Where did club dance music come from?

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What is dance music?

Answer: A "Bumpin" Beat . Dance music is music with a fast or heavy beat. For example the singer Cascada releases dance tracks that have a heavy bass line. Dance music is usually fast paced and makes you want to dance!. Dance music is any music that you can dance to in an up-beat and sylish mann ( Full Answer )

What dance music is there?

Dance music can be any kind of music. Depending on the song the form of dance that would most likely be preformed with it will change.

Where did dancing come from?


Where is the Dance Floor in Club Penguin?

Basically, the only dance floor is in the Night Club. You can access the Night Club by going to the Town and waddling over by the entrance of the Night Club.

How do you dance in a club?

Well you can't be shy that's of course. You basically have to go with the flow and once in a while just peek at the other people dancing so you get the rythm and your not left out. Remember:::just have fun and enjoy yourself!

Where did dance come about?

Ballet dancing came from France and that's why all ballet steps are in french but other kinds of dancing came from different places of the world

Where is club dance music from and how club dance music begin?

Club dance originated in Chicago in the early 80s, when music technology really started to develop. This early form was the sub-genre 'House'. This was a style in which producers took disco music and made the 4/4 beat deeper and stronger. Electronic sounds were then layered over the top. This then e ( Full Answer )

Can you dance with out music?

well yeah.Deaf people do it quite well. O_o deaf people do it because music is vibrations. if the music i REALLY loud..thay can hear it. they feel it through their bodies. And to answer your question, yeah...u can dance without music....just get up and dance. its that simple.

What is club dance?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_Dance. do the easy thing and ask wikipedia coz this website is rubbish and cant answer questions u actualkly want

Will penguin band come to the 2009 music jam on club penguin?

Yes, they will. I think they come to every music jam. waddle on, beardedcrest. ________________________________________________________________________. Yes!!! I found them on the ice burg, so you should try there. If not, then TOUGH LUCK!!!

What dances can you dance to for country music?

I take dance lessons, and I danced to a few country songs trough out the years.. Tap Counrty Songs It Happens- Sugarland (AMAZING song. Did it for my solo) Jazz Country Songs These boots are made for walking- Jessica Simpson (I did it to a jazz routine) There is clog dancing, square danc,ing, lin ( Full Answer )

Best tap dancing music to dance to?

musical songs. hwere are some musical titles. my fair lady. singing in the rain. dirty dancing. riverdance. stepping out. spirt of the dance. moulin rouge. oliver twist. joeseph and his technicoloured dream coat. bedknobs and broomsticks. mack and mable. some random songs that we have t ( Full Answer )

How can you break dance in club penguin?

You had to buy the radio. Hold the radio and click on the dance penguin in the movements below. Once you click, your penuin will start dancing!It's simple but they probably don't sell the radio anymore.

What are the musical features in dance music?

Most popular dance music relies heavily on synthetic sounds, created by a variety of synthesizers and various patches. Most will use a synthetic drum machine, along with some sort of synthesized lead along with other sonic accents like an arpeggiator. Most dance music also consists of straight rhyth ( Full Answer )

What is club dance music?

Club dance music is songs like;- Dj got us falling in love again, tonight I'm loving you, just dance, and many more. Basically floorfillers that gets almost everybody at a party on the dancefloor

When did club dance music develop?

club music developed in the 80's & 90's . in 2000 people started to release r & b. people ever since have had this amazing idea to change the world with different types of music. :):):):):):):):)

Dance and music of Pakistani music?

The Pakistani people do have their own form of dance that is uniqueto their culture. Like their music it is very upbeat andinteresting.

Why do you dance to music?

You dance to music because you can count out beats in music and that helps you when your dancing.

What is musicality in dance?

musicality in dance is dancing to rhythms/ melody in the dance, sayif there was a drum and you could nod your head in time with thedrum that means you have good musicality

How do you dance on club penguin?

Press D on your keyboard or click on the actions button on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen and click dance!

Does dance have to have music?

No, dance doesn`t have to have music. It really depends on the kind of dance you are doing. Types of dances like jazz, is something that everyone dances with music because its upbeat and you can have a great time jazz dancing with music. Evacuate the dance floor is a great song to dance to, so is Mi ( Full Answer )

What music does line dancing dance to?

Line Dancing started with Country linedancing music, but these days is taught and choreographed to manydifferent styles of music.

How do you dance on exits on club penguin?

You click on the place you want to dance (such as road to go to the snow forts from the town) then as fast as you can while your walking, click on the mail icon on the top left corner. after 10 seconds, get out of mail. and there u go! dance dance dance. BRAVO!

How do you dance to dig in club penguin?

Take off everything except your background a pin then put on the miner hat then dance by pressing D on your key board or clicking it on your interface bar.

How can you dance in Club Penguin?

On the chat bar, click the picture of a penguin dancing (Not moving), and you'll dance. Or, not typing this into the chat bar if you have one, press D on your keyboard and you'll dance in Club Penguin.

How do you dance on club Marian?

Press the D key on your keyboard, and you will dance. You can also click the sitting-penguin icon to the left of the chat box and select the top penguin to dance.

What music do you dance to in contemprary dance?

Most contemporary dances have an underlying story which the music reflects. I think that the contemporary dances with the most impact have to do with real issues, especially the sad ones, in our world.

Where does Morris dancing music come from?

Some Morris dance tunes are traditional tunes associated with particular dances, although it is possible that they were originally song or country dance tunes that were adapted for the dances. Others can be traced to popular tunes of the day, e.g. music hall tunes. Some current sides continue to cre ( Full Answer )

What tipe of music is ballroom dancing danced to?

Well, the stereo type is that we all dance to boring classical music. Which we sometimes do. But we can dance to old or new songs that carry the beat/ rhythm that we need. So pretty much any music is okay to dance to as long as it fits the guidelines we need!

Where is dance club on Club Penguin?

go to the town then go in the building in the middle then you will be in the nightclub click on the dj set to play dj3k click on the sign that says dance contest to do a dance game go upstairs and there should the arcade games called astro-barrier,thin ice,and bits and bolts

What music do they dance to in pantsula dance?

Pantsula dance was originally danced to live street music. As radiobecame more prevalent, it was danced to American and pop-styleworld music. After the 1990s, the main music became kwaito, whichis multilingual music combining English and African cultures.

How do you do super dance in club penguin?

There is nothing known as a 'super dance' on club penguin. Different item combinations may have different dances (not always) but you can't define any as a 'super dance'.

What are the dances you do in dance club?

it depends... if it is a school dance club you would probably do more of easy things. you would more likely do hiphop or jazz and stay out of ballet. it basically depends on the teacher you have.