Where did claudia tell jamie to hide his trumpet?

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What is a trumpet?

A trumpet is an instrument in the brass family. It uses valves, mainly three, to change its pitch.. To produce a tone on a trumpet, the player must "buzz" their lips into the trumpet's mouthpiece, using plenty of air which should be engaged by use of the diaphragm, or upside-down bowl shaped muscle ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a trumpet is a bass trumpet?

A bass trumpet sounds in the register of a baritone, exactly one octave below that of a normal b-flat trumpet. The bore size (diameter of the tubing) of the bass trumpet is considerably greater than that of a normal b-flat trumpet, and the bell size and slide length will all be similarly increased. ( Full Answer )

How do you tell if a girl meant the no or was just hiding her feeling?

"No" means no regardless of anything else. If the girl said "no" then you stop whatever it is you are doing. If she wants further attention, then she'll let you know. Don't ever try and rationalize "no" as some other coy action that really means what you are doing is OK. If someone says "no", then t ( Full Answer )

What is better to hide what you feel or tell?

Answer . It depends on what feelings you are hiding. If someone makes you angry it's better to keep your cool and perhaps discuss it in a rational way. Communication is far better than harboring bad feelings towards another no matter what the reason. By harboring bad feelings it will just eat you ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your boyfriend is hiding something from you?

There are many signs. Does he change the subject very quickly, does he get nervous or does he avoid you or the topic that you are trying to explore with him?? Does he get all quiet when you bring up a certain subject?? Good luck

Can Anyone tell me where i can find Sing to the King sheet music for the trumpet?

First of all, you'll need to know what key the song is in. If the band is playing the song in a concert (C), the trumpet (which is a Bb instrument) will need a copy of the music in concert (D). So you don't really need special sheet music, unless you are wanting a different accompaniment score. This ( Full Answer )

You are hiding a secret from your boyfriend. Do you tell him?

then it wouldn't be a secret anymore would it? Answer 2 It must depend on what the secret is. If it's just a present that you don't want him to know about just yet then don't tell him. But if it's much more serious then could you live with youself if you didn't tell him? Would he drop you if he ( Full Answer )

Did Creon hide Antigone and tell everyone that she was dead?

No, Theban King Creon didn't hide Antigone and tell everyone that she was dead. The punishment for violating the King's law was death by stoning. The King commuted the sentence to imprisonment in an isolated, remote, walled up cave. Antigone's procession to the cave was witnessed by the chorus and ( Full Answer )

About the trumpet?

The trumpet is awesome. It is a brass, which means you buzz into the mouthpiece to make noise. The case is small compared to a trombone or saxophone, but large to a clarinet or flute case. The trumpet plays higher notes, and the faster you buzz your lips, the higher you go, giving the trumpet no set ( Full Answer )

What trumpet specifications like bore size or bore taper will tell you the timbre of that instrument?

The larger bores usually produce a broader sound and allow the musician to produce more sound without the sound getting all raunchy or "broken up". The smaller bores obviously will have a reverse effect. All that is true except in the case of Schilke's step bore system. Schilke instruments use this ( Full Answer )

Did Claudia and Jamie Kincaid find out if Michelangelo made the angel in From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiller and how?

yes they did they went over to the house of mrs basil e frankweiler and she gave them 1 hour to find out after that she found a file and there was the drawing of the angel signed by michaelangelo then they asked mrs.basil e frankweiler why did she have it she responded michaelangelo was a good frien ( Full Answer )

Why did Macbeth tell darkness to hide?

Darkness represents evil, while light represents good. Macbeth told darkness to hide because he didn't really want to commit murder, yet he knew his desire to be King (darkness) might overrule his wish to do good (light).

How can you tell if a friend is hiding that he likes you and doesnt want to admit it?

omg, girl! im right there with you! well, i think its when/ if he flirts with you. In my case, the dude that likes me (he has admitted it): we could talk on the phone 4 hours but he couldn't say hi to me in person. i asked him the same question, and he said that when guys are kinda scared to ask que ( Full Answer )

Why did Claudia and Jamie run away from from home?

Claudia ran away because she felt like her parents never treated her fairley. Her younger brother Steve got all of her mothers attention and he is in first grade and when Claudia was in first grade, her mother only waited for herat the bus stop.

Where did she hide?

anne frank hide inn her dads works up stairs behind a hiden doorthey was a book shelf hidding the door

How can tell if a trumpet is a good one?

You have to try it out be cause there are so many different kinds for everybody out there(it has to fell natural and good in your fingers)

Why did leafpool hide her pregnancy and never tell crowfeather?

I think she was too sad to go back to him, and she knew she could never be with him again. Leafpool tried to tell Crowfeather that she was expecting kits in the play After Sunset: We Need to Talk , but circumstances prevented her from doing so.

How do you tell if you husband is hiding something from you?

It depend on what kind of issue he is hiding from me. Any how the only way you can tell if your husband is hiding something from you is if he is acting funny when his around you. He can't look at you eye to eye when your talking to him. But the only way you can know is talk to him, ask him what's go ( Full Answer )

How do you tell what key a trumpet is in?

Most trumpets won't have any markings on them telling the key. The simplest way is to play an open note while pressing different keys on a piano. The piano pitch which matches your trumpet pitch will be the key of your instrument.

What trumpets can you get?

bach and Yamaha trumpets are the best to get. plus silver trumpets have better tone quality :) *SP* The best type of trumpet to get is considered to be the Bach Stradivarius. That's what I have, and it is great. =) CS Actually, that is all a matter of opinion. Bach and Yamaha are very good p ( Full Answer )

What is in a Trumpet?

a trumpet is an instrument that is used in orchestra bands and is often used in jazz music. it is a brass instrument with three valves that change the pitch which will produce the notes.

You think your wife is hiding something so how do you get her to tell you the truth?

It boils down to good communication skills and if a couple practices good communication skills then there isn't anything that they could not discuss together no matter how upsetting the subject is. The best way to get your wife to possibly admit to what is wrong is by sitting down (without accusing ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guy to tell you what he is hiding?

I had the same problem. Just tell him that he can tell you anything. That whatever he is hiding is safe with you. Tell him that you won't judge him in any way based on what he says.. If that doesn't work, give him time. I'm sure he'll come through (:

What did Jesus tell people not to hide?

Jesus told people not to hide their embarassment. Therefore Jesus has the ability to see everyone and everything. You also shouldn't hide your Faith. You should stick up for what you believe in & not be ashamed of it. Also, go to church every Sunday and attend Church Religion classes on Wednesday.

How do you do an A on the trumpet?

An "A" can be played by pressing both the 1st and 2nd valves down, but be careful because "partials" exist that can allow you to play another note while pressing down the same valve combinations.

Why did they have trumpets?

because the trumpet is so loud they used the trumpet to scare and confuse enemies in wars. trumpets are made from the time of jesus