Where did clowning begin?

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from ancient Egypt
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How can you be the class clown?

Constantly make jokes and keep saying dumb things like "Ohhh! Pretty water bottle!" or "I read that book already!" to every single book you read in class. Also, while the teacher's talking, get up and start to sharpen your pencil, really loudly. You can also squeak your shoes whenever they're wet an ( Full Answer )

What is a clown fish?

A tropical fish that is orange and white striped. They tend to live in anemones.

What is a clown?

A Clown is a entertainer (Usually for kids) who dresses up in bright clothes, big shoes and usually wears wig or a oversized/undersized hat. Makeup: Whiteface Clowns wear a full white face with a red nose and red highlighted cheecks. Auguste Clowns wear whit only around their eyes and sometimes ( Full Answer )

Who is the scariest clown?

Answer . Got to be Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's 'IT'. Still freaks me out to this day.. I thought it was the headless clown that entertained at Joey Tribbiani's birthday party!

What are clown fish?

It is the fish from the movie "Finding Nemo," it's the Orange fish with the white stripes going down the sides of its body. Almost wrapped in white stripes with smaller fins.

An adjective about a clown?

Scary (from some people's point of view), funny (I don't personally think it but...) ugly, horrible, stupid, immature...

Who is your favorite clown?

Grock, he peformed in Europe from 1910 till the late 50's with a fantastic music show.

What rhymes with clown?

down . brown . town . frown . noun . crown . drown . gown frown, down, and sound are just a few right off the top of my head down, town, frown i like boobs. yup that rhymes with clown... down, noun, frown, gown, yeah:)

Do clowns talk?

Yes they do. There are a few that do not as part of their act. Emmit Kelly was the greatest of the non talking clowns, but it is not a requirement of clowning.. The mime is the one that does not talk. This is a different type of entertainment.

How do you become a clown?

Being a clown is partly acting and partly being who you are. You have to want to be a clown and you have to want to make people happy. If that fits you, there are several ways to learn clowning: 1. On your own, practicing at any gathering or event that will let you. Going on line or to the library ( Full Answer )

Do you have a crush on clowns?

The same question could be asked of actors or circus artistes in general. They are all individuals! Some are great company and some would rather be private, like you perhaps.

What is the origin of clowns?

I´ve read that "clowns" were used during battles to inflict fear upon the enemy as far back as 1200. Possibly originating in ancient Egypt.. Please print the titles of these books! Or, have you dreamed it all?.

History of clowns?

Clowns are mostly used at a circuses, and are used to celebrate in a funny and exciting way.

Pennywise the clown?

anything you were ever afraid of from the dark to something lurking in the drains. if you get caught in his dead lights you are finished.

What is clown?

HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk HoNk ( Full Answer )

Who is betterkilljoy the clown or pennywise the clown?

if you seen both movies of Stephen kings it and kiljoy,I would say pennywise is ten times as good as kiljoy,they both got bad taste in wardrobe,but in kiljoy,he kills three victims and the movie has terrible effects and bad acting,plus the plot dont make sense at all,although pennywise kills more vi ( Full Answer )

When did clowns come about?

When pennywise the dancing clown took a massive crap it split into many different peices and became alive, making clowns

Are Clowns Real?

yes people dress up in weird clothes and where fake noses and TONS of makeup to entertain those are clowns dont be afraid

When did clowning begin?

Hard economic times, as during the Great Depression, made popular the hobo clown, best exemplified by Emmett Kelly. .

Where do you get clown fish?

In the wild they are found in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The highest concentrations being in the Red Sea and The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland Australia. They are a popular aquarium fish, and breed well in captivity, so your local fish supplier should have ( Full Answer )

Why is rodgers a clown?

Rodgers is a clown do to that nasty girlfriend he has. She wont let him cut his hair and he has crabs!!. Rodgers is a clown do to that nasty girlfriend he has. She wont let him cut his hair and he has crabs!!

Does a clown have to go to clown college?

Lol! Do you really need to know this or are you just doing this for fun?!? Anyway, I will answer your question after this little announcement........ Hey people! Whatssup?!? Do you have an instagram account??? Well if you do then follow me. My username is friends_are_awesome. And please follow my a ( Full Answer )

Why are clowns called clowns?

Well I think that being a clown means like being goofy, silly. So clowns are called clowns because they are silly. Not really! Clowning is a very difficult art to perfect just being silly, anyone can do that. 'Clowning is the universally accepted name for it but to be really accurate the 'clown' ( Full Answer )

Are clown scary?

If they are portrayed as scary in movies like it then yes they are scary, even I am scared of them and I am a clown. To the average 6 yr old they are not scary at all

Where do clowns live?

