Where did cloth come from?

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A fabric from weaving wool, hair, silk and others together
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Why does the heating portion of your clothes dryer not come on?

Answer . Most generally the problem will be a burnt out heating element, but the second most likely cause would be a bad thermal fuse. There are usually 2 of these fuses mounted near the heating elements, they are silver in color, and about the size of a quarter. All can be tested with a continu ( Full Answer )

Where clothing fibers come from?

Answer . There are three types of fibres:. 1. Natural fibres- Of natural origin. In this again two types are there.. i) Vegtable fibre - Like Cotton, Jute etc.. ii) Animal fibres - like Woll, Silk etc.. 2. Synthetic fibres - Like Polyester, Nylon etc.. 3. Regenerated fibres - Modified fibres ( Full Answer )

What year was jordans clothes come out?

The first Jordan series of clothing were produced and released in1984. This series included both clothing and footwear with theJordan label.

Is there a makeup to buy that does not come off on clothes?

There are a good few on the market, but Rimmel Cool Matte Mousse is good, except its not great if your looking for good coverage. Alternativley, you could 'seal' your make up with a light coat of powder, or even a fine water spray. H xoxo

Where do Hollister clothes come from?

Imagine you have been set a project on smoking. You decide that you want to find some information on the Internet.. You do a search for the word "SMOKING".. You find there are nearly 500 web sites about smoking. Some of these will be useless to you, e.g. pictures of people smoking o ( Full Answer )

How do people come up with clothing designes?

they either add some details to other designs they have seen , or they make up their own and create from their imagination :) p.s. i want 2 b a wedding dress designer when i grow up :} and I'm already sketching on a sketch pad i have :)

How can you treat cloth so the dye will not come out when being washed?

There will always be some dye loss when washing, it's the nature of the beast. However if you wash the item with vinegar and salt, it will "set" the color of the fabric.. The "recipe" is one cup of vinegar to a gallon of water and one fourth cup of salt. Simmer the item gently for about 15 minutes, ( Full Answer )

Where does the word cloth come from?

Before i write down my answer, i must say that this is a guess. The mythological beings known as The Fates, there were three, their names are Clotho Lachesis and Atropos. Clotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures it, and Atropos cuts it. Thus saying when you are born, and how long you will ( Full Answer )

Do any clothes come with boolprop cheat on sims 2?

the boolprop cheat is a shortcut way of testing certain things that the creators built in as a way of doing things more quickly (instead of having to go and buy clothes on a community lot to see if the tuxedo is showing correctly you can just have your sim dress that way in a couple of clicks) to ma ( Full Answer )

Where did clothes come from in World War 2?

Clothes came from the same places they came from before WW2 but their supply was influenced like every other commodity not essential to fighting to win the war. Clothing manufactorers that produced clothes for civilians before the war would have switched to fulfilling Government contracts for Unifor ( Full Answer )

How come women and men have different why to size their clothing?

Mens and Womens bodies and bone structures are built completely different and because of this they cannot fit into the same clothing. Making different sizing charts for men and women was just easier I think for people; although it would be easier in a sense to have the same sizing charts having diff ( Full Answer )

What clothes come from plants?

Anything made from cotton you missed flax my friend Other fibrous plants , such as cotton or flax, are made into clothes .

Why are clothes stuck together when they come out of the dryer?

\nIt's caused by static cling. As the clothes tumble around together, it causes friction between the fabrics, and certain fabrics (which is usually most fabrics) have the ability to create static electricity, or static cling, that keeps clothes stuck together. (Hint: try using Bounce sheets or oth ( Full Answer )

Does shoe polish come off clothes?

Probably not, its a die as well, but you may try a stain removing solvent such as you get in Dry Cleaners. You may also find a solution of ammonia may held. But test all solutions on an unseen part of the fabric first. Generally, shoe polish is fine for shoes but bad for almost everything else.

How come female sperm discolorate clothes?

Females do not have sperm, they have ova (or "eggs") but I believe you mean "female discharge".. The reason it discolors clothes, when it does, can be for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it is because it is protein-heavy, and it is proteins that are often responsible for the staining of clothing from ( Full Answer )

Where does the term man of the cloth come from?

