Where did clive palmer send children school?

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Son Michael went to Redeemer Lutheren at Rochedale and daughter Mary went to All Hallows in Brisbane city .
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Why do some Catholic parents choose not to send their children to Roman Catholic schools?

1. Some parents (Catholics or otherwise) use homeschooling because they believe that is what they are called to do as the ones solely responsible for their children and they want to have a direct hand in their education. Not all homeschoolers are Catholic, btw. 2. Some do not trust the public or Cat ( Full Answer )

Where did keke palmer go to school?

all i know is that KeKe Palmer attended Rickover Jr. High school because that's where I use to go to She went to Kolmar Elementary school in Illinois also, I know that because I was there when she was.

Where do you send a traffic school certificate?

Some of the online traffic schools will send the certificate on your behalf so you will not need to send it to the court. It's best to check with the approved traffic school to make sure they don't charge you any extra/ hidden fees for this. Some online traffic schools also make it available for yo ( Full Answer )

How do you send your Neopets to school?

there is no school in neopets I think.I have played neopet for many months but I dont think I have ever seen a school except the training schools

Which is the best English language school for you to send your children to?

The British Council strongly recommends that you choose a course at an organisation that is accredited by the "English in Britain Accreditation scheme" (there are over 370 of these); this will ensure that the course you choose is of the very highest standard. We also suggest that you collect a nu ( Full Answer )

What if your a bit doubtful of the future results if you homeschool your children should you homeschool or simply send them to public school what's the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling?

Im homeshooled and its the worst thing that's ever and happend and is going to happen to me. The only good thing about homeschooling is that each kid gets 1 on 1 attention during school and usually will have a slightly higher IQ. The bad things about homeschooling is you don't meet any kids your age ( Full Answer )

Jewish parents send their children to Israel to do what?

Get educated on Judaism, Zionism and develop their Jewish identity. Understand the centrality of Israel for the Jewish people and develop a love of the land of Israel. They may also learn Hebrew, travel the country, see family and have an experience of a lifetime!

What do children do after school?

Children can do many activities after school. Some are taking rest but some children are playing with each other after their school time. But, study at home after school time is the best activity.

Why does God send his own children to hell?

God does not want to send his children to hell . God loves his children more than any other thing of his creation. That's why according to to John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life " this ( Full Answer )

What do children do at schooL?

in school children do common subjects like math and reading.they eat lunch and have reesec. they work hard. in the past they counted sticks and did not learn much.but now they learn and achieve anf skip grades like me.

Why did aunt decide to send the children to jagborough?

Because Nicholas had put a frog in his bread and milk i.e his misconduct at the brakfast table.She sent the cousins and brother of Nicholas,but not him,and too restricted him from entering the gooseberry garden.

Why do people in china send children away?

It is a law that the can only have a certain amount of children. I believe it is two, but it used to be one. I do not know why the government has chosen this law, but the people send the children away because of this law.

Why were some parents not able to send their children to school?

There could be several reason why parents cannot send their children to school here are just a few: . Financially they cannot afford to; whether it be travel costs or tuition fees . Against religion or family belief . They may want to home school their children (down to own choice, or could be th ( Full Answer )

What do Egyptian school children do at school?

I assume you mean modern school children. They do what school children do all over the world and learn to do math, read, write, and learn about the history of their nation.

Where does keke palmer go to school at?

Due to her busy acting and singing career, she has put off her college plans for now. She hopes to study anesthesiology at Howard.

Why the parents send their children to school?

Parents send their children to school because children need to learn and school is the place where professional educators are. Since 1635 school has been required by law in the United States.

How many children did the singer Robert Palmer have?

Robert Palmer had a total of five children. He was married in 1972 to Shelly Palmer, who was a former model. She was quite often featured in his interviews taking place in the seventies along with his three children. At the time, Chris Blackwell, Robert Palmer's friend and mentor, was anxious to por ( Full Answer )

How many children did Robert Palmer have and from whom?

Robert Palmer had five children. He had three children, in the seventies, with his first wife Shelly, in 1972, 1973 and 1976, two sons and a daughter. Robert Palmer had two children in the eighties with his second wife, Susan, a son born in 1980 and a daughter born in 1981. Robert Palmer had no othe ( Full Answer )

Why children not send parent to nursing home?

Money can be a problem and the nursing home they can afford might not be a good one their parents would like. They might also feel like it's a betrayal not to take care of them themselves. Answer: I think of it as abandonment. I would never want to be abandoned by a love one, unless they themse ( Full Answer )

What are the potential drawbacks of sending children to preschool?

As with any new venture there comes the drawbacks along with the positive influences. Some children will learn habits, words and actions which they may not otherwise learn at home. The children can also go through transitions periods of finding out they are not the only person that counts as well as ( Full Answer )

What action will be taken if some parents don't send children to school?

some parents think that it is waste of money to send their children to school. But in my opinion they are absolutely wrong . they have to send their children to school because school is that place where children know about their responsibilities and they can become whatever they want. they can know ( Full Answer )

What action should be taken when parents don't send children to school?

Where I live the police would be coming after the parents if it's pure laziness. If the child is bullied etc there would be a investigation since the schools are legally obligated to sort these things out and offer the student a education. I know some parents think that "school never did anything fo ( Full Answer )

Why you should send girls to school?

You should send both girls and boys to school because they are equals. Also it will be the women who are bringing the children up and educated women means brighter children.

What are the reasons for not sending girls to school?

People feared that it would take girls away from home and it world prevent them from their domestic duties they have to move through the public places in order to reach school . It would create a corrupting influence on them that is why people were not sending girls to school

Can children send a book to publishers?

They can. There is no age limit on this, it is judged on the quality. However, as a general rule, quality tends to come with age. :)

Can a Christian be okay with sending their children to Catholic schools?

Your question is a little confusing as Catholic schools arenormally full of Christians for the simple reason that the CatholicChurch is the original (and only fully) Christian Church. You areprobably using the term "Christian" to refer to a protestant or aso-called "non-denominational Christian", in ( Full Answer )

Why parents send their children to tuition classes?

parents do this because they think that tuiton will help theirchild in studies.tuitons are importamt fo children as if they didnot understand anything in school they get private attention intuiton and they can score well in exams.in tuiton classes revisionis also done before exams.this helps the chi ( Full Answer )

Why did Arabs use to send their children to dessert?

Typically, the reason any parent gives their kid dessert is becausethe kid wants it. Arabs are no different and shower their kids withnumerous desserts like baklawa, quneifa, marzipan, and lokum.

Why do most parents send their children to school?

First, school attendance for children is mandatory in manycountries. Second, there are benefits to be gained from education,particularly those related to earning potential as an adult.

Can you send children toys in Pakistan?

Exporting electronic items and toys to Pakistan is easy. But one has to follow certain export pre-requisites and procedures for this. After paying certain duty and fulfilling all requirements you can do it.