Where did civilization from in Europe?

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In Europe
The first modern civilizations are suspected to have began in Greece.
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Where is Europe?

Answer . . . Europe is not an island nor a country but a continent which is located Eastward from the U.S. is divided by the North Atlantic ocean. Asia is to it's East. Europe comprises the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Countries such as Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland and Luxembourg are s ( Full Answer )

Why can it be said that Islamic civilization was superior to the civilization of western Europe in the ninth and tenth century?

the Assyrians were not Arabs the ninth and tenth centuries were called the dark ages for a very good reason. all the power rested in the feudal system in Europe and even the rulers were basically illiterate. the Arabs translated all the Greek and roman publications and invented algebra. Europe did n ( Full Answer )

What impact did the Byzantine and Islamic civilizations have on Western Europe?

The Crusades were a profoundly impactful event from the Byzantine/Islamic World on Western Europe. In addition, Islamic Empires controlled parts of Iberia (Spain and Portugal) from 711 C.E. to 1492 C.E. These interactions between Eastern Culture and Western Culture were responsible for the massive s ( Full Answer )

Why didn't Europe intervene for the Confederates during the US Civil War?

Answer . The British did intervene but not by direct militarily intervention but economic support for the Confederacy and certainly lack of cooperation of any support for the US. Logically all the European states considered an emerging US as a threat to their world status and especially to the ( Full Answer )

Why didn't Europe intervene in the Civil War?

Europe didn't intervene in the American Civil War because of purelyeconomic reasons and purely social reasons. Europe was home to someof the greatest US exports, and because of the US, they had createda very vibrant economy. But, European aristocrats saw slavery asthe pin that held the US economy to ( Full Answer )

Which civilization had the greatest impact on the US government Greece Rome or Western Europe?

This question is really an opinion, but I would say that it would have to be Greece because Greece layed down the foundations for both of the other civilizations.. Actually no, it didn't. Greece was a Democracy where the people ran the government and Rome was actually a Republic with representative ( Full Answer )

How did the Spanish civil war highlight divisions in Europe?

The division between the Right Wing Nationalists and the Left WingRepublicans drew assistance including troops from other countriesin Europe that aligned with one side or the other. For instance,Nazi Germany helped Francoâ??s Nationalists in a big way, supplyingboth economic assistance as well as ( Full Answer )

How did Rome become the most powerful civilization in Europe?

Rome became the most powerful western civilization in the ancientworld due to favorable geography, technological prowess, generallyeffective military and political leadership, unique socialorganization, and careful construction of alliances. Just asimportant was a notable character strength: the Rom ( Full Answer )

What are three ways that civilization in western Europe declined after the Roman Empire fell?

After the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire, learningtook a diminished role. Education dramatically declined. There wasinstability and wars between the Germanic peoples who conqueredthis part of the empire. As a result, trade declined and so did thetowns. There was a population migration ( Full Answer )

Why was it easier for the Spanish to overthrow and capture Native civilizations instead of civilizations in Europe?

Native civilizations were low in population and technology and they weren't immune to the European diseases brought over so it was really easy to beat them, especially because they had spears and the Spanish had guns and cannons. In Europe everybody had guns and cannons and a high population with th ( Full Answer )

What was the first anvanced civilization in Europe?

The first advanced civilizations in Europe were the minoic and archaeic culteres on crete, influenced by Phoenicians traders and colonists form middle east. The earliest tracks dating back to 2000 BC, some sources say even 3000BC After the downfall of the minoic kingdoms the attic citystates i ( Full Answer )

What aspect of Europe made their civilizations grow more slowly than the civilizations in the Fertile Crescent?

Agriculture was born in the fertile crescent and was the reason that civilizations were able to develop more rapidly there than in Europe. Farming and crop growing and herding/raising of animals enabled people to settle in one place and develop cities, cultures and all the other traits that we assoc ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Europe?

i can find lot of opportunity in various sector such as study, seeing beautiful sight------

The response to the civil war in Europe?

Basically, the British and French would have been willing to participate, but the war ended too soon. Also, due to other European distractions, they were unable to join. If they were to join the war, they would have sided with the South. This would have eventually led to the South winning (most hist ( Full Answer )

How did monks and nuns help build Christian civilization in Europe?

because they need to serpress the king and give him establishments of his city of dawn Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine. After the Roman Empire collapsed in the West, Europe fell into chaos. Europe was overrun with Barbarians and Viking raiders. Thes ( Full Answer )

How did the Spanish Civil War highlight division in Europe?

Answer 1 The Spanish Civil war highlighted religious, political, social, and economic divisions in Europe. Each country had to pick a side. Answer 2 The Spanish Civil War highlighted divisions in Europe because it pitted a leftist government which supported Socialism and increased multicultur ( Full Answer )

Where did civilization first form in Europe?

The first known civilization in Europe was the Minoan Civilization during the Bronze Age. It is believed to have formed in 2,700 BCE and lasted until 1,500 BCE. The first advanced civilization in Europe was Ancient Greece, lasting between 800 BCE and 600 CE.

