Where did climate change start?

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Climate change started in Britain with the Industrial Revolution, 200 years ago when we began to seriously burn fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). This was the beginning of global warming.
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Why is there climate change?

Climate change is occurring due to the increased presence of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which are the most recognized "greenhouse" gases . These are causing an enhanced greenhouse effect, which is causing global warming, which is causing climate change.

What is climate change?

C limate change refers to the waythe world's climate changes over time. In the past the climate haschanged, but that change has been very slow, taking many thousandsof years. When we talk about climate change now, we usually meanthe very sudden warming of the earth, particularly over the lastone h ( Full Answer )

How do you change the climate?

We are changing the climate by the burning of fossil fuels (coal,oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation ofelectricity, which releases carbon dioxide. We can change the climate back, if we act quickly and decisively.We need a global program of renewable energy and reforesta ( Full Answer )

Why the change of climate?

The climate change is mainly because of people neglecting the rulesfor our society's and environment's. People hardly walk to whereverthey need to go now, because of cars, this pollutes the air andgases fly around the earth. People don't turn off their lights,which uses too much energy then we use m ( Full Answer )

How does climate change?

Climate is an average of weather over several years, at leasttwenty or thirty. Climate is always changing, but changes in the past have happenedvery slowly, over thousands of years. Humans have never been able to change the climate before, but now,since we began burning fossil fuels, we have added ( Full Answer )

Global warming and climate change did you start it?

It is a valid theory that humans started global warming through the expansion of concrete surfaces, cutting down of forests, eradication of wetlands, the use of fossil fuels, and automobiles which pump out global warming gases have all contributed to global warming and climate change.

Are climate changes the same as weather changes?

\nNo. \n. \nWeather changes happen in short time and can be predicted with a certain accuracy based on atmospheric behavior.\n. \nClimate changes are changes in a long period of time that can be estimated with a certain degree of prediction based on weather behaviors and other many factors includi ( Full Answer )

How does climate change change the future?

As the global temperatures continue to rise, some changes to be expected in the future include: 1) continued melting of glacial and arctic ice 2) rising sea levels and flooding of low-lying coastal areas 3) displacement of millions of people who live in these areas (i.e., Bangladesh) 4) shif ( Full Answer )

How is the climate changing?

The climate is getting much warmer, this means sea levels arerising lots of ice will melt in the arctic, theres increasing airtemperatures and ocean temperatures infact global sea level hasrised by 17cm in the 20th century also the global temperature hasincreased by 0.74 degrees celsius

What is changing the climate?

Deforestation. Destroying forests releases carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and removes trees that used to take CO 2 from the atmosphere. . Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). This burning of fossil fuels in industry, transport and the generation of electricity releases CO 2 , a powerful gr ( Full Answer )

What is climate and why does it change?

"Climate" is a very general term that has a variety of closely related meanings. Usually, "climate" refers to the average, or typical, weather conditions observed over a long period of time for a given area. For instance, the climate of Wisconsin in the winter is cold, with occasional snow. The cli ( Full Answer )

Who is changing the climate?

We are! When we use our cars and waste energy, it all contributes to climate change! Most climate scientists agree that man is directly responsible for climate change. The two human activities are deforestation and burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the ( Full Answer )

How did the Industrial Revolution change climate change?

There is no citeable evidence that the Industrial Revolution that occured in the 18th and 19th centuries had any effect on the climate. No significant reasearch was done at this time on the effects pollution on the enviroment, therefore we can guess based on current events but we cannot be sure.

When did climate change start?

The current warming trend started about 10.400 years ago it is universally agreed upon. A: An perceptible upward trend in average global temperatures began in the middle of the eighteenth century at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Even in the early decades of the twentieth century, scientis ( Full Answer )

What are 3 changes in climate change?

Three changes expected with climate change/global warming are: 1) warmer average temperatures and more frequent heatwaves; 2) melting glacial ice and rising sea levels; 3) more extreme weather, including more intense hurricanes

What started climate change?