We start with the word "cloth," which may have been influenced by Clotho, one of the three fates in ancient Greek myths. Clotho was the one who spun the thread of life, which was then measured by Lachesis and cut by Atropos. The English word "cloth" does not directly derive from Clotho, but rather f ( Full Answer )

Does God look at the clothes when you come to church?

No. God looks at the heart: Did you take the time to clean your clothes to come into God's presence, or did you just jump up and throw on something from the dirty clothes hamper and run out at the last minute? God doesn't care about the quality of clothing, but He cares a lot about your attitude sho ( Full Answer )

Does wite out come out of clothes?

Not very easily, try wd40 and nail polish remover than try washing the clothes, repeat the process The nail polish remover may take off color from the clothes- so be careful

Does blood come out of clothes?

sometimes, it depends on whether the cut is big or small, or what kind of clothes you are wearing like a pair of jeans or a t-shirt

Does whiteboard marker come off clothes?

In order to research the subject and respond to your question, we just now spent several fascinating minutes on the website of the largest US manufacturer of dry- erase markers, and learned more about this item than we ever though existed. The answer to your question is "yes, and it's a lot e ( Full Answer )

Can tippex come out of clothes?

yes it does i spilt it all over my school blazer and then took it to my local dry cleaners and they had it all out

Does bench clothing come in a variety of sizes?

Bench Clothing offers a varity of sizes for both men and women. the sizes for the line of womens clothing generally ranges from xsmall-xlarge, mens clothing generally ranging from Small to XX large

Do body central clothes come in plus sizes?

Body Central clothing is available in plus sizes for all different proportions. The company has a website that you can view the items or even order a cataloge.

Does cue chalk come out of clothes?

Cue chalk will wash out with water, however, the dye in the chalk may have to be treated as a stain (depends upon the chalk).

What sizes do most Blair clothes come in?

Blair offers sizes from 8 to 3x for women, with lengths offered in petite, regular and tall. The clothing sizes for men are from small to 4x, with sleeve lengths in regular and tall. Blair also offers accessories for your home.

Where Did 2NE1's Clothing from 'Ugly' Come From?

That...is a really hard question. I don't know the answer to this but I can help you find out. 1) Search on Google to find bloggers who have enough time to search for 2NE1 clothes and see if anyone tried to find their clothes from "Ugly". 2) Do research yourself by finding brand names 2NE1 might w ( Full Answer )

Why does droplets of water come out when a wet cloth is jerked?

When a wet cloth it jerked the water on it is given kinetic energy. When you stop the movement of the wet cloth by not letting go of it some of the water keeps propelling forward with the energy it was given and does thus not stay on the cloth.

Where does fuzz on clothing come from?

There may be multiple explanations for fuzz on your clothing. The most common one may be that you washed your clothing with another piece of "fuzzy" clothing, during the process some fuzz was removed from that piece of clothing and attached to the other pieces.

Does military clothing come in kid sizes?

Yes you can obtain kids military clothing. Many online retailers and high street retailers sell a child's version of military clothing. The prices are on average about $69 for a complete outfit. This consists of jacket, pants, t-shirt, cap, US flag patch and other patches.

What colors do tops and other clothing come in?

Tops and clothing come in all the colours of the rainbow. To discover the full range of colours that are available you can read Wikipedia's entry on color (it has the American spelling).

What different sizes do sweaters and other similar clothes come in?

Extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large, triple extra large, and there are way too many others to mention. You have to factor in children's sizes, men's sizes, and women's sizes. Many clothing manufacturers use numbers in sizing.

What does it mean to dream roaches coming out your clothes?

The roaches represent something disgusting that you fear might becoming out of hidden parts of yourself. They might be nasty issuesthat you deny having, so your mind shows them to you as roaches inthe dream. For example, they might refer to a bad habit of usingfoul language, or something like an unp ( Full Answer )

Why do primark clothes come from Bangladesh?

Because it is cheap labour. If the clothes were made in the west you'd have to pay the workersabove a certain wage by law. But in Bangladesh due to currency conversions, it can cost just 20pper day per worker to make clothes. In other words, it is exploitation.

Will paintball ink come off clothes?

Yes. You can bleach your clothes or find some cleaning solution andjust wash it. Stains on white clothing will be much harder to comeoff because of the brightness of the color.