Where did christians nuns and woman live while following a religious way of life?

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In convents.
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Where do nuns live?

Many nuns do live in monasteries and convents, but some live out in the community where they work, too. For example, if a nun was a leader in a university campus Catholic Student Center, she would probably live in a house somewhere near her work. A nun lives in a convent or a nunnery. Many nuns live ( Full Answer )

How can you live your life as a Christian?

Firstly God loves you so very much, He sent his son Jesus to take on the punishment of sin for every single person in the world. The sin that we have done and the sin that we still do. God can forgive ANY sin. Jesus was the friend of sinners. You have to acknowledge and truly believe that Jesus was ( Full Answer )

What do Christian monks and nuns wear?

During the middle ages people wore clothing made of wool. The undergarments were often made of linen. A tunic was tied around the waist with a cloth or leather belt. Over the tunic was a scapula. A scapula was a garment consisting of a long wide piece of woollen cloth worn over the shoulders with an ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to live your life?

How to live your life by Alan McDougall . In order to grow through life one must first establish a harmony within oneself, harness all our natural talents, gifts, formal and non-formal education towards the essential goals in life. Chose early that which you love and do the utmost to make that ( Full Answer )

Can a non-religious Muslim woman marry a religious Christian man?

If she's non-religious then surely she is not a Muslim. Even if she were a Muslim they could marry, I'm sure people wouldobject but people can do anything really. There's nothing to stopthem, even if they break many rules they still can do it: . either she is Muslim (fully religious or missing so ( Full Answer )

What did nuns do for a living?

The vocational outlook of nuns is usually called an (Apostolate) which is rarely used with male clergy who have (Missions, Vocations, etc)- An apostolate is a specific occupational class within a religious order. for example the Teaching apostolate, the Health care apostolate (Nurses, etc) the conte ( Full Answer )

Who was the first black woman nun?

The first African American black woman to become a nun was MotherMary Elizabeth Lange. She was the foundress and first superior ofthe Oblate Sisters of Providence.

What do Christian monks and nuns do?

It depends upon the type of monk or nun. The different kinds ('orders') follow different lifestyles and follow different rules depending upon their founder. As an example, St Francis founded the Franciscan monks and Benedict founded the Benedictine monks, and their klifestyles and even their dress d ( Full Answer )

How is the best way to live life?

Living honestly and with consideration for others is excellent. Following an ideal role model is a big help. 'Doing life right' generally means obeying all laws and not upsetting the status quo. Good manners are vital. Never promote evil nor grovel. Maintain health and healthy relationships, both ph ( Full Answer )

Where does a nun live?

Nuns live in monasteries. Sisters live in convents. Nuns usually spend their entire lives in the monastery where they work and pray. Sisters live in a convent but perform most of their work outside the convent - schools, hospitals, etc. Convent when they ARE nuns, abbey when they are STUDYING to b ( Full Answer )

How does a nun live?

Nuns, as opposed to sisters, usually live in monasteries and their entire life is centered there. They eat, sleep, pray and work in the monastery. They may produce items to sell to help support their order and also depend on donations to carry out their ministry.

Can a woman who has had children become a nun?

For some reason the Canon laws applying to Religious sisters are somewhat different than those applied to laymen and Priests. It is generally felt that any sex activity on the part of the Male permanently (Contaminated) them and thus a widower could not possibly be admitted to the priesthood. On the ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity a religion or a way of life?

Certainly NOT, Chistianity is not a way of life. If it was so, then a Christian is to follow the way of life priscribed by the Bible, which unfortunately is not the case. As none of Christians follow the preachings of Bible, nor the Bible covers how to deal with the Social, Adminsrative, Financial m ( Full Answer )

Whose life should Christians follow?

The basic Answer is: Christ's life . "Let this mind [attitude, frame of mind, understanding] be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5. The Apostle Paul makes it clear that it is God's purpose for us to be like Christ in Romans 8:28,29: "And we know that all things work togethe ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be Catholic or Christian to be a nun?

A Roman Catholic Answer: Yes you need to be a Roman Catholic to be a Nun in the Roman Catholic Church. Nuns play a very important role in the Church. They can distribute the Holy Communion to the faithful, tell a sermon (Homily), help prepare the Holy Communion, assist the priests if they need a ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to live a Christian life?

To live life knowing that Jesus has saved you and sharing that love with everybody.. 2 Greatest Commandments:. love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your strenght. and the second is like it: love your neighbors as yourself

What is it like to live the life of a nun?

Roman Catholic Answer To live the life of a nun is to give up your freedom, to give up your will to another for the sake of the greater glory of God. To live the life of a nun is to find joy and peace knowing that you are serving God and praying for your brothers and sister ensuring your own salvat ( Full Answer )

What ways could you be affected if you followed religious food laws?