Climate change is a natural phenomenon. It has happened many times in earths past and will continue to do so. A: Climate change is the result of the global warming that has been happening, especially in the last forty years, when the earth has warmed more quickly than it has ever warmed before ( Full Answer )

Is your climate changing?

Yes. Average temperatures are definitely getting warmer, especially in summer, although there appears to be some localised cooling in winter. There has been more violent storm activity, with New Zealand actually experiencing a tornado in its main city, an unprecedented event. The year 1911 experienc ( Full Answer )

What changes climate?

Global warming is changing the climate. More heat in the atmosphere means more energy, and that is dissipated in different ways, with more extreme weather events like droughts, heat waves, rain and cyclones. Thousands of temperature records were broken in 2012 all over the world. A: Yes, but ( Full Answer )

How did climate change start in the first place?

We began burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). This releases carbon dioxide that has been hidden underground for millions of years. This is EXTRA to the natural carbon cycle that moves carbon dioxide in and out of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps the sun's ( Full Answer )

Why do you have climate change?

We have climate change because we have been unable to stop globalwarming. We began burning coal in the Industrial Revolution, 200years ago, and levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere havebeen rising ever since.

What is climate change and global change?

Climate change is a general term for a change in climate of a long period of time, climate being the long-term weather pattern of a geographical area: temperature and precipitation averages and extremes. When people today talk about climate change they usually refer to the present human-induced cli ( Full Answer )

How can you change climate?

The climate can only be changed by years and years of massive pollution, which the earth is in a state of. A: There is substantial evidence that man can influence climate on a global and regional scale. So far the changes have been largely incidental due to the emissions of anthropogenic green ( Full Answer )

What can cause a sudden change in climate?

People start burning fossil fuel. This releases greenhouse gases that build up in the atmosphere. This traps more heat and causes global warming. The warming adds extra energy into the atmosphere causing climate change.

Can the climate change without pollution?

Yes, but it takes many thousands of years. The climate of ourplanet has always been changing. The past 650K years have seen fivewarming and cooling cycles according to glacial samples. However, the present global warming has been extremely fast (100years) and is caused by the pollution of extra gree ( Full Answer )

Why would you not notice a change in climate?

Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a certain time. Theweather can change from day to day. Climate describes the average weather conditions in a region over along period of time. The climate of an area includes the area'saverage temperature and amount of precipitation. ~ HOLT California Ea ( Full Answer )

How is climate change detected?

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What celebrites help the climate change?

Lots of celebrities claim to be interested in global climate change, but a few are really working to make a difference. Ed Norton, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio and others are using their celebrity to inform and empower people who are interested in helping the environment. For a list of the top ( Full Answer )

What is climate change and what causes it to change?

Climate change refers to the recent changes in weather and climatethat are being caused by global warming. Nature has always caused changes in weather. These changes haveoccurred for millions of years. We know that there are 100K yearcycles as well as shorter cycles. These involve sunspot activity, ( Full Answer )

What are the causes and results of climate change?

Causes: The cause of climate change is global warming. The earth is warming up, and that is causing climate change. (Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels [coal, oil and natural gas] and by deforestation [cutting down the forests that absorb carbon dioxide from the air].) Results: ( Full Answer )

What are predictions for the future of climate change?

For climate change it is predicted that in the (near) future it will become increasingly warmer here on earth and some scientists even go as far as saying that the poles will then melt causing catastrophic flooding on land. Non-Speculative Response: Some will take the space as an opportunity to bang ( Full Answer )

What does c02 have to do with climate change?

Co2 (Carbon dioxide) apparently contributes to the thickening of the atmosphere. The atmosphere thickening means that it retains more heat that can't exit through the atmosphere and therefore heats up the Earth. But don't worry about it too much- climate change is natural.

What does China think about climate change?