If you are asking about the "Nemo" type clown or anemone fish, they live in the tropical coral reefs with or around a sea anemone in a symbiotic relationship.

When did clowning start?

Hard economic times, as during the Great Depression, made popular the hobo clown, best exemplified by Emmett Kelly. .

What do clowns wear?

Whiteface Clown Makeup: A whiteface clown usually wears a fully covered white face with red to highlight the mouth and cheeks. This is usually accompanied by a colourful wig. Whiteface Clown Costume: As a leader of the clown troop, a whiteface is usually dressed the smartest. This clown likes to ( Full Answer )

How do you be a clown for Halloween?

well i think first you should go to a face painter tell them to do the basic stuff like painting your face one colour then the next you should put on some rainbow clothes with a funny floppy hat then put on some red flippers and put on a round tamato on your nose then you are ready to trick or treat ( Full Answer )

How do you get a clown suit?

There are a few different ways to obtain a clown suit. 1. Make your own. If you are good at sewing, you can get a pattern at your local fabric store, pick out fabric, and sew your own clown suit. 2. Commission a custom clown suit to be made by someone else. This is also a highly-customizable o ( Full Answer )

How is a clown funny?

They do stuff that normally would be embarrassing but for a clown his job and to you funny.

What is punching clown?

"Punching clown" is a serious condition caused by intracranial psychic vibrations, related to the negative thoughts of witch doctors, transmitted by light energy from alignment of Capricorn and Pisces. Modern science has not yet determined the exact cause of this phenomenon, but it can be treated by ( Full Answer )

Where is the clown store?

the clown store is on counterfeit island "down town" its name is "BoBo's Clown Store".

Why do clowns have tears?

Clown makeup represents many things. Tragedy and Happiness are part of life. The tear represents sorrow. The smile and bright colors represent the happiness of overcoming sorrow.

Were does a clown work?

Clowns can work in many different settings. They can work in the circus, a nursing home, hospital, birthday party, company picnic, fair or festival, family gatherings, etc. Anywhere people want unique entertainment and fun!

What are underwater clowns?

Underwater clowns are clowns that come from the taps....they are an idea of an amazing horror film,just ask my friend! so watch out, if that tap is dripping, you never know, an underwater clown might come out.....and heads up...They HATE phone chickens!!!

Who is Jiggles the Clown?

Jiggles the Clown performs with Magic, Juggling (incl FIRE),Balloon animals, Unicyles, mini Bikes, Mini clown car, Puppets. Hehas been performing since 1989 and has represented his countryoverseas. I remember seeing him many years ago and then morerecently. He is very quick with his jokes and even t ( Full Answer )

Where is Jiggles the Clown from?

Jiggles is from Auckland, New Zealand. There may be another clownout there called Jiggles. I had Jiggles at my birthday when I was6.

How do clowns do there magic?

A clown does the same magic tricks that a regular magician does. All the magic is done through gimmicks, tricks, sleight of hand, etc. The big difference between a magician and a clown is that a clown performs their magic in a comical way, often making mistakes. Although the clown makes mistakes in ( Full Answer )

What was the clown in Othello about?

The clown in Othello is a minor character that only appears in two scenes in Act III. His character provides comic relief in the play. Despite his small appearance, he is quite significant as he is illustrated as the only one that sees Iago as dishonest and double faced. He also plays with puns in c ( Full Answer )

What are clowns like?

Clowns are funny and happy, they dress up in colorful baggy clothing, put silly makeup on their faces, and they try to make others smile and laugh :)

What is a party clown?

In modern day professional parties, people choose a person and taunt him. This victim of group humiliation is called a party clown.

Who is Marty the Clown?

Marty the Clown is a decsendant of the penguins the kids stole ice from to make their snow cones.

Why is Erik such a clown?

He is a clown because his face is big and he is talking to god, i dont think he is a tard bus but he is sitting next to me and his name is erin to god

Where did clowns start?

Evidence of clowns has been found in ancient Egypt from before 2000 BC . But the origin in uncertain. Other examples appear in Pantomime in anclent Greece and reappear in the old French Mime tradition. A Scandinavian word 'Klonne' refers to a clumsy person. There is an early English word 'cloyne or ( Full Answer )

What do you do with a clown collection?

If you have a clown collection, you can choose to keep it in your home, or you can display it. It is ideal to make sure that you keep them in good condition as well.

Is clown an adjective?

No, it is a verb (to joke or act in a deliberately humorous way) ora noun (a circus clown, or someone who acts comedically). It can bea noun adjunct in terms such as clown car and clown makeup.