Where did civil war soldiers get there water supplies from?

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How many soldiers were in the Civil War?

Actually that answer is unknown. But I will tell you that At the beginning of the war Abraham Lincoln asked for 75,000 volunteers. There also have been 54 massaschusetts organizations. And the total death toll for the civil war is 360,222. I hoped this helped alittle! Even thought I didn't give you ( Full Answer )

Did they bury Civil War soldiers?

Yes. Most Civil War soldiers were burried in mass graves. These mass graves were simply hastily dug trenches, maybe 4-5 feet deep at the maximum. The dead were then cast into these trenches and covered with soil. Mass graves were typically left unmarked, or if they were marked, very little informati ( Full Answer )

How did Civil war soldiers receive their food supplies?

ANSWER: During the Civil War, food supplies were delivered by wagons. Trains would carry large quantities of food to the stations, the men would fill the wagons, and would take the food to where the troops were stationed at the time.

What did the soldiers do for fun in the civil war?

They played an early form of baseball--they called it rounders or town ball. They played it with planks of wood or sticks, and a ball of twine--or anything that slightly resembles a ball that they could use. They also did a lot of gambling--they would play cards before they went to battle--but be ( Full Answer )

What did the soldiers in the Civil War sleep on?

During most of the war, during the warm months they slept on theground. The warm months, from about April to December, were"campaigning season", and the armies would maneuver and fightbattles. This meant the soldiers frequently walked or fought allday. If a battle lasted several days they "slept on ( Full Answer )

Camplife for a civil war soldier?

Camplife was very difficult. The soldiers were under constant boredom. They practiced their drills and marches everyday. When they weren't doing that, they were writing letters, gambling, playing card games,doing chores,or drinking. Drinking was a big thing for the soldier's. It took the p ( Full Answer )

Southern soldiers in Civil War?

Please ask your question. This is just a subject followed by a prepositional phrase. It is not even a sentence. Please try again. Are you asking the total number of solders or who they were or what they did or what?

What did civil war soldiers do for fun?

Union troops frequently played baseball, although cards, drinking, gambling, smoking, writing letters, and reading were other frequent camp activities.

Were there black soldiers in the civil war?

Yes, on both sides. When the Union armies liberated Southern slaves during their campaigns, they didn't know what to do with them, so they put them to work in the camps, performing fatigues that the white troops didn't want to do. Presently, white troops realised that enlisting black troops into ( Full Answer )

Woman soldier civil war?

An exact figure is impossible, as they all disguised themselves as men, but it is known that at least 400 served

How did soldiers live in civil war?

How did soldiers live in the Civil War? Most of their time spent as soldiers was not fighting on the battlefield. About 80 to 90 percent of the time, they were either marching from one location to another, or idle in camp, when not marching. Some soldiers never got to partake in an actual battle. ( Full Answer )

What were the nicknames for Civil War soldiers?

Union soldiers were usually called Yankees or Bluebellies. Confederate soldiers were called rebel, Grayback (because of the color of their uniform), Grays, Johnny Reb, Johnny, or just plain reb. Confederate guerrillas were called bushwhackers.

How did they get soldiers for the civil war?

It was a volunteer army. some as young as 12. People believed in real American causes. However, by 1863 the Union instituted the draft for the first time. Most of the recruitment was still of volunteers. Many immigrant families also sent one or more men into the army either to provide a source of ( Full Answer )

Where did civil war soldiers live?

They were nomadic everyday they would move to different places carrying a tent that they would sleep on on there back.

Soldiers at the English Civil War?

There were many unwilling and untrained soldiers in the English Civil war. There wasn't enough time or money to train them and they refused to be trained unless they were payed more.

What were the youngest soldiers in the Civil War?

The Youngest surviving soldier at the end of the US Civil War was Andrew 'Jackson' Botts. He was the 13 years old. Known as the 'Little Drummer Boy,' he joined the Civil war when he was 12 1/2 years old. There were other soldiers who were as young as or younger when they joined, but Andrew Jackson B ( Full Answer )

How did the soldiers of the Civil War get supplies?

Soldiers in the Civil war got their supplies from Supply trains and wagons. Items were shipped from up North to feed the war for the Union and items were shipped from Down South to feed the Southern Front lines.

Hygiene of a soldier in the Civil War?

The camps were filthy, and so were the soldiers. They'd go weeks without washings their clothes or bathing, which led to their clothes, bedding, and bodies becoming infested with lice and fleas. These poor hygiene conditions resulted in a widespread sickness, some soldiers had gotten chronic diarrhe ( Full Answer )

What did soldiers do after the Civil War?

Most soldiers went back home to their families and farms. Some went west. A smaller number remained in the Army to occupy the South during Reconstruction.

Who attacks the soldiers in the Civil War?

