Where did coast Salish live?

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What kind of animals live on Georgia's Coast?

deer live in Georgia so do other animals.for mor information go to www.ask .com Answer deer live in Georgia so do other animals.for mor information go to www.ask .com Answer deer live in Georgia you mighht even find i in you backyard . for more information go to www.ask.com

What was the relationship between Cree and Coast Salish?

Cree and Coast Salish are both tribes of Canadian Aboriginalpeople. However, Cree people originate in the eastern part of thecountry, while the Coast Salish have populations in BritishColumbia.

What wildlife lives in the Mississippi gulf coast?

The wildlife living in the Mississippi Gulf Coast includes beaversand alligators. Otters, herons, deer, fox, coyotes, and rabbitslive in the area. There are several nature parks and state parks inthe area.

Advantages of living near the coast?

well, you get better deals on houses you can surf but most of all you get to keep the world safe by calling your local news chanal if you feel rumbling in the ground that means earthquake

Why do people prefer to live near the coast?

Many people prefer to live near the coast because of the water.Water is fun and soothing for many people. There may also be jobsthat they prefer there, too.

What are the advantages of Living near the coast?

I only have one advantage and I need help my self actually. 1. Living near the coast is good for trading with people that come across the seas. If anyone knows anymore, please edit my answer and add more.

What clothing did the Salish wear?

The Salish indians (also known as the flathead indians) wore clothing made of dressed skins, breechclothes for men, tunics for women, leggings and moccasins for all. They also sometimes decorated their clothing with porcupine quills (which are sharp-like needles) they also decorated their clothing w ( Full Answer )

What animals live on the east coast?

There are many animals that live on the east coast. On the eastcoast you will find bear, moose, raccoon, foxes, coyotes, and deer.

What animals live on the west coast?

The NW: deer, elk, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, lots of birds (including predatory), bears, cougars, bobcats, rabbits (lots of rodents)...

What weapons did the Salish use?

well they used different kinds of weapons some were guns, whips and also spears they were all used a usefull website is firstpeopleofcanada.com no spaces bonus spears were used for hunting and fishing

What is 'Wolf Girl' in Coast Salish?

Wolf in Salish I believe is Stakaya. I don't know if "Girl" would affect the word, however it could be conjugated differently for a female form.

What did the salish tribe eat?

mostly samon because it was closest to them but they also ate berries they gatherd and some game they hunted

What is the percentage of Australians living by the coast?

It is a generally accepted fact that 60% of Australians live along the coast, although where the coast stops and inland begins is not defined exactly. The Australian Bureau of Statistics could help with an exact figure Twicky

What animals live at the Oregon coast?

The Oregon coast area has many different kinds of animals. Some ofthe more common ones are black bears, foxes, elk, deer, opossums,and raccoons.

Advantages of living on the coast?

One advantage of living on the coast is the ability to go swimmingwhenever you want. Another advantage is the ability to walk alongthe beach.

What animals live in the southern coast?

In Poole Harbour, there are predatory cuttlefish and schools of bass, sticklebacks, gobies, wrasse, pipefish. Spiny spider crabs, masked crabs, swimming crabs, brown shrimps, seasnails, snakelocks anemones and hydroids. All six species of British pipefish can be found here, including the rare Nilsso ( Full Answer )

Where were the Salish Indians from?

The salish Indians were from Washington state around the puget sound and seattle area. Edit: Salish is a language spoken my many tribes, so there are no Salish Indians unless you count the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation in Montana. Other than that tribes who s ( Full Answer )

Why Brazilians live near the coast?

people in Brazil live within 200 miles away because it is easier for them to import goods. Also The Amazon rainforest is to dense and would take alot of time and money to clear it for a city. It is also full of animals and vegetation! xx

Where do Italian Americans live on the east coast?

MAINLY new York, jersey, and conneticut. And since I'm Italian I'd know that in NYC, the boroughs with the most Italians are staten island, queens, and Brooklyn. Then there's alot on Long Island too. And in New Jersey, mostly north and central jersey. South jersey, not really. And conneticut I hones ( Full Answer )

How far from the coast do emperor penguins live?

All penguins are sea birds that live at sea. Their vast roamingdistances -- away from the land beaches where they breed -- aremostly undiscovered by scientists, even with the aid of satellitetracking devices that a few of the birds wear.

How do you write Waters in Coast Salish phonetics?

There is no specific word for the plural 'waters' but there are different ways of describing water the closest for 'watar' is qa' If you wish to see more there are various dialects and ways of spelling, however, there is a dictionary I've included the link below

What kind of animals live on the British coast?

British animals such as the English slug. the English slug likes to sip tea in his garden home under the Darth Vader shaped rose bush. the English slug is a strange animal because of his purpulish and brownish and yellowish color. they only come out of their underground home when it rains flowers an ( Full Answer )

Why do people live by the coast?

people live by the coast because it has a nice view and they have enough supply of water and there is more reasons why people live by the coast

Why do people live near the coast of japan?

Because the sea is an important place for the Japanese culture, also only 15% of the land in Japan can be farmed and to catch fish for food.

How do you translate 'grandmother' into Salish Kootenai?

Salish and Kootenai are two different peoples and speak different languages. They share a reservation in Montana (the Flathead Indian Reservation). In Salish you mother's mother would be called you 'yai-ya' (spelled phonetically) and your father's mother would be your "Ken-aa". I don't know about K ( Full Answer )

What animals live on the british coast?

Alot of different ones do, it depends where you are mainly. It can be very similar to elsewhere in Britain. It can involve even big (and possibly dangerous) animals like seals.

What percent of Australians live on the coast?

It is a generally accepted fact that 60% of Australians live along the coast, although where the coast stops and inland begins is not defined exactly. The Australian Bureau of Statistics could help with an exact figure Twicky

What did coast salish people eat?

They ate quite a lot of Salmon because it was in the area. They also hunted things and gathered plants Hope it helped!

How did Coast Salish live life?

Coast Salish hunt every day or two to keep food in front of them. They fish, eat, and do things everyone needs to do to stay alive.

How did Coast Salish hunt?

The Coast Salish hunted with spears & arrows. They used spears for fishing & arrows for hunting deer & other animals.

Why do most of Antarctica's wildlife live by the coast?

There are no native wildlife animals on the Antarctic continent. It is too cold and there is no food chain. However, many sea birds and sea mammals come to Antarctica's beaches to breed. The Southern Ocean offers liquid water -- always warmer than Antarctica's ambient air, and food for wildlife.

What languages are spoken by Salish Indians?

Salish is the language that many different tribes in thenorthwestern United States (from Washington to Montana and south tonorthern Oregon) and parts of southwestern Canada (mainly BritishColumbia). There are more than 150 dialects that are almostentirely different, and many more pidgins within thos ( Full Answer )

Why animals live on the coast?

Well if you are talking about the coast to any place then I have a lot of animals for you. The most commonly animals found would be: 1) seals/ sea lions 2) crabs 3) mollusks such as hermit crabs 4) seagulls That would be the most common found on a coast or beach.

What are animals living in coasts?

Here is a list: 1. Your Face 2. McDonald's hashbrowns 3. Duh! A funny wunny cutie piey shark :D 4. You momma

Why do people live along the coast of Australia?

The Australian coast has the best land; the interior is mostly desert. In addition, the coast has lovely beaches, useful harbors, and access to ocean which has many applications, both commercial and recreational.