Primarily it's a question of "morality" and empirical logic. Just because an animal is slaughtered where all the blood is drained from the corpse and a prayer said over it , this does not necessarily mean that it is "holy" or that you are closer to God. Equally morale is the option of abstaining fro ( Full Answer )

Should you live a Christian life or popular?

It depends if you'd rather have god's approval of man's. Personally I've always found humans to be fickle and self-centered. God's much more gracious.

What two ways do religious duties shape life?

Religion- sets of beliefs that try to answer questions about human existence.Like who are we, how did we get here,what do we do with ourselves now that we're here. Religious duties shape our lives by they give a us something to work with, believe in, and help shape our lives.They give us a sense of ( Full Answer )

How does Christianity affect the way people live?

The city(Byzantium) Christian value was exhibited by how they treated th needy. Wealthy Byzantium formed an organizations to care for the poor, the aged, and the blind.

Why were Christian presented more by the Romans than followers of some other religious?

I have no idea what you mean by your term presented. However, Christians got into trouble for several reasons. Read the book of Acts in the Bible. Christians threatened those making their living selling idols. That was big business. Christians threatened the sooth sayers. That was big business. Chri ( Full Answer )

What did nuns live in?

A convent or nunnery, the latter term is considered obsolete. There are large campus-like structures which are the headquarters of religious orders and also function almost as captive colleges for novice nuns. These institutions are called Motherhouses, and often have such diverse features as hospit ( Full Answer )

Why is it so hard to live a Christian life?

it is hard to live the christian life because their are temptations out their for us and also the enemy (satan) hates us the christians and so he is going to find every way possible to destroy us just like how he tempted jesus and tried to destroy him. so it is up to you to go the right way and allo ( Full Answer )

What guidance does the Bible have on Christians living their life?

There are laws, guidelines and principles for living our lives all through the Bible, covering anything one might encounter in life. The primary one, however, is found at Matthew 6:33, where it tells us to always seek first God's kingdom and his righteousness before we do ANYthing else (Eccl ( Full Answer )

Was Nun a man or woman?

A: In ancient times, before the use of surnames, a man was commonly referred to by his own name, then "son of [his father's name]". Thus we could expect that Nun, the father of "Joshua son of Nun" was a man. A complication of this is that scholars say that there never was a military conquest of ( Full Answer )

Where the majority of the followers in Christianity live?

most Christians live in the United States, but can be found across northern Asia, Europe, and Canada. There are more than 20 billion people who are involved in the christian religion, who are spread well across the Earth. ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME @ Bghiche@yahoo.com

How do you live a good religious life?

Follow all the rules of your religion and be good people. Every religion has a way of saying the golden rule, "do unto others, as you would do unto yourself."

How does living in a christian home changes your life?

Oh, it is unreal! Your home life is so much betters structured, you just feel better about life in general. Even if you don't already live in a christian home, I would strongly suggest that you join with a christian church in your area (baptist would be preferable, but not mandatory.) . Thank you fo ( Full Answer )

What way of life did the monks and nuns live in the monasteries?

The monk William of St Thierry wrote advice for novice monks in his "The Golden Epistle"; he said: "So whether you eat, drink or do anything else, do everything in the name of the Lord, devoutly and religiously". This passage sets the tone for all monastic life across Europe throughout the medieval ( Full Answer )

What is the wrong way for Christians to follow?

One View: The wrong way would be: 'to follow your heart' & 'to follow your flesh'. The Bible occasionally refers to the 'heart' in a figurative way; as if it had a mind of its own. The Bible states that our 'heart' can be a deceptive little thing. It may wish to please God, and do what is rig ( Full Answer )

What religious rules would a woman have to follow in a Muslim country?

Depends on the country, and whether it's an urban or a rural part. In cosmopolitan cities like Istanbul, religious rules are few and frequently ignored; in the wilds of Saudi Arabia, it can be death for a woman who goes outside with a strand of her hair showing.

How can you live a Christian life?

Imitate Jesus. Follow the Law of God as He did. Love all, help all,forgive all, share with all. Use your gifts/talents to give toothers and not to take from them. The true Christian life is summedup in one word - Love - first God with all you have, and theneveryone else.

Why did a woman chose to be nun?

Technically a woman doesn't choose to become a nun, God calls certain people to the religious life (that is where we get the word "vocation" from the Latin "to call"), and then they choose whether to follow God's inspiration or not.

Who was the legendary woman Catholic nun?

Certainly one candidate would be Mother Theresa, who ran a hospital and hospice in India. There she and other sisters took care of the poorest of the poor who were ill or dying, treating them with dignity and kindness. Catholic Answer A nun is a woman religious who has taken solemn vows of Stab ( Full Answer )

How does Christianity affect the lives of its followers?

Christianity is unique in that when a person becomes a believer in Jesus Christ he/she is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. The comfort, witness, guidance, power, etc affects the Christian in very positive ways and most usually by being obedient to God and His Word. A person led by the Spirit has the stro ( Full Answer )