If it was the Confederate soldiers, the Union would attack the Confederates. If it was the Union soldiers, then the Confederates would attack the Union.

Did the government supply weapons to the soldiers during the civil war or did the soldiers bring their own weapons?

In the South, there was virtually no manufacturing capacity, so the Confederates were keen to use any weapons that could be assembled. Officers were expected to buy their own sidearms (private property that they were allowed to keep if they surrendered). But in the Confederates, even the rank-and- ( Full Answer )

What gear did the civil war soldiers have?

A typical Union soldier would receive a uniform and cap, shoes or boots, a single shot rifle, powder and balls for 60 shots, a wool blanket, a large bandage, and a knapsack. Some regiments received much more from their hometown than the army provided. The rifle given most soldiers early in the war w ( Full Answer )

What is the number of soldiers in the Civil War?

Nobody can say exactly. What numbers are available are the total of enlistments for the north. But some men enlisted for two years, some for three, at the start of the war. When that term was up, many reenlisted to see the thing through. Others enlisted in the Union Army over and over again, to coll ( Full Answer )

What did the soldiers do after the US Civil War?

They returned back to their homes living regular lives as they did before the Civil War began. some helped reconstruct their towns many place the north forced out and took over much of the land and industry of the south forceing most of the southerns out stripping them of wealth and leaving many h ( Full Answer )

What did the soldiers have in the Civil War?

A typical Civil War soldier was issued a kit containing a blanket, a cup and bowl, a uniform, and a few other essentials. Most soldiers brought other items from home including musical instruments, gloves, socks, etc. Most soldiers were issued rifled muskets and power and shot for 60 rounds. One thin ( Full Answer )

How old are the soldiers in the Civil War?

Most of the soldiers in the Civil War were 18 to 35 years. Some soldiers as young as 12 and 13 participated in the war. Men as old as about 45 were welcomed into the Army. Many of the generals and colonels were much older. Robert E Lee was 58 at the end of the war. General Winfield Scott was 75 year ( Full Answer )

What chores did the soldiers do in the Civil War?

The most common chores Civil War soldiers had to do were cleaning the camp, chopping and bringing in firewood, cooking, and digging latrine trenches/pits. If any soldiers/officers owned horses, then someone had to take care of those.

What kind of soldiers did the civil war have?

The Civil War saw many kinds of soldiers. There were men, and there were boys, some even as young as 11 or 12. Some enlisted, some were drafted, and some commissioned, but most soldiers enlisted, themselves, or were drafted, later on. Certainly many men and boys were brave to enlist. Many were also ( Full Answer )

Who had more soldiers in civil war?

The US had about 2.1 million soldiers and seamen over the course of the Rebellion. The Confederacy had about 1.1 million.

Who was the better supplied and dress soldier during the civil war?

The North by far. The North took the Industrial road while the South took the agricultural road. At the time more countries wanted industry rather than plants, so the north had a lot more importing and exporting going on. Which gave them the advantage of technology. Their only downfall was getting t ( Full Answer )

What did soldiers do for therapy after the civil war?

Most of them didn't receive what is today's therapy. Most went home and tried to live their lives as normal as possible. If they were 'sane' which was determined by government if they could find them.

What the soldiers wore in the Civil War?

In the American Civil War, the uniform of the Union was dark blue in color, and the uniform of the Confederacy was grey. It is often described as a war of the blue and the grey.

How did the civil war soldiers die?

They either got shot or blown up. Please be more specific in your question and perhaps you could receive a better answerh

How did soldiers in the civil war feel?

They felt terrible. Why? Because when they were fighting, they were killing their own brothers. Metaphorically speaking. Some probably wanted to kill themselves because of them killing people of their own country that were pretty much good.

Where did the soldiers get there shoes for the civil war?

Many of them got none. The location of the Battle of Gettysburg had a lot to do with a nearby boot-and-shoe factory that the Confederates wanted to raid, to equip their men. By the time of Appomattox, most of Lee's men were barefoot (and starving). It is a curiosity that a pair of Civil War boots ( Full Answer )

Were the Civil War soldiers volunteers?

They were at first, when both sides expected a short war. But most of them had only volunteered for a fixed term. So when the war dragged on, they had to introduce conscription.

Are there gay civil war soldiers?

Since there have been gay people for generations, there may have been gay soldiers even in the civil war era; but it is very unlikely they would have admitted it. Homosexuality was considered criminal and deviant back then, and if someone had those feelings, he undoubtedly repressed them. There was ( Full Answer )

Which soldiers in the civil war were union?

The soldiers of the Army of the United States were known as the 'Union' duringthe US Civil War. The soldiers of the opposing side, the ConfederateStates Army, were the rebels. The soldiers of the Army of the United States were the 'Union' during the US Civil War. The soldiers of the opposing side, ( Full Answer )