Where did cocaine come from?

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the devil of a white man loaded it in the projects and let people fight and kill over it.
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Where does cocaine come from?

Mostly South America, mainly Bolivia and Columbia. it comes from the coca bush grown in south America

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is not addictive but it is very harmful and can lead tosevere nose bleeds. It's a class A illegal drug and being caughtusing it can result in severe consequences.

What is in cocaine?

Answer . COCAINE is made by processing the COCA PLANT, native to the Andes, South America. Local people have been known to chew on the leaves for their STIMULANT properties. Cocaine is a narcotic, bitter crystalline alkaloid. Chemical composition: C17H21NO4.. When you buy cocaine, it is usually ( Full Answer )

What does cocaine do to you?

Regular Cocaine hydrochloride, also known as powder Cocaine is afine, white powder of crystalline consistency. It is a short actingstimulants which can be snorted or injected and causes euphoria,stimulation, it suppresses appetite and sleep, increases heartrate, constricts blood vessels and raises b ( Full Answer )

Where did crack cocaine come from?

well one day i was frollicking(running) throught the feilds and i stummbled upon a pretty little pink flower.. :) and i picked it and took it home... thennnn i smashed it up and snorted it.. :) it was good. :)

Whats the best way to come down off cocaine?

Xanax is the best thing for it. One bar will make you go to sleep and you'll wake up feeling fine if you haven't drank too much. If you have been drinking, I find the best way to come down if you can't get xanax is to drink enough alcohol to get drunk, smoke some weed. You'll come down and pass out. ( Full Answer )

Can a urine test come false positive for cocaine?

yes a false positive for cocaine in urine can happen. "second hand inhalation" just like second hand smoking. Even if you breathe it in from the air it enters the lungs which means it enters your blood stream and your blood is cleaned by your kidneys and then its excreated threw your urine..

How you do cocaine?

well you shouldn't need to know that question because it is illegal so if you don't want to go to jail take my advice and don't use it. dah

How do you get cocaine and crack cocaine out of your system?

Urinate frequently, also shower frequently this is will make yousweat out the toxins from your pores. If you have been flushing your system with water you will want touse a baby wipe and cleanse your genitals to wipe away any toxinsthat may have remained after wiping from peeing. If you can jog go f ( Full Answer )

If cocaine comes in contact with your skin will you fail a drug test?

It depends upon the type of test you are referring to. If asample test of the powder on your skin is taken, yes, the test willshow positive for cocaine. If you are speaking of a blood, or urinetest, no, because the powdered cocaine would not have crossed thebarrier to be contained within your body s ( Full Answer )

Can you come down off cocaine with Percocet?

Its never safe to mix anythig, but ive tried coming down with Vicodine the blow and worked perfectily, im not sure about Percocet, but if they are simiailar at all I would say try it. But SMALL doses!! . It all depends on your system. My first response would be, do not mix drugs and if you can, do ( Full Answer )

Where to get cocaine?

Look for a building that says "Police" on it. Walk into the building and ask the nice chap at the desk for some cocaine. He may also let you see a shiny pair of bracelets and give you a free room for the night!

Side effects for coming off cocaine?

my name is Jeff and i am coming off crack 8 years and coke 3 years i used coke to get off crack, now i am coming off coke and let me say its the fillings i get all day are seriusly hard to deal with, small panic attacks, dizzyness, head tingles, bleard vision ,paranoa when talking 2 people and a fil ( Full Answer )

How can you help yourself to come of cocaine?

Rehab and Prometa if you have the cash. Valium seems to help, sleep it off. Consult with a CA sponser, go to a meeting. You have to WANT to quit. Good luck, I quit.

How do you come down off cocaine?

I am a research engineer and I've read many articles on this topicwhen SWIM did it a handful of times with friends a many years ago.I agree with the first answer, and most of the second. Never mixdrugs, especially with alcohol. If it doesn't kill you, it willdegrade your liver and possibly cause a n ( Full Answer )

Where did cocain come from?

the white man put loads of it in a train pushed it in to the projects and make people kill and fight over it.

Why did you come back positive for cocaine when you have not did it?

some chemicals in cocaine are absorbed by the skin. so if you were to handle large amounts of cocaine it could result in a positive. also some of the very fine powders could float in the air and be breathed in and/or ingested. another consideration would be human tampering. could somebody have slipp ( Full Answer )

Cocaine where is come from?

Obtained from the leaves of the coca plant which grows in different regions across south America including Columbia, Bolivia and Peru.

Where will you get cocaine?

