Where did cobblestones originate?

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In Europe.
Greece I belive....
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What is originate?

\n . \n Answer \n. \n -verb (used without object) \n . \n1. to take its origin or rise; begin; start; arise: The practice originated during the Middle Ages. 2. (of a train, bus, or other public conveyance) to begin a scheduled run at a specified place: This train originates at Philadelphi ( Full Answer )

What is an origin?

An origin is the beginning for an object or concept. A person can similarly have a country of origin, the locale of his birthplace. In a coordinate system, an "origin" is a starting point. I believe that it is where a word comes from or originates. that is why it is called the "origin" it mean ( Full Answer )

How do you get grease off cobblestones?

To get grease off cobblestones, mix a solution of water andTrisodium phosphate in a bucket. Pour the solution over the greasedcobblestones and wearing gloves, scrub the stones with afirm-bristled brush. Using a pressure washer, rinse thecobblestones.

How do you be original?

Answer The best way to be original is to just be yourself! Because each ofus are uniquely different if you are yourself you will truly beoriginal. :-)

Is this original?

No... not at all. By anymeans no. You are incorrect. If you think for one second, that anything you do, anything at all, is original.. You are wrong. horribly, epically, wrong. Kill yourself. go drink all the liquids under the sink. Run into a wall with scissors. Eat a handgrenade. Then play in traf ( Full Answer )

What are cobblestones?

They are medium sized naturally rounded stones. Used to pave road surfaces mostly in the middle ages. Still used today in some places.

What does it mean to have cobblestoning of the posterior pharyngeal wall?

The term cobblestoning is used to describe streaks of lymphoid tissue (the cells that fight bacteria) on the posterior pharynx (throat) which is usually seen with allergic rhinitis (chronic runny nose). My doctor told me that the appearance is that of a cobblestone street, hence the name. It in itse ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the word origin?

The word "origin" is derived from the French word "origin" and theLatin word "originem," both of which mean, beginning, descent,birth, and rise.

Are the streets in London cobblestone?

The simple answer is that yes, some of them are, though typically (but not always) these are lesser used roads / streets and 'touristy' venues. Many towns and cities within the UK still have cobblestoned streets, some of them quite extensively, though typical tarmac construction is most often found. ( Full Answer )

Where did pancakes originate and what were they originally?

The first pancake-type foods were eaten by ancient peoples? No, they were not the same pancakes we eat today. These simple, fried concoctions of milk, flour, eggs and spices were called "Alita Dolcia" (Latin for "another sweet") by the Ancient Romans. Depending upon the proportion of ingredients and ( Full Answer )

What gene is associated with Cobblestone lissencephaly?

Cobblestone lissencephaly is associated with abnormalities in fukutin, a gene responsible for Fukuyama muscular dystrophy , a syndrome consisting of muscle weakness and cobblestone lissencephaly.

Where to find cobblestone in minecraft?

When you mine a block of stone, it turns into cobblestone that you can collect. Alternatively, cobblestone is generated naturally in the walls and floors of dungeons, and at places where lava rivers meet water springs.

What is cobblestone road?

A cobblestone road is a road made of a square or rounded stones. The ones of I have seen have been two types. A square stone brick is fitted together to make a road. There is also a round stone used at other times. Most often I have seen these in residential/shopping areas and they are very hard to ( Full Answer )

How did the original court system originate?

In early biblical times Moses heard all the complaints from his tribe. In time the tribe grew to large to resolve all the disputes of his people. He then formed a court system and appointed certain members of his tribe to hear some of the more manageable arguments. Of course, all following his rules ( Full Answer )

Can a cobblestone pixaxe break diamond on minecraft?

Yes, it can destroy the block, but the diamond block will disappear and you will not get any diamonds. You need and Iron Pickaxe or better (Gold and Diamond) to mine Diamond, and receive the diamonds.

How do you rig a cobblestone maker on Minecraft?

You need a bucket of water and a bucket of lava: Then dig out a hole like this: the x's, 1's, and 2's being air. Then place water in hole 2 and lava in hole -1xx2-- 1, and wait for the water to flow. --x-----

How do you find cobblestone in minecraft?

You can not find cobblestone in Minecraft unless you find npc villages made of houses that contain cobblestone, or water turns lava into cobblestone. . You can, however, obtain cobblestone by mining stone or already created cobblestone with a pickaxe..

Where can you find cobblestone on Minecraft?

If you want to find it naturally, you can find it in dungeons underground, but to get cobblestone the easy way, you just mine stone with a non- enchanted pick!

Where do you get 8 pieces of stone to make cobblestones for a furnace in minecraft?

When a block of stone is destroyed with a pickaxe, it drops one block of cobblestone per stone block destroyed; to answer, you will need to craft any tier of pickaxe - wooden, iron, gold or diamond all destroy stone blocks - and find either exposed stone blocks in the world, or dig through dirt bloc ( Full Answer )

What does the cobblestone monster egg do in minecraft?

the cobblestone monster egg is a lot different from regular cobblestone. first of all, when you break it, it breaks as quickly as sand. even with your fists. second of all, when you break it, a silverfish comes out and attacks you. if you don't know what a silverfish is its a little insect that usua ( Full Answer )

Today cobblestones have been largely replaced by what?

Today, cobblestones have been largely replaced by quarried granite setts in the 19th century to have a better ride for vehicles. However, in the 20th century they again got replaced by asphalt.

How do you make a cobblestone genorator in minecraft?

For the water, dig 1 block down, and then next to it dig 2 blocksdown, like a staircase. Place the water on the top of the "stairs".Then, go next to the block where the end of the "stairs" are. Leavethis block like it is. Then go over one more block and dig down 2blocks. Take lava and right click th ( Full Answer )

Where do they originate from?

There are many ways you can find out where your family originated from. Since a lot of people are interested in their ancestry, many websites have popped up, making it easier to research your roots.

What are cobblestones typically used for?

Cobblestones are typically found in either landscaped paths or backyards. They are mainly used in providing a walkway or surrounding bed for home gardens.

What is the original origin of the word what?

Old English hwæt, from Proto-Germanic *khwat (cf. Old Saxon hwat, Old Norse hvat, Danish hvad, Old Frisian hwet, Dutch wat, Old High German hwaz, German was, Gothic hva "what"), from PIE *qwod , neuter singular of *qwos "who".

Where did the original Santa Claus originate from?

Saint Nicholas, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, is the original Santa Clause. He lived in Greece a long time ago and is the patron saint of children. That's why Santa is sometimes known as Saint Nick. "Santa Claus" is the Dutch version of Saint Nicholas.

How do you make a cobblestone generator in minecraft?

It's very simple, and one of the main objectives on skyblock.First, you need 1 bucket of lava, and 1 bucket of water (or blockof ice). Dig a 1x4 hole, and dig one of the middle blocks in thathole. Place the water or ice on the block closest to the hole youmade in the middle (break the ice block). Ne ( Full Answer )

Why is there mossy cobblestone everywhere in Minecraft?

You are most likely in a Mega Taiga biome. It consists of a lot of mossy cobblestone boulders. If you are underground, than you have found a dungeon and can now farm mobs for a lot of exp.