get to place to place by water.

Muslim invention of aksum?

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Who is Christian?

A Christian is someone who is a person who believes that Christdied for their sins and rose again.

What did Aksum trade?

There traders exchanged salt, ivory , cloths, brass, iron, gold, glass, olive, oil, and wine.

What can Christians do and not do?

If you want to check out the Christians way and Bible teachings, the best way to go is to visit and find out. You take it from there to make your choice. Christians can do anything if they have their trust in Jesus Christ. I dont mean falling off an airplane thing but supernaturally. You can ( Full Answer )

How can you investigate ancient Aksums economy?

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What did Aksum develop first?

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Why did Aksum fall?

Aksum began a long slow decline after the 7th century due partly to Islamic groups contesting trade routes. Eventually Aksum was cut off from its principal markets in Alexandria, Byzantium and Southern Europe and its trade share was captured by Arab traders of the era. The Kingdom of Aksum also quar ( Full Answer )

How did ezana expand aksums power?

Axum was the center of the marine trading power known as theAksumite Kingdom, which predated the earliest mentions in Roman erawritings. Around 356 CE, its ruler was converted to Christianity byFrumentius.

Could Muslims and Christians agree on a revised Holy Trinity and settle their differences relating to the Bible and Qur'an?

No. This violates both religions.One tenet of almost every religion is that the religion must not be changed. The Bible even provides a penalty (in the last chapter of the last book) for anyone trying to change it. Posted by jrnjames: It's not Logical that religions cannot be changed, when new ev ( Full Answer )

Why did the people of Aksum become Christians?

Haha! Do you go to Saguaro High School in Arizona? Just wondering because I'm looking for the same answer online with the exact wording. This is why they became Christians: AKSUM BECOMES CHRISTIAN- Ezana succeeded to the throne as an infant after the death of his father. While his mother ruled the ( Full Answer )

Why did the kingdom of aksum decline?

For several reasons, soil exhaustion, farmers growing crops for hundreds of years, over time it became more difficult for farmers to produce enough food to support the population

What factors led to the rise of aksum?

The main factors that led to the fall of the Aksum in the seventhcentury were climate change and the obstruction of internationaltrade routes around the Red Sea brought on by the growing supremacyof the Muslims in Ethiopia.

As a 13 year old atheist how do I settle conflicts about religion with some of my best friends who are Christian?

Opinion The problem you face is that many Christians simply assume they are right and therefore all others must be wrong. This is a problem you share with many millions of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Daoists and others around the world. For some of your friends, it is probably a bonus that you 'b ( Full Answer )

How is Christianity?

Christianity is this-- Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Its not a religion as we would commonly understand it. It is believing in God through Christ and that brings about a change in people. The history has its ups and downs but the religion teaches morals.

List three contributions of the aksum kingdom?

The Kingdom of Aksum was an empire located around modern Ethiopia that lasted from about 100 A.D. to 940 A.D. The kingdom reached many important milestones, and achieved a multitude of things, including a written alphabet. The Kingdom of Aksum was also the first in Africa to fully convert to Christi ( Full Answer )

How do you get Christian?

You have to believe and trust in Jesus with all your strength and soul, he is the only way to heaven. And believe in God in three persons, God,Jesus and The holy Spirit. ANSWER: 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath gi ( Full Answer )

Why was adula an important city in aksum?

Adula was an important city in Aksum because the Roman Empire need gold to make coins, so the Roman ships often docked it in Adula. That is why Adula was an important city in Aksum.

How do Christians settle issues?

Answer # 1 That depends on whether the other parties involved in the issue are Christians themselves. And it depends on if the Christian is the one who wronged the other person involved in the issue. If the other party are Christian(s) or Jews (Hebrews): The issue is settled as brothers of a ( Full Answer )

Why did trade became so important to Aksum?

Because i went to mcdonalds and my grandmother fought over the counter with a lightsaver and stole 9 happy meals, which is why trade is an important part to the aksum community

What made aksum a trading hub?

Aksum became a major trading hub and meeting place. Trade goodscame to this area from Arabia, Persia, India, and other parts ofAfrica.

What contributed to the decline of Aksum?

Because it was a long and slow process, the concrete causes of thedecline of the Aksumite kingdoms are inconspicuous. The underlyingcause of its decline is the shift of power southward. After thePersians ended Ethiopian involvement in southern Arabia and theIslams replaced the Aksumites in the Red S ( Full Answer )

What is Christianity?

Christian Perspective: Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the New Testament as the continuation of the Old Testament revelation to the Ancient Israelites. Most Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, fully divine and ful ( Full Answer )

What activity linked aksum and rome?

Aksum and Rome were both linked by trading. Ships from theRoman Empire stopped at Aksum regularly. The Roman Empire neededAksum's gold to make coins.

What movie and television projects has Ilker Aksum been in?

Ilker Aksum has: Performed in "Besik kertmesi" in 2002. Played Sinan in "Biz size asik olduk" in 2002. Played Yildirim in "Ask olsun" in 2003. Played Rusen in "Yabanci damat" in 2004. Played Nominee: Best Actor in a Leading Role - Comedy in "1st Annual Primetime Beyaz Inci Awards" in 2005. Played La ( Full Answer )