Where did citrus plants originate?

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Tropical areas in southeast Asia.
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What are citrus fruits?

Lemons . Oranges . Mandarins . Grape fruits . Tangelos . Pummelo . Kumquats . Limes . Citrons . Lavender gem . Oro blanco . Shaddock . Tangerine . Ugli fruit . these fruits contain acid and are rich in vitamin c these kinds of fruits are used to cu ( Full Answer )

What is a citrus?

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What is a citrus fruit?

Citrus fruit are fruit that have the edible part divided into sections. Examples of a citrus fruit are Grapefruit, Orange, Tangerine, Clementine, Lemon, Lime. Some of the more uncommonly available citrus fruits are Pomelo, Kumquat, Ugli and Satsuma. This does not list all of them. Citrus fruit are ( Full Answer )

What harms citrus?

Citrus has many different abiot and biotic problems.. Diseases: Citrus greening disease, Citrus Tristeza Virus. Pathogens: Phytophthora, Foot Rot. Abiotic: Freezes, Drought, Salt, Heat. Biotic: Psyllids ( Diaphorina citri ), various mites

Is peach a citrus?

No, I don't think so, because citrus fruits are you usually sour and they usually have acid in them, such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.

What fruits are not citrus?

Fruits that are not citrus (All fruits on this list have been certified by the USDA that they are not citrus) Apples Apricots Avocados Bananas Berries (Excluding Strawberries) Cherries, Sweet Cherries, Tart Cranberries Dates Figs Grapes Guavas Nectarines Olives Papayas Peaches Pears Plums Prunes ( Full Answer )

Are grapes citrus?

No, grapes are not citrus. In the scientific classification, grapes are in the genus vitis. But lemons, oranges pomelos and limes etc are in the genus citrus.

What is citrus canker?

Citrus canker is a bacterial disease that causes blemishes or cankers to appear on the leaves, stems and fruit of a citrus tree. It is a difficult disease to eradicated. It does not harm the fruit, but over time, can make the tree less productive. Grove owners do not like this disease because the fr ( Full Answer )

Is citrus a fruit?

citrus: any ructaceous tree or shrub of the genus "citrus", which includes the citron, lemon, lime, orange,grapefuit... citrus fruit: 1) a fruit of any tree or shrub of the genus "citrus" as of the lemon or orange tree... 2) such fruit collectively. so citrus is not a fruit but a kind of fru ( Full Answer )

What is the original word of plant?

The word plant originated from the Latin word "planta". Plantrefers to a young shrub or tree that has been newly planted.

Does citrus affect plant growth?

Well if you have put citrus fruits or juices in your soil it may affect the roots. I have done this before, and my plant has died. The roots drink the citrus juice and it is not the right type of liquid for the roots. Only put citrus in the soil if its a big house plant.

What is the origin of plants?

The origin of plants came from green algae that used to live in damp areas. The oldest is about 420 million years old.

What is citrus lemon?

Citrus lemon is a type of fruit. This answer is very vague but I hoped I helped you out!!! :)

Can you be allergic to citrus?

Yes you can be allergic to citrus. The sensitivity is to salicylic acid which is high in some fruits and vegetables and can cause a variety of reactions from mild to severe skin and/or asthmatic reactions.

Is a mango a citrus?

No Mango is not a citrus fruit. . It has a distant affinity to : Cashew (Anacardium occidentale), Gandaria (Bouea gandaria), Pistachio (Pistacia vera), Marula (Sclerocarya birrea), Ambarella (Spondias cytherea), Yellow Mombin (Spondias mombin), Red Mombin (Spondias purpurea), Imbu (Spondias tuberos ( Full Answer )

What berries are citrus?

No, berries are not citrus fruits. Citrus includes oranges, limes,lemons and grapefruit. Also in the citrus family are kumquats.

Which fruits do not have citrus in them?

Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, pomelos, tangerines, mandarines, tangelos. Non citrus fruits include bananas, apples, grapes, mangoes, papayas, pineapple, berries.

Original names and scientific names of plants?

the question is far to broad, there are literally tens of thousands of different (individual) plants. "common names" of plants are not used in botany as the common name of a specific plant may vary from region to region or country to country. for example "daisy", this is a very broad term that des ( Full Answer )

Does citrus burn?

If you have a cut in your finger, and say, you squeeze lemon juice on the cut, IT WILL HURT!

What are citrus vegetables?

citrus vegetable including tomato. they r vegetables tht haf a citris taste such as tomatoes. they r not like the citrus kind in fruits. they r more sweet in vegetables.

Is cilantro a citrus plant?

No, it is not a citrus, cilantro is a herb, which is used quit often in Mexican food. Citrus would be a tree for instance; an orange tree, lemon tree, tangerine.

What is corn's original plant called?

Corn's origin may have been teosinte . From Wikipedia, page = "Maize": There are several theories about the specific origin of maize in Mesoamerica: . It may be a direct domestication of a Mexican annual teosinte, Zea mays ssp. parviglumis , native to the Balsas River valley in south-east ( Full Answer )

What food is not originated from plants?

i would think it would be jello because it has no traces of plant life.. examples: bread (wheat) gum (mint) hamburgers (grass) because burgers are meat and that animal (the cow) eats grass and so on with the everlasting food chain... other than maybe some kinds of jello with some natural flavoring i ( Full Answer )

What is the origin flowering plants?

Flowering plants are called angiosperms and overtime as climate changes plants must adapt and change to the environment. So over millions of years plants will look different.

What are the origins of the poinsettia plant and of the poinsettia name?

Southwestern Mexico is the native homeland of poinsettias ( Euphorbia pulcherrima ), whose name honors Joel Roberts Poinsett (March 2, 1774 - December 12, 1851). Specifically, Poinsett was a botanist, linguist and physician whose diplomatic career led to his being stationed in Mexico. There, he ( Full Answer )

Does kiwifruit have citrus?

No. Kiwifruit are vine fruit. they are not related to citrus, which grow on trees.

Are crude drugs of plant origin free from side effects?

First, ALL drugs (even herbals and over the counter medications) have a basis or are derived from plants, bark or roots (just like the Indians once used, but more refined today). Any plant with the properties to affect the body, taken (ingested) for any reason, also have the ability to cause side ( Full Answer )

What is growth and origin of plants?

The origin of plants goes back at least 510 million years ago. They evolved from chlorophyte algae and have been growing ever since. Plant life and growth is abundant in many places on Earth.

What is the origin of Tilia plant?

Tilia plants originated from europe and was transported here. Trilia plants are mostly found in the northern hemisphere. They are hermaphratites creating flowers that have an even blend of male and female parts with the exact number in existance unknown.

Where did the marjoram plant originate?

The marjoram plant, which is also known as oregano, was first found in Greece. This Herb is used in many Greek recipes and dishes such as soups, stews, dressings and sauces.

What plant which originated in Mexico is associated with Christmas?

This is the poinsettia, a shrub with bright red bracts, which is natve to Central America. The poinsettia became associated with Christmas in North America (it is not a tradition in most other countries) after Joel Roberts Poinsettia, the first Ambassador from the US to Mexico, sent some plants back ( Full Answer )