Where did christians get the fish symbol?

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I think it is called an ichmus(?). It used to be against the law to be a Christian, so when one Christian wants to find out if another person is Christian, they draw the other half of the fish. If the other person is Christian, they will draw the rest of the fish. If not, they won't do anything. They don't know what it is. I hope I got all my info right (:
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What do fish symbolize?

The symbol of the fish represents fertility, femininity, eternity,creativity, happiness, good luck, knowledge/wisdom, as well astransformation. However, certain fish also have specific meanings.

What is the symbol of Christianity?

The Cross is the symbol most commonly associated Christianity. The cross symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the crucifix is the representation of Christ on the cross (His sacrifices), and the Ichthus which looks like a fish (or otherwise known on the television series, Seinfeld, as the Je ( Full Answer )

What is the symbolic meaning of the Christian fish?

Answer . The letters of the Greek word for fish, ixthus were used by the early Christians as an acronym and secret symbol meaning: I Iesous (Jesus) X Xhristos (Christ) TH Theos (God) U Uios (Son) S Soter (Savior) This statement "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior" was also ( Full Answer )

What are the Christian symbols?

The Christian Symbol WAS the pentagram, but was changed in the middle ages to The official symbol of Christianity Today, The Cross.

The Christians symbol?

The first widely adopted symbol was the fish, perhaps in commemoration of the initiation of two of the disciples with the expression by Jesus, "I will make you fishers of men." A later symbol which has become almost universal in the various christian churches was the roman device of torture upon ( Full Answer )

Where can you view a Christian fish symbol?

You can see them placed on the back of some people's cars.. To view the Christian fish symbol, see the related link. The first picture shows the simple design; the second shows with the fish with the Greek letters - the ichthus - which stood for Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour.

Do Christians have symbols?

Yes, the Christian Faith does have a symbol. Ultimately identified as the 'Crucifix' or 'Cross'.

What does fish symbolize?

There are many different symbolic meanings of a fish. Some examplesare; fertility, creativity, happiness, knowledge, transformationand good luck.

What does the Christian fish symbolize?

The ΙΧΘΥΣ, or Ichthys, is a Christian symbol that looks like a fish. Fish are mentioned many times in the Bible; Jesus chose several fisherman to be his disciples. There are many theories as to why the fish was chosen as a symbol. ΙΧΘΥΣ stands for " Ἰ ησΠ( Full Answer )

The symbol for Christianity?

The main symbol for Christianity is the Cross as on the Cross Jesus died for our sins.. Other signs include a fish sign (from the Greek for Fish - ichthus ) whre the I CH of ichthus stands for Iesus CHrist. The fish sig was used as a secret sign for Christians when they needed to identify each ( Full Answer )

What are some symbols of Christians and Christianity?

the three crosses, the one main cross,nativity scene,the lord,Jesus christ,and GOD ANSWER Christians worship a triune God. Gen 1:26 Then God said, "Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and ove ( Full Answer )

What is symbolized by lamb in Christian art?

Type your answer here... I'm pretty sure that in Christian art Jesus Christ is symbolized by a lamb because Jesus sacaficed himself on the cross and in the bible lambs were used as a sacafice when asking for forgiveness for your sins

What is the Christian fish symbol called?

It is called the Ichthys also spelled Ichthus and Ikhthus. It is the Greek word for fish . ΙΧΘΥΣ (Ichthys) is an acronym for " Ἰ ησοῦς Χ ριστός, Θ εοῦ Υ ἱός, Σ ωτήρ", ( I ēsous Ch ( Full Answer )

What is the Christian fish?

It's a symbol of Christianity. It's like...Jesus told us to be fishers of men and so we use a fish to symbolize that we are Christians.

What is the purpose of the Christian fish symbol?

The Christian fish symbol is used by Christians because Christin choosing His disciples that were fishermen on the shores of theSea of Galilee called them to follow Him saying he would make them"fishers of men". . Only people knowing this story would know the meaning of the fishsymbol so Christians ( Full Answer )

What was the purpose of the fish symbol in Christianity?

A: The fish symbol was formerly used quite widely as a sacred symbol of the female vulva. The fish Goddess, Aphrodite Salacia, was worshipped by her followers on her sacred day, Friday, when they ate fish and engaging in orgies. Just as the early Christians adopted pagan feast days in order to div ( Full Answer )

What does Christianity symbolize in Macbeth?

Christianity does not make an appearance in Macbeth. The closest it comes is when Macbeth reports that the grooms woke up, said prayers and went back to sleep, but Macbeth could not say "Amen". This symbolizes that his guilt is standing in the way of his salvation.

Is there a symbol in Christianity to do with light?

Candles are a Christian symbol. They represent the presence of God. People use them often to pray or to reflect on the day or a period of time. People say that candles talk to you like a building might talk to you, it just gives you thoughts.

Why do Christian people use that symbol?

There is no way to answer your question unless you tell us what the symbol is. Do you mean a cross? Or perhaps a fish symbol? Please clarify your question.

Why do Christians have their symbol?

To show their belief of the Christian Faith, and show their admiration and loyalty to the father, the son and the holy spirit.

What does the Christian symbol kyro mean?

The P with the X through it is a symbol for Jesus. We must be misspelling it... I can't find anything on it. It was used on a book cover. I can't remember the book, the time era, or even the publishing country.. I believe it was something philosophical. The kyro had a circle around it, alpha to the ( Full Answer )

What is the christian fish symbol?

