Where did clothes come from in World War 2?

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Clothes came from the same places they came from before WW2 but their supply was influenced like every other commodity not essential to fighting to win the war. Clothing manufactorers that produced clothes for civilians before the war would have switched to fulfilling Government contracts for Uniforms for masses of Men and Women in the Armed Forces. British Civilians were encouraged to "Make Do and Mend" to reduce the demand on these clothes manufactoring industries whose materials (such as Cotton) would largly have had to come from abroad (such as India) as British industry was geared towards manfuacturing and exporting commodities back to the countries where the raw materials had been imported from (for a profit). Space on Shipping would have been at a premium as there was a shortage of Ships and a priority given to importing War Materials. On the whole, Wartime industries carried on as they had until they had their workforce conscripted, their factories were bombed or they became unprofitable through scarcity of materials or inability to access markets.
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What clothes did people wear in World War 2?

%REPLIES%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nYou can look in books and old magazines for pictures to see what the clothes looked like. Except for stylistic differences they were essentially the same kind of clothes people wear today. Men wore suits and ties to dress up, jeans and work shirts otherwise. W ( Full Answer )

How did the US come to dislike Russia after World War 2?

We weren't warm friends before WW2; it's just that the AXIS POWERS were an immediate threat to the whole world. So, as the saying goes, "A friend of my enemy is my enemy." We temporarily made a truce to defeat the more dangerous foe (Axis Powers) and after defeating them, went back to preparing to f ( Full Answer )

What clothes did men wear in World War 2?

Men wore lederhosen clothing, ( German clothing, look it up. ) As a secondary form of protection they used ultra special epic iron armours and two piece bikini's. Some of the men wielded a sacred katana which was easily accessed easily by slipping one hand under the two piece bikini and clicking ( Full Answer )

How did the dictators during world war 2 come to power?

Dictators of WW2 A dictator is one who exercises 'absolute power and authority'. Most rulers during WWII exercised at least some dictatorial power. The Axis consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The leaders of those nations were: • Germany: Adolf Hitler. • Italy: Benito Mussolini. • ( Full Answer )

Why were clothes rationed during World War 2?

The foods and clothes were very scarce during the Blitz and had to be put on rationing to share them out equally between families.. Actually clothes rationing started in June of 1941 and it was done in order to free up factory space and about 450, 000 workers to make ammunition.

What clothes did children wear in World War 2?

Girls wore a blouse, preferably with a shirt under, skirt, longsocks, and old-fashioned shoes (old brown slippers). Boys woreshirts and pants or overalls. Many dressed up for church onSundays.

What clothing styles were popular during World War 2?

Some US clothing styles in World War II . Most men and women wore hats when outside the home. Many women wore stylish hats. Young boys 12 and younger wore knickers, pants just below the knee, elasticized to stay at knee, (hopefully), with long socks to knee, often patterned or argyle types. Girls ( Full Answer )

What clothes did they wear in World War 1 and World War 2?

Obviously the clothes varied from school boy to school girl and from female to male so I have made a few lists - ~ The Average School Boy ~ - 3/4 lenght school trousers. - A shirt (with / without a tie.) - Knitted tank top. - Long grey / black knitted socks. - Brown or Black s ( Full Answer )

How did World War 2 come to Orkney?

The Navy had their main base there at the time, making Orkney a huge target. The first British civilian to be killed by a German bombing was there.

How did America come to be in World War 2?

We were attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii, early on the morning of December 7th, 1941, in a carrier borne air raid. The next day, President Roosevelt asked for and got a declaration of war against Japan. Two days later, Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy declared war on ( Full Answer )

What clothing did children wear in England in World War 2?

Girls: 5-6/7: Short dress OR blouse and skirt, long socks 7+?- Longer dress OR blouse and skirt, long socks, velour hat Gym attire: Gym tunic-sleeveless long shirt to be worn over white blouse (a white girl's school shirt should do) divide skirt OR dark knee lengths. For tennis, white shor ( Full Answer )

Why did Italy come into the World War 2?

In England in June 1940 a cartoon appreared with Mussolini and the caption: 'On to glory and whatever we can grab'. That sums it up well.

What clothes did world war 2 wear?

mostly shorts, shoes t-shirt and chekerd vest :) Standard cloth type with a small amount of bullet proof mesh underneath it. They also wore the modern utility belt and a grenade strap on the left shoulder for easy grenade reach. (This was soon taken off due to the fact it was easy to pull the pin an ( Full Answer )

How did the world war 2 come to an end?

The war in Europe ended May 9, 1945, when the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States accepted the unconditional surrender of all German forces. The war in the Pacific lasted until Aug 1945, after dropping 2 atomic bombs against the Japanese and they finally surrendered. It was the empero ( Full Answer )

When did the World War 2 come to an end?

World War II ended in Europe on May 8, 1945 with the unconditional surrender of all German troops to the Russians, British, American, and French commanders.. The war in Japan ended on September 2, 1945 when the representative of the Japanese government signed the surrender document on the battleshi ( Full Answer )

Where did the us come into play in world war 2?

They declared war on Japan late in 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was in December. Before that, the US referred to the conflict as "the European War".

What kind of clothes did people wear after World War 2?

Men often wore suits (always polished shoes) and felt hats. Take a look at some old movies around the 40's. Trench coats were often worn as well. People took great pride in dressing up during these times. . Women wore nylons with seams down the back (and during WW2 when times were tough and wome ( Full Answer )

What clothes did World War 2 women wear?

