Where did clarisse get most of her information about the way life used to be?

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From her uncle
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What are the uses of computer and information technology in daily life?

Information Technology has had a great effect on the evolution ofeducation. 1) it has allowed for more advanced home teaching. 2) it has made teaching in remote areas easier 3) now that it is taught from an early age, it makes life easierwhen in the workplace. 4) schools, colleges and universiti ( Full Answer )

What is 'used as a subtle way to elicit information'?

SOUND {often used with "out"... sound out }. sound4 Definition . sound (so̵und). transitive verb. to measure the depth or various depths of (water or a body of water), esp. with a weighted line . to measure (depth) in this way . to investigate or examine (the bottom of the sea, etc.) with ( Full Answer )

How does information on vocanoes help us in life?

Having the knowledge about volcano eruptions can help peopleprepare better and know when an evacuation is necessary. Havinginformation will also allow for research on how to preventvolcanoes.

The most interesting way to present information?

There are differing opinions on the most interesting way to presentinformation because not everyone learns the same way. Some of thetop choices are movies made to also entertain, documentaries, andslide shows.

What is the southern way of life in the US?

The Southern way of life is said to be slow and relaxing. This isnot entirely true, and living in the South is much like living inany other state.

What are some ways that people use fractions in real life?

Fractions are used everyday by people who dont even realize that they are using fractions. Remember: A fraction of something is a piece or section of something. When two people go out to eat and they decide to split the bill 50/50. That means that one person will pay for ½ of the bill. While the ( Full Answer )

Information on ways of life in Ireland?

Well I live i Ireland and I was born in New York ! I find living in Ireland the same as New York but the atmosphere in New York is so muck better and thinking about it now I feel like going to an outdoor swimming pool in Bronx,Yonkers. Well whatever you do , do not let your parents bring the ( Full Answer )

What is the most dangerous way to immigrate to the US?

The most dangerous way to immigrate to the USA would definitely have to be to immigrate illegally. Children and adults sometimes end up losing their lives in their efforts to reach American soil.

What are two ways of transmitting information using radio waves?

Amplitude modulation . Frequency modulation or . Analog representation of the information . Digital representation of the information or . Send information to be reconstructed as sound . Send information to be reconstructed as graphics

What is the most deadliest way to use marijuana?

The most damaging way has been shown to be smoking it as it damages a large amount more cells that way, although any method of usingCannabis is damaging to the brain cells and has been proven to cause schizophrenia (ie people hearing voices and hallucinating) and other psychological problems. Also s ( Full Answer )

Most effective way to use cannabis?

Effective, meaning int terms of cost-efficiency: Water Pipes/Bongs Bubblers Effective, meaning wasting as little psychoactive material as possible: Vaporize it, then smoke the brown remnants out of a water pipe/bong/bubbler Heat a glass rod until red hot, then insert it into a freshly ( Full Answer )

What is the most effective way to ruin someone's social life?

Well really the only way to do it is to infiltrate their friends learn what you can try and keep your enemy a little to close, you will find that this way somehow such as getting them drunk without them knowing then attempt to find something deep and embarrassing, use that as a fall back. To underm ( Full Answer )

Which did the most to destroy the plains Native Americans' way of life?

The sharp decline in the bison population. -- There were numerous reasons, but the one that had most input wasthe US Government, they exterminated the buffalo, massacred Indianvillages, separated all Indian tribes, and took away their weapons.The Indians became massively dependent on the food hando ( Full Answer )

Ways that you use science in your everyday life?

I suppose it would depend on the definition of the use of science. Almost every material I come into contact with from my clothes to my house was in one way or another created with the use of science. Cooking and measuring is related to science. And, trying to create a new recipe may be akin t ( Full Answer )

What would be the most informative question to ask about life?

Is there any real purpose for our lives; or do we live and die purely by chance? That is a good question but the answer is very obvious and it would be a waste to use such an opportunity on such a question. Nothing is by chance not even the lottery ticket winnings, a power organizes this and is use ( Full Answer )

What is the most effective way to use Shedinja?

Well from what i've personally expierienced in order to use a shedinja effectivly you need to assess and know everything its weak against aswell as the pokemon your about to battle and what moves it might know that could do it in. Online battles id advise it to be left behind people usually ragequit ( Full Answer )

What does clarisse tell montag that firemen used to do?

Since they are in the future and that firemen in that time are sent to destroy any piece of literature, books, documents, etc. of the past believe it or not all she tells them is: That firemen use to put out fires and not start them. (in a basic summary.) dont you just love the irony of it?!?

Give you 10 uses of information technology in daily life?

It's like everywhere. The use of technology is increasing tremendously day by day, we usevarious technologies to accomplish specific tasks in our lives. Itdoes impact us a lot. Technology is being implemented in almostevery section of our lives From Agriculture to Business, Communication to Dating ( Full Answer )

What is information technology and its use in daily life?

The use of Information technology is increasing day by day, we alldepend on New technology and we use various technologies toaccomplish specific tasks in our daily life. Today we have varioustechnologies which impact our lives in different ways.

Is there a way to dissolve a life estate by using a quitclaim deed?

Yes. The person who owns the life estate can execute a quitclaim deed to the fee owner that releases all of their right, title and interest in the property. A statement can be added to the deed stating that the purpose of the deed is to extinguish the life estate. Once that release deed has been r ( Full Answer )

What is the most useful way to identify a mineral?

Streak because it allows you to see more of the mineral(as in the inside), and the least useful way to identify a mineral is by color. This is because color can vary in each form of the mineral.

What are 5 ways you can use fractions in real life?

By using the decimal numbers, you are now using the concept of fraction. There are some situation where we can apply the fraction, for example, cooking, medicine, sewing and tailoring :)

What are the ways you can use to get information you need?

Question is very broad, so is my answer... 1. Google, bing. This may cover 90% of all cases. 2. reddit, digg, etc. for a community selected news stream. 3. twitter, facebook, etc. follow the people you are interested in. 4. Subscribe to particular news-groups, feeds and blogs to get the news ( Full Answer )

How do you find information the quickest way using search engine?

cool there are millions of search engines right now all around web. But I prefer only Google because at single page you can find more relevant results as 1) Realtime 2) Discussion 3) Web 4) News 5) Video 6) Images 7) Places 8) Books 9) Patents 10) shopping for any keyword you w ( Full Answer )

What is the most affective way to use steroids?

Steroids are called as life saving drugs. There are given to patients as a helper with other medicines and some time to avoid reactions of medicine. These are available in form of Injection and Tablets and Syrup. In serious conditions Injection is choice. But if in continue use then Table is better. ( Full Answer )

How information system is used in daily life?

With the advent of personal computers and the internet, almost everyone uses information systems in their daily lives. Many get up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, boot up their computer, check the latest news and latest sports scores, maybe check their banking account, maybe check their broker ( Full Answer )

What is clarisse?

Clarisse is a girl in Percy Jackson. She is the daughter of Ares. She and Percy have a cold relationship.

What are the four most important sources of information about the life of Jesus?

A: For most Christians, the four most important sources of informationon the life of Jesus would be the four New Testament gospels.However, this would not be the case for scholars, who now know thatthree of the gospels were not written independently, but weresubstantially based on the first. The f ( Full Answer )