Usually a dealer... Just ask around at school.. the further a kid's pants are sagging down his knees, the better chance he has it and won't rat you out for asking.

Does crack come up differently from cocaine in a drug test?

No, it will not. Crack is simply cocaine prepared with baking soda in a way that makes it smokeable so a drug test performed on someone who has taken crack and someone who has taken cocaine will return the same chemical signature.

What all forms can cocaine come in?

mainly in form of powder, but u can get in blocks and then youl need to crush it,and also in the form of CRACK!!! , To find all kinds, go to "Crack Corner". but trust me, you're way better off no doing it. Alcohol is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does cocaine come in?

Small amounts come in either plastic wallets or paper wraps. Cling film and tin foil are also popular containers.

What is the alternative treatment for coming off the cocaine?

Treatment varies from doctor to doctor but basically is Three days detox and then medication for anxiaty. Drug addiction is a desease Science has not developed a cure for. Once addicted it will be there for life. People have been able to stay away from drugs for the rest of their lifes after long pe ( Full Answer )

Do you run a fever when coming off cocaine?

YES!! if you are planning on detoxing you will have so many different problems to handle but it will all be worth it. You will Have Fevers and heat flashes. And then suddenly become freezing. You will have mood swings and possibly uncontrolable anger. you will be tired a lot. possibly even very hung ( Full Answer )

Can trazondone come up positive on a toxicology report as cocaine or for an opiate?

No, Trazadone will not show up as cocaine on a drug screen. Trazadone is an anti-depressant (an OLD, OLD,OLD trycilic anti-depressant) that is popular today with doctors in treating sleep disorders. It has some abuse potential, however, most users find it to be unpleasant when taken in large quantit ( Full Answer )

Where do you get cocaine?

Most of the worlds cocaine is refined in Columbia, from coca bushesgrown on massive plantations, then is trafficked and sold illegallyon the streets around the world. Or you can buy it online at enjoycoca.ga

What can you do when you are on cocaine?

The best thing to do is stay home or away from people. You could easily get in trouble, perform illegal activities (in most places, cocaine is already illegal), and possibly kill yourself.

Does cocaine and the cocoa bean come from the same plant?

No. Cocaine comes from the leaves of the coca plant ( Erythroxylaceae coca ), whereas the cocoa bean ( Theobroma cacao ), where chocolate is made from, comes from the cocoa tree. Coca is a shrub whereas cocoa is a tree. Check out the related links below for more information.

Does crack come from cocaine?

Yes. Crack is just a diluted, easier-to-smoke form of cocaine. It is essentially nothing more than baking soda and cocaine boiled together with some other household ingredients.

After stopping snorting cocaine for over 1 year does your nose get blocked more often is this the cocaine coming out of the brain?

No, there is no cocaine left in your body at all. Your nose probably gets blocked up with mucus, because it's still damaged and is trying to heal. If you smoke cigarettes, then it's probably mucus from that. Heavy smoking -- like, a pack a day or more -- makes you very mucusy. I'm a heavy smoker, an ( Full Answer )

What happens when someone comes down off a cocaine high?

You feel if you can't get anymore then everything is just crap,that when the high feeling is over, that it won't be worth living.If your a happy person, everything feels not too bad in your lifethen it won't be so bad, if your alone you try to sleep on yourjaws. Your hearts gone mad, and your trying ( Full Answer )

Does cocaine come up in a sperm test?

Semen analysis is a scientific examination of sperm production and release in men. Semen analysis includes the examination of the following types of cells: Spermatozoa, Other cells present in semen and Seminal fluid. Cocaine does not come up in that type of test.

Can you drink milk to come down off cocaine?

I just drank some milk, I have been getting high and I had a few glasses of wine. And started throwing up it was pure coke no cut in it. Any who after I drank milk I threw it all up and I feel somewhat better

How addictive are cocaine and crack cocaine?

Cocaine is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, regardless of the form! Beer or whisky? How fast do you want to get intoxicated... similar situation. Crack is more intense but lasts just a short time, while insufflated cocaine takes a bit longer to work as it must be absorbed through the sinus tissue and oral mucosa a ( Full Answer )

Were in the UK does cocaine come from?

It comes mainly from Columbia, its imported by the big middle aged white man who where's a fur coat and uses a front in order to get the drug money taxed so he can buy property and expensive transport

Does honey cocaine do cocaine?

No. It is a stage name. Drake is also a stage name, most rappers names, pop singer names are just stage names because they sounds cool. There are actors also who have stage name. Charlie sheen is an example.