Where did civil war nurses sleep?

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they usually slept in small rooms that they shared with other nurses in there barrack or hospital they worked in
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What did women nurses do in the Civil War?

what women did in the civil war Women served as nurses in the Civil War. They easily went out onto the field and tended to wounded soldiers.

What did nurses in World War I wear?

i need a picture of a nurses uniform from Canada from ww1 Nurses in World War 1 wore nurses uniforms. See the link - I Warner

What did nurses do in World War 1?

They did all the things nurses do today. They assisted the doctors and looked after the patients. They were really helpful, they were kind to every soldier and wether blood was thre o

Who was the superintendent of nurses during the civil war?

Dorothea Dix.. She started out as the advocate for the mentally ill in the 1820's because the asylums for the mentally ill were in horrible shape and began a national movement for treating the mentally ill. . The United States Sanitary Commission was an organization of civilian volunteers lead by ( Full Answer )

Who founded the Red Cross and served as a nurse in the US Civil War?

Clara Barton (the "Angel of the Battlefield") was a nurse inNorthern field hospitals that were assisted by the Ladies Aidsociety. In 1869, she traveled to Europe and became involved withthe International Red Cross of Switzerland and assisted during theFranco-Prussian War (1870-1871). Along with 14 ( Full Answer )

Did nurses in the war get paid?

Yes, they were paid very well. They made roughly $30,000 a month serving as nurses and caretakers of the wounded. They were highly regarded for the work that they did. They were housed and fed for free too!

How many women were nurses in the Civil War?

There were very few women nurses at the begining of the civil war. The time that most women became nurses was after the north and south needed all men to fight instead of being nurses. Then when the draft was created there would have been more women nurses apposed to having more male nurses because ( Full Answer )

What did the soldiers in the Civil War sleep on?

During most of the war, during the warm months they slept on theground. The warm months, from about April to December, were"campaigning season", and the armies would maneuver and fightbattles. This meant the soldiers frequently walked or fought allday. If a battle lasted several days they "slept on ( Full Answer )

Vietnam War Nurses?

US mililtary women in WWII, Korea and Vietnam wars were part of the Women's Army Corps (WACs) in the army and WAVES in the navy. All were disbanded when the equal opportunity military was created in 1975.

How is the Civil War civil?

Well, its not called the civil war because the fighting was civil ut because the country was fighting its self

What did nurses do in the civil war?

Nurses in the civil had tents set up on the battle field during the fight. If someone got hurt a medic would bring them to the tent and preform surgery. As you probably know was done with no an-theistic and was very painful. They had many tools for surgery such as a bone saw (you can probably guess ( Full Answer )

How many nurses died in the Civil War?

Nurses in the civil war would be taking care of wounded troops and then enemys would come and start a battle and nurses would be in the middle of combat so a pretty good bit of nurses died.. Union Nurses Deaths: 430. Confederate Nurses Deaths: 216

Why did nurses go to war?

Nurses went to war to comfort any soldiers who got shot or hurt during the war.

What tools did US Civil War nurses use?

Civil war nurses did not have very advanced tech. so they used only a few tools.. they used multiple sizes of amputation knives. they also used bullet pliers and needles. Nurses didnt have much access to water or disenfectants, so they typically didnt clean their tools. they slept covered in bloo ( Full Answer )

Is a nurse that worked in war a veteran?

Military nurse in war,YES...a military veteran. Civilian nurse in war, YES...a VETERAN of her occupation but not a MILITARY Veteran. Another words, the word "Veteran" is not strictly a military term. A person can be a veteran doctor, veteran lawyer, veteran school teacher, etc. Veteran means som ( Full Answer )

Which civil war nurse founded the American Red Cross?

In 1861, when http://www.answers.com/topic/clara-barton heard that many of the wounded from the http://www.answers.com/topic/battle-of-bull-run-2010-calendar in http://www.answers.com/topic/virginia suffered because of a lack of medical supplies, she took matters into her own hands. She advert ( Full Answer )

Where there nurses in the revolutinary war?

Yes, there were nurses that served during the American Revolutionary War. They were enlisted into the Army. Some are notable for their courageous efforts. Including Elizabeth Hutchison Jackson the mother of President Andrew Jackson.

Did they have male nurses in the Korean War?

No they did not, it was not until after the Korean War the men could be enlisted/drafted as nurse. Oddly enough the American Army drafted male Registered Nurse but gave them enlisted positions as corps men.

Did nurses from the civil war perform amputations?

Not usually. A doctor's bag included various saws for cutting through bone and tissue, and big clippers, the lot looking more like yard tools and hacksaws. It took a strong man to saw through a limb quickly, in the approved fashion. Many Civil War nurses were male, often soldiers recovering from the ( Full Answer )

Why did they need nurses in the Vietnam war?

All allied female pesonnel, regardless of their status (job) were assigned to large permenant military bases such as Quang Tri Base Camp (I Corps, 5th Mechanized Inf. Division), Bien Hoa (III Corps, Reception Center), Tay Ninh (III Corps, 25th Inf. Division), Plieku (II Corps, 4th Inf. Division), Bi ( Full Answer )

How long do nurse sharks sleep?

Basedd on my experienes in Eleuthera, Bahamas, nurse sharks actually do nap, breathing regularly and without moving, which most shaks cannot do; they have to be moving to get enough water through their gills. Nurses can breathe stationary because they can pum water through their mouth and out their ( Full Answer )

Why were nurses involved in war?

Nurses are the backbone of medical care. The doctors do not care for patients 24 hours a day, the nurses do that. The RNs are also the surgical assistants. They also provide on site trauma care before the injured warriors can get to the hospital or surgery sites. Without the nurses the injured would ( Full Answer )

Who was the famous nurse during the American Civil War?

Clara Barton and Dorthea Dix were but two of the many nurses that worked to alleviate the sufferings of wounded soldiers during the US Civil War. Barton is credited as being the founder of the American Red Cross, and Dix served as Superintendent of nurses during the war. Both were Union ladies but ( Full Answer )

What were clerks and nurses during war?

They were woman who sowed, cooked, and cared for the soldiers during the war. Sometimes, if their husband or another man passed away, they would take place for them. One woman who took place of her husband was Molly Pitcher .

What did families sleep on during the Civil War?

Women and children just slept in a normal home in a bed. Union soldiers had a cotton tent that can fit 1-4 men and usually had blankets to keep them warm. South had pretty much the same except they didn't have a blanket and had less supplies.

What was it like to be a nurse during the civil war?

Pretty bloody. Many wounds were in arms and legs. To save a man's life they were amputated. There are reports of piles of arms and legs outside the medical tent or area. There was no pain killers and many men died in agony with infections or bleeding to death. A nurse would have to help hold the man ( Full Answer )

Did all soldiers in the Civil War sleep in tents?

No. Many units started out with tents, frequently big ones that could sleep eight men or so. But these had to be hauled in wagons when the unit moved, and after 1862 the wagons were seldom seen, and neither were the tents, plates, pots and pans they carried. Northern soldiers were issued the two man ( Full Answer )