Although China, as a developing nation, was excluded from mandatory targets in the Kyoto Protocol, the country has made substantial progress towards reducing the growth in its greenhouse gas emissions. The government has mandated the phasing out of older and more inefficient electricity generators. ( Full Answer )

How are countries stopping climate change?

Many countries are giving more money to scientists so they can find a way to protect our planet. Many country, like the US are giving money or tax breaks to people who buys a hybrid car or buys things using sun and wind energy.

Will climate change ever end?

No, not if people keep using so much carbon dioxide! Climate change has been going on for years now. It is only now that people are worrying because it is getting more serious. You can contribute to trying to put an end to this by . walk to school . dont leave thiongs on standby . turn lights of ( Full Answer )

What is a key indicator of climate change?

The declining Arctic ice cap is one indicator of climate change. Another is the condition of glaciers around the world. See the related links, below.

How does climate change alter the ecosystem?

Some areas are expected to become drier. Forests and grasslands inthese areas would give way to deserts. Brush and cactus desertswould give way to barren deserts. A few places are expected to become wetter. A: By altering the availability of the Ecosystems resources, such asWater and Food. A: ( Full Answer )

What are the impacts of climate change on Australia?

Australia has been identified as particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, because of its large desert areas, the importance of its agriculture and the proximity of most of the population to the coast. Other factors are the variability of its rainfall patterns and the resultant press ( Full Answer )

What effects does climate change have on mammoths?

Mammoth remains are being exposed in some parts of the world. As the climate around the world is rapidly changing, the ice where the mammoth remains were frozen is melting and exposing their remains. It is a very rancid smell, and as their remains were being kept intact because of the ice, their rem ( Full Answer )

When did the climate start to change?

Anthropogenic (human caused) climate change began in earnest about 30 years ago, in the 1980s. At that time the change was fairly slow. It is a little faster now, and is expected to soon begin picking up the pace. You might wonder why climate effects had not been noticed prior to that. Mankind ha ( Full Answer )

How is climate change changing now?

As the oceans warm, even ever so slightly, the quantity of water vapour in the air will increase greatly. The process of water evaporation is an energy intensive process, and these dynamics will be a major player in the results. In the short run, one could expect heavier rainfall, or even heavier ( Full Answer )

When did climate change start happening?

Current climate change began at the beginning of the industrial revolution, in response to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuel. The initial change was very small. We can see much more dramatic effects beginning about 30 years ago, and CO2 levels eclipsed 350 pp ( Full Answer )

Why change climate change?

The consequences are deleterious, and represent substantial harm. Although we cannot stop climate change--the inertia is now too great--we can take steps to reduce and mitigate the expected effects.

How climate started to change?

Some would say yes, and point to recent weather events. Others say no, these are just everyday changes in the weather. We need to see this happening for a few more years before we can be sure.

What is climatic changes?

"Climatic" comes from the word "climate" or "weather". so it means that by time-to-time, the weather changes.

Why has the climate change?

There are natural changes in our climate. These are caused by: . variations in the energy from the sun . the way the earth orbits the sun . the way oceans transfer heat from one area to another . volcanic activity (dust particles released in an eruption can disrupt the atmosphere) Humans al ( Full Answer )

When did global warming change into climate change?

When people tried to understand what was happening we started talking about climate change (as well as global warming). Global warming is the cause. Climate change is the result. They are really two different things. Burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and deforestation (cut ( Full Answer )

Can climate change?

Yes. Climate is influenced by many factors such as greenhouse gassconsentration, aerosol concentration, solar output, variations inearth's orbit, and even the configuration of the continents. Alloff these things change over time.

Why the climate change?

It's a combination of natural and artificial events. The Earth isstill 'coming out' of the last ice-age that cooled the planet -therefore the temperatures will gradually rise anyway. However -since the industrial revolution, the human race has releasedbillions of tonnes of waste gasses and other pol ( Full Answer )