Where did cloning technology develop?

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When Derek Preston develped it in 1972
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Why was nuclear technology developed?

Answer . Experiments in the early 20th century could not be explained by classical physics (developed by Galileo, Newton, etc.). Classical physics worked fine on a larger scale. However, on an extremly small scale it was flawed. Scientist started looking at things on an atomic level. This was ( Full Answer )

What are the latest developments in information technology?

Answer Every day there are new developments. New products are launched and new product ideas and applications of information technology evolve. Recently after dual core processors, now quad core processors for PCs are being launched.The latest invention in information technology must be cloudcompu ( Full Answer )

What is technological development?

Technological development is a development which has changed people's life. Answer: Strictly speaking a technological development is, quite simply, a development (improvement, alteration) of a technology. It doesn't need to change peoples' lives and doesn't even need to be put into service. I ( Full Answer )

Why do technology being develop?

technology was developed because we "supposely need it' it helps us in our daily life and needs that just one reason

How has technology developed over the years?

Technology has developed over the years as a result of innovationand determination. Scientists and inventors are constantly lookingfor ways to solve problems and expand human capabilities.

What is the role of technology in resource development?

Role of technology in the development of resources is very important as technology helps to make a resource into its useful form for ex: when Mobiles came they were very popular and slowly slowly technology gave a new shape to the mobiles now there are chatting mobiles full touch Movies

Is the story of Frankenstein about cloning or technology or what?

Mary Shelley's novel is considered the first work of science fiction, but if you search it for science or technology -- for information on how the monster was brought to life -- you won't find anything. All those whirring machines and sparking generators were added to the story by Hollywood. The Fra ( Full Answer )

What is the Role of technology on career development?

Technology can be really useful in your career development. It can ease your work. For example for a civil engineer, a calculator can be useful or for a software engineer, a programming language could be useful.

What are the genetic disadvantages of cloning technology?

Well, a lot of it is in speculation right now, but one disadvantage has to do with telomeres. At the ends of each of your chromosomes there are long 'buffer zones' where there are a lot of nucleotides, but no actual genes. These are called telomeres Everytime your DNA replicates during cell divison ( Full Answer )

How educational technology developed?

Through the advancements brought up by technology, several tools, softwares, and devices have been made to improve more thorough learning,and enhance more the interests of students inside the classroom.

How does cloning technology work?

Well, Cloning is the process of making a genetically identical organism through nonsexual means. It has been used for many years to produce plants (even growing a plant from a cutting is a type of cloning). Animal cloning has been the su­bject of scientific experiments for years, but garnered lit ( Full Answer )

What technology did the Romans develop?

The Romans developed or improved upon various forms of technology. By using their "gromma" they surveyed and layed out their roads. They developed concrete and used it in different weights in their domes (the pantheon is a prime example). They also perfected the arch in buildings and bridges. They d ( Full Answer )

The allowed computer technology to develop?

THE SILICON CHIP - The term silicon is important in the computer industry. Microchips that let computers work are made from silicon. Scientists developed the first trial silicon chip in 1958. Before that time computers were made of transistors. In 1958 scientists thought that silicon microchips ( Full Answer )

Examples of technological development in transportation?

We now have airplanes to get where we need to go very fast and carshave greatly improved like their miles per gallon , emissions,safety ,and reliability, we also have train tracks all around theworld and boats are now designed to cut through the water withoutusing as much power. For road side trans ( Full Answer )

What allowed computer technology to develop?

THE SILICON CHIP - The term silicon is important in the computer industry. Microchips that let computers work are made from silicon. Scientists developed the first trial silicon chip in 1958. Before that time computers were made of transistors. In 1958 scientists thought that silicon microchips w ( Full Answer )

What is the Use of science in development of technology?

Technology is simply the application of science to the world. For technology to develop, science must advance. Technology is really a rather meaningless word that is tending to be narrowed down to refer to computers and telecommunications. It's actually Engineering, but the statement above is oth ( Full Answer )

What is the need for developing new technologies?

This is more a philosophy question then a technology question, but my thought on this is that the need for the new technology stems from this list - the demand of the public - people wanting to make big money - people trying to enhance mankind's lifestyle ...i'm sure that there are some other reaso ( Full Answer )

How technology developed out of another technology?

If a pieace of other technology is old and want new technology you need to build a new type of technology that you could use and do other stuff like using something old and making it new!

How a technology developed out of another technology?

