Where did claudette colvin go to school at?

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in 1955 Claudette Colvin goes to high school in Booker t. Washington
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What does the name Claudette mean?

Answer . \nI recently found this web site that calculates your name meaning by mathematics...according to them, Claudette is: Although the name Claudette creates an active mind and a restless urge to explore new ideas, we emphasize that it causes a blunt expression that alienates others.\n. \n ( Full Answer )

How do you go to school?

You can take the bus,ride a bike,walk,take a car,ride a scooter,take a taxi or not go at all i prefer to walk because walking gives you energy but when you take vehicle's it just wastes your energy.

Why do we have to go to school?

There are two theories. The fiction one, and the non-fiction one. Non-Fiction: We attend school to receive an education. That way, when we are older we know how to handle situations and such. Fiction: We attend school because grownups are sick of us and want to torture us. Adults are really ( Full Answer )

Why you have to go to school?

you need to go to school to be more educated and when you grow up you'll have good job and your life would be much easier.

Why do you go to school?

-You go to school because it's COMPULSORY until the age of 15. -To get an education to help make your life better. -We also go to school to see friends who we don't hang round with outside school. -To learn so you can become successful at life and not end up in the streets as a hooker or a janito ( Full Answer )

Why you go to school?

You go to school to achieve an education which will better you in the future by allowing you to get a better job to earn more pay to support you and your loved ones.

What does colvin mean?

Rosevelt Colvin is the last name of a really good former safety of the New England Patriots, he is currently a free agent.

What schools can you go to for law school?

Not all universities have law schools, but there are too many law schools to list here. You just need to look at whether the university has a program and whether the program meets your needs. I wouldn't say a tier 1 school is required to get a good education, but do make sure it is at least accredit ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to go school?

So you may get an education and then some day get a job. Withoutschool you know as much and you wouldn't be as smart.

Why do we not go to school?

We don't go to school only if we are sick, or we have a problem with family, or we are on vaction. We have to go to school because without it we wouldn't have an education and we wouldn't know how to do anything. And without school your parents wouldn't even be able to teach you anything. I know we ( Full Answer )

What schools can you go to?

for home schools (online schools for elementary, middle, and/or high school) there is IQ Academy, and K12.

Why do you have to go to school?

You just do, because it's against the law not to! Also, it's so youlearn and it'll help you get a good job when you're older! because it can keep u out of trouble and so you can be smart and so you can spell and talk and all the above

Why go to school?

OK,i am 13 years old and i go to school trust me i hate it too,but i need a good paying job when i get older.I know we all hate it but when you look back at it later on you realize those are the best time of our lives.

What school do you have to go to?

You have to go to nursery then primary then secondary then college for your education and you have to go to school.

Can you not go to school?

can you? yes you can just clone yourself and make your clone to go to school for you

Do you have to go school?

Yes! Unless you are homeschooled or done school. It is the law!!! we go to school to learn pretty bad if u don't go u miss out Ag might have to chat-ch up.

What is 'Claudette' when translated from French to Italian?

Claudina and Clodina are Italian equivalents of the French name Claudette . The feminine diminutive serves as an affectionate form or, or nickname for, Claudia or Clodia . The respective pronunciations will be "klo-DEE-na" in Italian and "klo-det" in French.

How do you not have to go to school?

fake sick at home and if they dnt buy it go to school and go to the nurses office and have them call home first or just start crying and say that how bad your in pain

Do you have to go to school?

Yes, you have to go to school so you can get your education so you can get a job to support yourself.

What Oscars did Claudette Colbert win?

Claudette Colbert was nominated for Oscar three times, but she only won once. . Won - Best Actress in a Leading Role for: It Happened One Night (1934) Claudette Colbert was so convinced that she would lose the Oscar to write-in nominee Bette Davis that she didn't attended the ceremony orignally ( Full Answer )

Why is Claudette Colvin important?

Several months prior to the incident where Rosa Parks was arrestedfor refusing to give up a seat on a public bus to a whitepassenger, Claudette Colvin was arrested for a similar situation.She was 15 years old at the time.

What country is claudette colbert from?

She came with the immigrant group France, so im just assuming. Heyy my name is Katherine Hamel and you should facebook me; who ever you are.... .

What school did they go to?

Wofgang and his sister Nannerl were homeschooled by their father, Leopold Mozart. He mostly did his teachings on the road, though, as the Mozart children were always out and about on tours.

Why do you not go to school?

If you didn't go to school you wouldn't have the smarts to get a job and if you didn't have a job you wouldn't earn any money for material items.

What year did hurricane claudette come?

There are actually three hurricane claudettes's. The years were 1985, 1991, and 2003. In 1985, was a long-lived hurricane that wandered east and grazed the Azores. In 1991, it was a low-end Category 4 that remained at sea for its entire lifetime. And in 2003, it hit Puerto Morelos, Mexico, then stru ( Full Answer )

Who was Claudette Colvin?

Approximately nine months before Rosa Parks was arrested for her refusal to move to the back of the bus Claudette Colvin, on March 2, 1955, had already been there, done that. Claudette Colvin was an unmarried pregnant teen, whereas Rosa Parks was considered a much more media-friendly figure, suit ( Full Answer )

What did claudette colvin do?

Claudette Colvin was the first African-American (Black Person) tostart the bus boycott. She refused to give up her seat for a whiteperson because it was her constitutional right. 9 Months Later RosaParks got arrested for the same thing but her case was well knowntoday.

Was claudette colbert gay?

I cannot prove is Claudette Colbert was gay or not. But I know her best girlfriend has a house right next door to Claudette, when they were living in Barbados in the last sixties. I have seen them together at restaurants or walking of the beach. We were told at the time that her husband was a Surgeo ( Full Answer )

Schools to go school?

If you have the brian power then go to and high college or if your not reedy for it then you can start at a community stay there for 2-4 years then move into the big one don't ever tell your self no tho that's is so not cool

How old is Claudette Colbert?

Claudette Colbert was born on September 13, 1903 and died on July 30, 1996. Claudette Colbert would have been 92 years old at the time of death or 111 years old today.

Who invented school and why do you have to go to school?

in the early 19th century by King Frederick William III found our modern schools and we go to school so we aint dumb and so we can get good jobs well i donschool tbh :') but we gota go or we will end up as sum dumb t think we need hobo :') x

What is Claudette Colvin doing today?

At age 73, she is now retired after having worked in a nursing home in New York. She still lives in New York, in the Parkchester section of the Bronx. She still does the occasional appearance and interview.

Is claudette Colvins son dead?

It's depends on which son you are talking about if you are talking about Raymond then yes he is dead. Raymond became addicted to drugs and alcohol. When he was 37, he died of a heart attack. Now, if you are talking about Randy then no he is still alive.

What was Claudette Colbert famous for?

Claudette Colbert was an American actress who featured prominently in the early days of talking films in the 1920s. She won the 1935 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in It Happened One Night.

What is Claudette Colbert known for?

Claudette Colbert is famous American actress. She was born September 13, 1903 and died July 30, 1996. She began her career in Broadway, then went into movies, and finally in television. She received many awards, including a Tony and Emmy.

What has the author Claudette Chubb written?

Claudette Chubb has written: 'Indigenous art at the Australian National University' -- subject(s): Australian National University, Art collections, Art, Aboriginal Australians

What has the author Claudette Gronski written?

Claudette Gronski has written: 'Power pak for preschool programs' -- subject(s): Activity programs, Activity programs in education, Creative activities and seat work, Handbooks, manuals, Preschool Education