The Greek word for fish is Ichthus. Each of the Greek letters in Ichthus are used as an acronym which stands for: Jesus Christ, God's Son; Savior. (Iesus; Christos, Theos, Uios, Soterios).

What does the Christian fish symbol represent?

Answer The fish symbol was formerly used quite widely as a sacred symbol of the female vulva. The fish Goddess, Aphrodite Salacia, was worshipped by her followers on her sacred day, Friday, when they ate fish and engaging in orgies. Just as the early Christians adopted pagan feast days in order to ( Full Answer )

What was some of Christianity sacred symbols and what do they symbolize?

There are many, of course - here are a few The Crucifix (Christ shown on the cross) - the suffering of Christ for our sins The Cross (empty) - Christ's suffering and victory over sin and death A Descending Dove - the Holy Spirit A Halo - a mark of holiness. A Boat on a sea - the church ( Full Answer )

What are the sacred books and symbols of Christianity?

The Holy Bible is the set of sacred books. The symbols are thecross, the fish, and the dove. The reason for the cross symbol isthat Jesus was crucified and ran through with a spear on a crossand died. He ressurrected back to life. The reason for the dovesymbol is that some people use it as a symbol ( Full Answer )

What symbol is Christian fish in a tree?

Christian fish in the tree symbolises people whom have been baptised (symbolized by the fish) the main rationale here is that one among those who also study religious said that we are like fish if we are baptized because we go underneath the water like fish. So in this we are told that we belong to ( Full Answer )

What does the christian bread symbol mean?

In the christian faith it is the symbol of Jesus Christ. Jesus says "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty." He also uses it as a symbol of his body during the last supper.

What is the history of Christianity symbols?

Many who claim to be Christian revere the cross as a sacred emblem. However the cross was used in worship far earlier that the time of Jesus The ancient Egyptian priests carried a cross as a symbol of their authority as representatives of the Sun god. Such emblems can be seen everywhere in Egypt on ( Full Answer )

Why did the first Christians used symbols?

At many times and in many locations, Christians were persecuted, so they needed a way to leave messages for each other without being easily detected by the authorities. Most of them were illiterate, so pictures such as the fish were the only way to leave a message.

What kind of symbol is the christian cross?

The cross is there to remind us of the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. The cross should not be worship, it used superstitiously or as a magic wand. The cross is simply a symbol to remind us of Jesus' sacrifice, much like the breaking and eating of bread and the drinking of wine is.

What does the ichtys in Christianity symbolizes?

ichthys, is actually five greek letters: iota, chi, theta, upsilon, and sigma. It's an acronym for "Iesus Christos theos, uios, sotor". This translates as "Jesus Christ, God's son, savior". But ichthys is also the Greek word for "fish".

What is the symbolism of the candelabra in christian churches?

an offshoot of the menorah during the 1st and 2nd temple period. Romanized Christianity did good job of erradicating the jewishness of Jesus, but copied then retranslated a lot of Jewish sources, including its liturgy process.in Medieval times, as a custom of that time, not during the time of Jesus ( Full Answer )

Why is the Christianity fish symbol importnant?

Back in the days of the early Church, when the Roman government was killing people for being Christian, the fish symbol was a secret sign to other Christians to let them know where Church meetings were being held.

Do mormans use the christian fish symbol?

No, not usually. Culturally, most Mormons reject traditional Christian symbols such as the cross and the fish. While individual Mormons may use them if they wish, most Mormons feel that it is inappropriate to use a tangible symbol to represent deity, fearing that people may begin to worship the sy ( Full Answer )

Why is the cross used as a symbol in Christianity?

The central figure in Christianity is Jesus Christ. Christians believe that the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus constitutes the atonement which is paying the debt of the sins of those who believe and call upon His name for forgiveness. Christ was crucified on a cross. It was a painful, ( Full Answer )

How did early Christians use the fish symbol?

The fish was used an identifying symbol among the early Christians. The first three letters of the Latin and Greek words for fish , ICH , were the important letters in the name of Jesus Christ. The fish also symbolized Jesus' call to the Apostles. "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

What is Christian symbolism?

The lion and the lamb, the cross, and the symbol of a fish are themain symbols of Christianity. The reason for the cross is obviouslya reference to Jesus volunteering himself to be crucified andresurrected so that we can recieve salvation and be born again inChrist in the spirit. The fish symbol ref ( Full Answer )

What does the dove symbolize for christians?

Genesis 8:8-12 Noah sends dove out of the ark and once it returns with a olive branch in his beak. This is the symbol of peace between God and men used both in Christianity and Judaism. It was a sign to Noah God's punishment was over. Many times the dove may also symbolize the Spirit of God. God ( Full Answer )

What is the most recognizable Christianity symbol?

The crucifixion cross is the most recognizable Christianity symbol. This is followed by the fish, which was historically the most popular, but is still popular in some sects.

Why is a hummingbird a Christian symbol?

It's not a hummingbird, it's a dove. It's because in the story ofNoah and the ark, Noah sent another bird to find land, but thatbird never came back. So next he sent a dove, which brought himback a tree branch. Since they had only seen water for 40 days,they considered it a promise of new life. The ( Full Answer )