When a person invents something, errors are unavoidable. That's why other people reinvent that technology and develops it to be easier and faster than before.it is all about some more necessary things we need so we amend that previous technology

What influence does technology have on training and development?

Technology has given many of training aids , training models andtraining equipment thus making the training more realistic and lesscostly . A pilot can get training of many facilities on the model.The pace of development has been enhanced to technology and most ofdesign and development models are ma ( Full Answer )

How has Technology developed the media?

You just have to switch on any live T.V. debate and there's usually Facebook and Twitter references to on-line technology such as the Internet. These sub-texts of the Internet and Television and Radio are to have developed a quicker more reactive media and reach a greater community and society in ge ( Full Answer )

How has information technology developed?

Slowly at first... I mean we once used FIRE to communicate... Over the centuries we developed better forms of technology... such as the telegraph and then the telephone. Lets not forget the FAX. Oh yeah that was an important invention in it's day. But nowadays, we have cellular phones, sattelite ra ( Full Answer )

What will be the developments in technology in 2040?

well, technology never ends, maybe in 2040 there will be no cars, all civilians had have there own aeroplanes to go from one place to another... or there will be some great improvement in the field of electronics, the things become more and more small. as compare to today's mobile phone.. may be tha ( Full Answer )

What technology was developed after 1995?

ipods and MP3 players of every type DVDs and DVD players text messaging (but not cell phones) camera phones touch screen cell phones Blackberrys digital camcorders Wii, Xbox, Gamecube, PS3, PS2, PSP, Gameboy Wireless internet access (WiFi) Bluetooth devices Wireless keyboards and ( Full Answer )

How technology developments have helped us?

Many ways: Technological developments have helped make formerly prolonged tedious work, very simple and automated, thus reducing prices, and allowing great availability over wider areas, for most merchandise. Technological developments have allowed for food to be shipped across countries, or even in ( Full Answer )

How is Canada developed in technology?

Canada is developed in technology because we can make phone calls to other countries! and we have alot more technology like iPod touches then other countries.

Where was Gopher technology developed?

Gopher, developed at the University of Minnesota and named after the university's mascot, allowed menu-driven access to data resources on the Internet

Who developed dot net technology?

>> .NET (i.e. VB & ASP ) was developed by Microsoft corporation ltd. And its going very good in S/W field. it is so easy to learn.

What technologies did the cree develop?

they developed being stupid and lazy with their technologies another thing ask some one and stop bothering me for answers just because i am answers.com doesn't mean I'm a know it all

Why don't you clone humans now that you have higher technology?

Just because technology is better doesn't mean we can clone people. When cloning someone, you need a ton of materials and they need to be put together properly. This is very difficult and normally isn't very accurate. This could cause extreme problems in the clone and make them look or act different ( Full Answer )

What is the contribution of electricity to the development of technology?

Modern technology and industry could not exist without electricity. Electric motors run drills, lathes, milling machines, and other tools. These tools mass-produce parts for products that are quickly assembled on electrically operated conveyor belts. Electricity melts and welds metals. It puts gold ( Full Answer )

How did science and technology develop penicillin?

because of Alexander Fleming making a chance discovery Florey andchain were able to make more developments on this new antibacterialfungus-which is what penicillin actualy is-21 years later with moreupdated science and technology to define it into a brown powderwhich could be consumed by humans.

What does Radikal Technologies develop?

Radikal Technologies is a company that makes products for musicians. The two products listed on their website are an accelerator and a synthesizer called the "Spectralis 2".

How have teenagers contributed to the development of technology?

Teenagers contribute dramatically to the development of technologyas they are the fundamental target group for most of today'stechnology enhancements. Teenagers are often described as havingthe most free cash to spend on various items that adults oftendon't due to mortgages, children etc. You only ( Full Answer )

Who developed technology?

Scientists and engineers develop technology. Technology is pretty much any advancement of objects we use, fromthe physical to the electronic. Advancements in science haveoccurred since before the beginnings of human civilization. The first technologies were developed by our prehumanancestors long ( Full Answer )

What technologies is Israel developing?

Super high hi-tech and computer innovations, "smart" tankdefenses, a space "tugboat" for wayward satellites, a stem-celltreatment for ALS disease, cold plasma wound-closing w/o stitches,environmental breakthroughs to reduce carbon emissions, cartilageregeneration, noise-cancelling technology, a smar ( Full Answer )