They used to wear long, flowing dresses (usually velvet) if they were rich, but if they wear poor, they would have to wear short, grey, itchy dresses with cuts and tier's. Most of the woman were poor, because they had been robbed by the bombers.

Did World War 2 evacuees ration clothes?

No because they had savng coupons for clothes so for example say if i wanted to by a top for 20 coupons i would of had to save them up antil i had enough coupons to by it. aswell when you got married you had to save them up aswell to by a wedding dress .

What clothes did world war 2 evacuee children wear?

boys: . 2 vests . 2 pairs of pants . 1 pair of trousers . 6 handkerchiefs . 2 pairs of socks . pullover/jersey . girls: . 1 vest . 1 pair of nickers . 1 petticoat . 2 pairs of stockings . 6 handkerchiefs . 1 slip . 1 blouse . 1 cardigan

What did the CC logo on World War 2 clothing mean?

This was associated with rationing of clothing. Anyone not in the services, who were provided with uniforms, was provided with clothing coupons which had to be produced when buying new clothing. You had the choice of what items to buy (if they were available) but only up to the number of coupons you ( Full Answer )

Why do World War 2 kids wear those clothes?

Please clarify which clothing you are referring to. Any clothes that were available and affordable is what the families purchased for their children. The styles were not like they are today because the fabrics we have today had not been invented yet. We have wrinkle free fabrics and they did not.

Soilders clothing in World War 2?

The army people fighting in World War 2 wore olive drab green fatigues, boots, green cloth hats and their gear belts or packs. They wore green dress uniforms when they had the chance. You can see the real men wearing the uniforms on discovery channel's military channel or on PBS channel.

What clothes did teenagers were in World War 2?

Girls wore dresses, skirts, sweater tops, blouses, tee shirts, slacks, blue jeans and work clothes. The boys wore suits, slacks, button down shirts, polo shirts, tee shirts, sweat shirts, sweater tops, letter jackets, blue jeans and work clothing. The shoes were leather shoes, sneakers, sandals and ( Full Answer )

What clothes did adults wear during World War 2?

Men wore suits with ties or casual clothes such as slacks, button down shirts, polo shirts, swearter tops and dress shoes or sneakers. The women wore dresses nearly all the time. They wore pants or jumpsuits if they were working, especially when working in the the manufacturing industry. They wore d ( Full Answer )

What war come after World War 2?

For United States it was the Cold War and than Korea War. US: Korea, Vietnam, Op Urgent Fury, Op Just Cause, Op Desert Storm, Op Iraqi Freedom, Op Enduring Freedom CAN: Korea, various UN Missions, Op Desert Storm, Op Enduring Freedom England: Korea, various un Missions, Op Corporate (Falklands W ( Full Answer )

What clothing did little girls wear in world war 2?

They would were old fashion clothes not new clean ones because of the rashioning. They would often no be able to throw clothes out because they couldn't buy news ones. If their clothes had hole or needed mending the would have to just mend them

How did World War 2 come at in end?

The Russians Soviet Red Army defeated the Japanese in Manchuria and were ready to invade Japan when the US dropped two atomic bombs. The Emperor Hirohito came to the conclusion that his people and throne would be annihilated if he did not surrender to the Allied Forces. He did surrender by announcin ( Full Answer )

How come World War 2 planes are slow?

If you compare the planes of World War 2 they will seem very slow next to Jets. However, if you compared the planes of World War 2 to the planes of World War 1 and they were very fast and modern. So when you ask why they are slow it depends on those factors. They seem slow today because they did ( Full Answer )

What sort of clothes did there wear in world war 2?

The material of the clothes during World War II was cotton and wool. Synthetic fabrics were just being invented and required petroleum, which was in high demand to support our soldiers.

How did World War 2 come about?

when world war one ended germany was forced to give up land and banned from having armed forces. soon after in the late 1930's germany voted adolf hitler ruler. he lead am army to invade poland and because he refused to abort the invasion britian and france declared war on germany . When ( Full Answer )

How did the dictators world war 2 come to Power?

It must be remembered that back then the government and all the parties weren't even close as how organised they are today... It was easy for everyone to come to power really.

How did world war 2 come to end in Italy?

U.S. forces landed at Sicily and later the mainland, gradually pushing Mussolini's forces north. Mussolini was then defeated when he did not receive aid from Hitler.

Who are the world war 2 leaders and where did they come from?

If you mean political leaders rather than military leaders, they were as follows; United States Franklin D Roosevelt, United Kingdom Winston Churchill, Germany Adolf Hitler, Italy Benito Mussolini, Soviet Union Josef Stalin, Japan Emperor Hirohito.

What clothes did woman have to wear in World War 2?

Women kept on wearing (in Europe often litterally) the same clothes as they had been wearing up to 1940. Because many of the the men were drafted into their various armies, women started to take over their jobs and then usually wore the same kind of outfits that the men in those jobs had been wearin ( Full Answer )

When did the troops come home from world war 2?

Some who got into action early in the war were home by middle to late 1944. Marines who survived three campaigns in the Pacific were sent home, at least for a while. Some had done so by late summer 1944. Combat crews of bombers in the USAAF (the Army Air Force- the Air Force was still a part of the ( Full Answer )

What were the clothes and fashions like in world war 2?

Clothes and fashion during WW II would be considered very conservative or "retro" by the standards of the year 2013, but they would generally still be socially acceptable. The basic design of men's suits has hardly changed, lapels are a bit narrower. Clothing was generally not as colorful. Women did ( Full Answer )