What were Charlemagne's contributions to civilization in western Europe?

\n\n Charlemagne\n(742–814) also called Charles the Great or the father of Europe, is considered\none of the great leaders in history because he made significant contributions\nto Western civilization. As King, Charlemagne extended his empire, by\nconquering much of Western Europe (present-da ( Full Answer )

What are the three ways that civilization in western Europe declined after the Roman Empire fell?

1. All government stopped and didn't exist after the fall of Rome. The society fell apart . . 2. Because of no government there was no army for protection and there were various groups of people who raided and killed at will. Chaos ruled. . 3. Men who had the weapons and the army took over areas a ( Full Answer )

How does Ancient Rome culture impacts and contributes to Europe civilization?

Languages: Every Romance languages have developed from Latin; Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian and Catalan. We also use Latin language itself for medical and scientical language, and we have many words and terms in romance and other languages which have derived straight from Latin (et ( Full Answer )

Which countries in Europe had a Civil War?

England in the 16th Century, Russia and Spain in the 20th Century. Also, in ancient times the Roman Republic fought a number of civil wars before the Roman Empire was established.

What can you do when you get to Europe?

That is a question that is impossible to answer because there are so many things you could do in Europe. There are many places to go, things to see, food to eat, experiences to have, people to meet, culture to see, music to hear and so on. The best is to go and enjoy it and have fun.

Which ancient civilizations existed in Europe besides Greece and Rome?

The Celts in France and Britain; Ancient Thrace in what is now Romania; ancient Malta; before the Romans took control of Italy there was an important civilization called the Etruscan; the Minoan civilization from Crete who traded with the ancient Egyptians These are the ones I can recall from memo ( Full Answer )

Why did civilizations grow more slowly in Europe than in fertile crescent?

Agriculture was born in the fertile crescent and was the reason that civilizations were able to develop more rapidly there than in Europe. Farming and crop growing and herding/raising of animals enabled people to settle in one place and develop cities, cultures and all the other traits that we assoc ( Full Answer )

What role did Europe play in the American Civil War?

Britain and France were both interested in helping the Confederates, and when Lee looked like destroying McClellan's army in Summer '62, the British came close to granting recognition. That was why Lincoln was so anxious to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, which would make it ethically impossib ( Full Answer )

What factors influenced opinion in Europe about the Civil War in 1862?

First, the string of victories by Lee in the summer, which made the Confederates look like winners, who would be worth backing with official recognition and military aid. Second, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation in September, which turned the war into an official crusade against slavery, so that ( Full Answer )

What prevented the South from selling cotton to Europe in the US Civil War?

The European countries, especially Great Britain, found other places to get their cotton. Britain had colonies, such as India and Egypt, that gave them cotton at a cheaper price. The European countries also depended on the Union for wheat shipments. The Union threatened to cut off wheat shipments to ( Full Answer )

What impact the black death have on civilization in europe?

Prior to the Black Death, many countries were over populated. The plague killed many people, obviously, and this helped alleviate the overpopulation. The smaller amount of people helped with the lack of food (caused by a 'mini ice age' ) and also helped workers get into guilds and gave them the abil ( Full Answer )

Why did the South believe that Europe would help it win the US Civil War?

It assumed that their demand for cotton would keep them onside. Also, they had heard that the British feared the United States as a fast-growing economic rival, and that some older Tories still saw the American Revolution as a bit of cheek. So the British were mostly quite prepared to watch the Ame ( Full Answer )

What are two ways the Roman Empire brought civilization to many parts of Europe?

Two of the many ways that the Roman empire brought civilization to most of Europe were the rule of law and the use of permanent housing which evolved into towns. Two of the many ways that the Roman empire brought civilization to most of Europe were the rule of law and the use of permanent housing w ( Full Answer )

Did the spanish civil war highlight any division in Europe?

Yes. It did so because it pitted a leftist government whichsupported Socialism and increased multiculturalism (the SecondRepublic) against a rightist military coalition that supported theold Monarchical ways and the Catholic Church (the Nationalists). The Soviet Union actively supported the Second ( Full Answer )

How many civil partnerships have been registered in Europe?

At least 1,054,992 civil partnerships have been registered in Europe as follows: . France - 904,746 as of 12/31/10; . Germany - at least 63,000 as of 2010; . United Kingdom - 60,490 as of 12/31/12. . Sweden* - 6,872; . Switzerland - at least 5,000 as of 9/30/11; . Denmark* - 4,828 as of 12/31 ( Full Answer )

Why did the south stop trading cotton to Europe during the US Civil War?

At the beginning, it was a deliberate tactic - to make them feel what it was like to be deprived of Southern cotton, so that they would grant recognition to the Confederacy and send military aid. (This tactic failed - there was glut of cotton on the maket that year.) Later, when they would like to ( Full Answer )

How did the Church civilize Europe?

Primarily through converting and educating the people of Europe. The Benedictine monks copies ancient manuscripts for centuries before there were printing presses. They taught people to read and write. Charlemagne united all of Europe (save Spain) in the Holy Roman Empire. For more detailed informat ( Full Answer )